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This technology is a method that produces well-dispersed nanoparticles encapsulated in a polymer matrix, operates at atmospheric temperature and pressure, and allows for independent control of the precipitation of the particle and of the ...
This technology provides a process for creating organic semiconductors on a flexible donor substrate and transferring said semiconductor to a SI wafer or flexible polymer via lamination.
This technology provides processes for making multi-layer chip carriers made from an asymmetric cross-linked polymeric dielectric film.
The sheets, formed articles, and laminates of this technology provide energy saving temperature mediation.
EPRIMA® AL-X6 is a thermally curable insulating coating that is based on a fluorinated polymer.
This technology provides ultra low wear polymer blends and polymer-metal oxide composites for a wide array of sliding applications such as bearings, bushings, seals, and bridge and building column footing pads.
Created for high-efficiency vehicle cabin filters, engine air filters, and engine oil filters, this new filter medium from DuPont combines a nonwoven scrim bound to a nanofiber web able to filter particles down to 1 micron with minimal cr...
Many filters depend on an electrostatic charge to enhance particulate pickup, but because of heat, humidity, oil, mist, dust, and assorted other contaminants, they lose their electrostatic charge over time, resulting in a decrease in filt...
Bio cleanrooms, hospitals, and semiconductor manufacturing require high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.
A suite of patented technologies from Kimberly-Clark enables an inexpensive and highly sensitive one-step optical method for multiplexed assays that detect and quantify a wide range of analytes present in a medium.
By doping nano-scale fluoride crystals with rare earths and suspending them in a polymer matrix, this DuPont technology enables printable optical wave guides and light amplifiers that may be an order of magnitude less expensive to produce...
A new method of storing hydrogen in carbon nanostructures can store more hydrogen per unit weight of container than other methods, including pressurized cylinders, metal hydrides, and other hydrides in solution.
Once cleaned, the copper traces on a semiconductor wafer immediately begin oxidizing.
This new reaction technology from DuPont makes alkyl benzenes, the chemicals that are the basis of the surfactant industry, but it does so using ionic liquids as solvent.
This technology comprises transparent multilayer laminates with 50% solar radiation reflection and 70% visible light transmittance for use in safety glass for vehicles.
This technology offered for non-exclusive license comprises a broad family of partially fluorinated polymers, monomers, and intermediates, processes for manufacturing them, and suitable applications.
Kimberly-Clark has patented an innovative water-soluble lip and body moisturizing film technology.
This technology provides a polyolefin lubricant or lubricant additive of very high viscosity index (150+) made by a process of catalytically converting ethylene to a mixture of linear alpha olefin oligomers, and copolymerizing these oligo...
Micron-sized conductive fibers within a thermoplastic matrix enable conductive polymeric antennas that can be molded in various shapes and sizes.
This bio-based polypropanediol (PPD) ester hydraulic fluid technology is part of a new DuPont functional fluids technology based on bio-based 1,3 propanediol currently sourced from DuPont Tate and Lyle Bioproducts, Ltd. Low molecular weig...
Developed at a Fortune 500 company, this innovation is a patented one piece fiber reinforced plastic composite chassis produced by sheet molding compression (SMC) production method of manufacturing.
A new process can produce micro spheres of an extremely narrow size distribution and high homogeneity, measuring between 2 ű 10 ~m.
PHS and copolymers have wide ranging applications including, for example, photoresists, varnishes, and printing inks.
Design and automated production of plastic polymer materials or final products using web extrusion, casting, thermoforming, or vacuforming.
This technology comprises a process for applying an antimicrobial/anti-odor coating to polyester, nylon, polyolefins, Sontara«, stainless steel, and other materials.
This technology is flame resistant, selectively permeable laminates in various embodiments.
Melt Film Fibrillation (MFF) technology produces a material that may deliver improved filter performance over traditional glass media in vacuum cleaner bag applications.
Melt-Film Fibrillation (MFF) technology produces nonwoven media comprising sub-micron scale fibers for a new generation of high-efficiency filters at costs comparable to traditional meltblown media.
A Bulgarian SME that specializes in fire-retardant technologies and products has invented a method for plasma chemical surface modifying of materials and items, and specifically for plasma-aided impregnation with solutions containing fire...
The invention relates to biodegradable halogen free flame retardants applied to flammable polymers with different physical and chemical properties and structure like textiles, wood, paper, cardboard, corrugated board, leather, polystyrene...
Most insulating applications block additional heat transfer by adding more insulation.
Our technology comprises antimicrobial fluoropolymer films and articles and the process for manufacturing these films and articles.
This product is the most effective and efficient concrete waterproofing solution available today.
