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A suite of patented technologies from Kimberly-Clark enables an inexpensive and highly sensitive one-step optical method for multiplexed assays that detect and quantify a wide range of analytes present in a medium.
The present invention (priority date 25 August 2000) makes use of unique isotopic tags (for example: 18O, 15N, 13C or 2H) of a specific biopolymer that can be exploited for determining the absolute concentration of the biopolymer in crude...
Surnetics has developed technology to move very tiny volumes of liquids without the need for electricity or other external energy source.
This suite of over 60 granted U.S. patents and patent applications from Kimberly-Clark offers true quantitative diagnostics deriving from lateral-flow technologies.
Streaming potential is used to study adsorption of proteins and it is widely used to characterize filters and separation membranes.
Offering - Engineering Services - Conceptual DesignLiterature Review, Feasibility Analysis, Scaling Analysis, Preliminary Sizing, Performance Prediction, Pressure Drop Calculations, Aerodynamic Load Estimation, Thermal Hydraulic Analysis,...
The device measures the characteristics of a line of laser illumination, as is used in applications such as laser imaging.
Low-energy, low-cost, durable, stable and accurate NDIR CO2 sensor for lower ranges e.g. 0- 5000 ppm.
This platform for a universal assay system offers label-free detection of biomolecular interactions such as drug-target interactions or immunoassays.
New sensor for the detection and analysis of soft particles in aquatic environments, which simply, reliably and selectively detect individual particles regardless of presence of solid particles, has been developed.
This micro-reinforcement technology enables new applications where existing thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, and reinforcing technologies have not had sufficient toughness or fracture strength, particularly at elevated temperatures...
This medical reader can perform diagnostic tests on any bodily fluid that attenuates light, such as blood, urine, sputum, or other fluid.
Typical mechanical joints limit rotation, movement, and torque, whereas the illustrated universal joint enables constant power at wide angles generating versatile and extensive uses without jeopardizing power.
One broad US patent related to a fast shifting LTCC planar phase shifter suitable for use in a phased array antenna for relatively low cost satellite terminals.
This Smart Built-in-Test Device monitors and acquires fault data induced by environmental stresses (e.g., temperature, vibration), then performs statistical analysis of the fault and environmental stress data to correlate the detected fau...
Many receiving systems, signal generators and their associated test equipment require one or more local oscillators with low phase noise.
Our computational methodology applies to measurements derived from chromatographic separations of biomolecular mixtures, for instance capillary or gel electrophoresis, affinity chromatography, or gel filtration of proteins or nucleic acids.
The new endotracheal (ET) intubation device was invented for paramedics to save time and lives by reducing the number of parts used during endotracheal intubation.
This portfolio of technologies applies mid-infrared spectroscopy to the analysis of fluids.
By applying mid-infrared spectroscopy to bodily fluids, this suite of technologies offers the potential for quick, accurate, and inexpensive diagnostic support for variety of diseases in humans or animals.
Our technology lets sprinkler manufacturers provide their customers with new user benefits that they want and desire -- and provides them with major competitive advantages.
This technology relates the production optical carbonhydrates, employing D-glucose as the starter reactant and transfer it into L-sugars and derivatives with easy steps.
Over the past several decades there has been a proliferation of medical diagnostic and treatment devices that involve the use of x-rays, beta rays, gamma rays and radioactive isotopes.
A light detector is used during coffee brewing to guarantee the desired strength of the coffee.
Several laser applications require the laser beam to be accurately focused on a surface or detector.
Make step change improvements in the capability of your batch and/or continuous processes by letting us help you selectively identify, design, install and operate in-line process analyzers.
New technology for treatment of bio-refractory, difficult wastewaters that we have developed and patented in collaboration with UPC.
The technology being offered can be used to print sensing or working electrodes in electrochemical biosensor applications.
This technology enables high speed, extensive evaluation of metal oxide mixtures for electrical properties such as high temperature superconductivity or semiconducting capability.
