We are moving! Changes to the yet2 Marketplace are coming in 2019...
The yet2 Marketplace has been connecting technology sellers, buyers and brokers since 1999 and was the first cross-industry global marketplace for technology transfer.
Over the last 20 years, the Open Innovation and technology scouting markets have evolved in nuanced ways that favor a higher touch, more stewarded approach to partnership discussions than a simple, transactional marketplace can facilitate.
yet2 continues to evolve to meet the demands of the global technology marketplace, adapting our methods and tools in order to meet the current and future needs of our clients. It is with this in mind that we announce that we will be discontinuing the yet2 Marketplace in its current form as of the end of 2018.
In 2019, the yet2 Marketplace will cease to exist as a standalone website and instead will become part of yet2's website. This new section of our website will allow our visitors to search current and historical projects, TechNeeds and TechPaks all in a single website.
There will be some significant changes to our approach to connecting organizations for technology transfer. To provide maximum impact and enhance the browsing experience, the website will only feature TechNeeds and TechPaks affiliated with yet2 clients. We are sorry to see our open marketplace go, but we will be providing a more streamlined experience to our users via curated content. yet2 users will still be able to respond to posted TechNeeds and TechPaks.
This evolution of the yet2 Marketplace will better serve our global audience seeking and offering new and emerging technologies.
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