The Vector Blind Spot Detector System is a transportation safety device that eliminates the driverĘs blind spot areas.
Low cost smart monitoring system installation on an aerosol can or other sealed metal containers.
A rapid method based on the electrical properties of culture media was developed for the determination of possible presence of an antimicrobial compound in a sample.
The present invention provides a process for separating organogermanium and inorganogermanium compounds from a germanium-containing pharmaceutical plant or its processed products by applying the extract of a germanium-containing pharmaceu...
Overview: This organization is seeking software/algorithms for identifying people and gestures.
Overview: We are seeking a non-contact, in-line, automated procedure to test the surface energy on thermoplastic substrates such as TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and LGFPP (long-glass fiber polypropylene) and other similar substrates pri...
Overview: We're seeking expertise to help create detailed simulations that can help determine failure positions in plastic components long before the tooling is created for the part.
Overview: We are looking for a collection of non-invasive and non-contact sensors, along with appropriate hardware or harness to power and network them, and software to analyze the collected information.
Overview: We're seeking expertise to help create detailed simulations that can help show correct kinematics and component failure in front-end suspension components.
Overview: We are seeking a partner that collects and processes population location data.
Overview: We are looking for a short-range distance measuring sensor that can operate stably and reliably under adverse conditions in an industrial application.
Overview This organization is seeking the development of a fully functional industrial prototype of an automated blueberry harvester that can quickly pick mature blueberries without damaging the delicate fruit.
Overview In this industrial technology or device need that may involve a combination of robotics with haptic feedback and image recognition, numerous small organic objects (about 1cm and 1 gram per unit) and exceedingly delicate must be s...
We require not only software to design white metal bearings but also some expertise in understanding the different parameters, that go into designing slide bearings based on DIN Standard.
OverviewWe are seeking ways to monitor battery health in battery-powered systems so that those systems can pre-emptively warn the customer when a battery is about to reach the end of its useful life.
Overview:This organization is seeking a real-time, automated sterility test for equipment that fills medical vials.
Overview:We are seeking a device capable of detecting contamination in a liquid flow.
Overview:This organization is conducting medical trials and needs to confirm the presence or absence of blood as documented by a photographic image of a stool sample.
Overview:Medical trials require patients to take in situ photographs for later image analysis that looks for traces of blood, and possibly other details.
OVERVIEW NASA is seeking novel, non-invasive technological approaches for intra-cranial pressure measurement for use in humans both while in space and on the ground.
OVERVIEW This organization needs a sensor that is sensitive and quantitative for methane, ethylene, and acetylene from 5ppm to 5000ppm.
The kitchen is ever changing and it is hard for consumers to always know what food, supplies, ingredients are stored within it at any point in time.
OVERVIEW Seeking a non-destructive test mechanism to detect fracture toughness, hardness, and microstructure (including different grain structures) properties of steel weld zones.
OVERVIEWWe need to determine the exposure/service conditions of a component inside a high pressure gaseous reaction pressure vessel in real time while it is operating at extremely high temperatures and pressures.
OVERVIEW We are seeking methods that detect contaminants, microbes, or general cleanliness in the air, on hands, in water, on food, on surfaces, and in similar situations so that consumers and commercial users can clean more thoroughly an...
OVERVIEW We want to decrease and maintain the microbial concentration in acceptably clean drinking water.
OVERVIEWWe're looking for a system or method for qualitative analysis of microorganisms that can then classify them according to their taxonomy, thus identifying them.
OVERVIEW We are looking for a probe-type NH4-N sensor that can stand up to high temperature and pressure (~125 degrees C and 2 atmospheres) during the sterilization step for fermentation, and deliver real-time concentration information du...
Overview A company seeks a process of making high-affinity antibodies (or other substances) that can bind rapidly to antigens of large molecular sizes, such as proteins.
We are looking for a compact layer or apparatus that can convert photons in the infrared (1200-1400 nm) range to the visual (450-650 nm) range.
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