Boron esters B (OR)3, readily derived from boric acid and alcohols, combine with iodide or bromide to catalyze the ethoxylation of alcohols and phenols, giving good rates and narrow product distributions of short and long chain polymers.
These low-cost thin film transistors have gate, source, and drain electrodes containing about 80% silver, copper, or silver/copper alloy nanoparticles dispersed within specially selected conductive and nonconductive polymers.
DuPont has excellent capability in resin chemistry and has developed proprietary resins suitable for photochromic coatings that can be applied and cured on optical lenses and other surfaces.
This unique co-extrusion process helps turn a batch process into a continuous production process, thus speeding the production line and enabling production of materials that otherwise might be difficult or impossible to produce using conv...
ALLINCOÖ Performance Additives are a portfolio of fast-acting linear chain extenders which allow exceptional control over the viscosity of Polyamides (PA), Polymerized Lactic Acid (PLA), PolyButylene Terephthalate (PBT) and PolyEthylene T...
GreenKote is a sacrificial zinc-based anti-corrosion coating and wear treatment for ferrous metal parts that goes on dry and fuses into the metal surface under heat, performing a thermo-chemical surface modification to the metal.
XyloyTM is an injection-molded zinc/aluminum alloy processed in conventional plastic injection-molding equipment and molds.
This micro-reinforcement technology enables new applications where existing thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, and reinforcing technologies have not had sufficient toughness or fracture strength, particularly at elevated temperatures...
The company specializes in materials design, using its technology to find simple small answers to big issues.
Liquid metal has been used as a coolant for system-level thermal management for decades in nuclear reactors.
This technology creates alpha-omega diamines (aldaramides) based upon a biomass derived carbon skeleton (e.g., glucose) that are useful as chemical intermediates, monomers, comonomers, and crosslinking agents.
The present invention relates to thin-film protection of visible light photocathodes and more particularly to photocathodes protected by thin films and photon sensors and fast electron sources incorporating such photocathodes.
Epoxidation of alkenes is an important chemical transformation whereby an oxygen atom is added to a carbon-carbon double bond to form an epoxide.
The development of hydrogen as an energy vector has been the subject of major research efforts for several decades.
Resins containing extractants have been used in analytical, hydrometallurgical and water processes.
3-dimesional high aspect ratio (>500) nano-scale CFx (fluorocarbon) ôtubeö and ôtest-tubeö arrays were realized using Deep Reactive Ion Etching (RIE).
The unique innovation is a new catalyst system creating a new set of catalyst intermediates, that enables independent control of both of the 2 key steps in an adhesive forming process ű 1) activate; 2) polymerize.
This process produces very high-purity linear alpha-olefins from ethylene and an iron-containing catalyst at moderate conditions.
This highly flexible C6 perfluoroalkyl formulation overcomes the environmental issues inherent in other perfluoroalkyl tails, and imparts non-stick properties and resistance to oil, grease, solvents, or water that are similar to C8 fluoro...
Over more than 100 years of technology development resulted in high speed, low cost web coating technology to apply multiple functional thin layers on different substrates, such as PVC, PC, PET, Cellulose triacetate, PE-paper or other tre...
This development produces an inexpensive material that controls infection by building a hydrophilic bridge to the wound site, over which a powerful antimicrobial environment is established, continuously delivering in ppm sufficient dosage...
METTEX is a new electroplating solution for coating consumable metals that can be used to replace chrome as industrial and decorative coating.
PharmaDurÖ is a novel polymer-based technology that provides significant benefits over conventional forms of transdermal drug delivery -- a worldwide market well in excess of $3 billion.
Novel condensation polymers have been prepared by the copolymerization of a N,N*-disubstituted disulfonamide with an organic acid dihalide such as dicarboxylic dichloride,disulfonic acid dichlorides, bic chloroformates, phosgene, diisocya...
A new technology which applies a "grafting" technique to form strong adhesive bonds between mating material surfaces.
With this proprietary patented technology from Rhodia, aqueous solutions of viscoelastic gels can be formulated at concentrations of surfactants as low as 1% to 5%. These unique viscoelastic gels can be used for example in industrial mark...
The polymerization methods allow the production of nanometer to micrometer scale polymer particles of nearly identical size.
The technology described allows the production of homodisperse polymer beads sized between 1 to 50 micrometers, with either a static or a dynamic seed/feed process.
This method can produce bead polymers having a mean particle size of 0.5 to 50 micrometer and a narrow particle size distribution.
The renewable sourced trimethylene glycol oligomers of this offering are antimicrobial compositions which are non-skin irritating, safe, and effective for repeated use in various applications against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.
A 13-patent suite from DuPont covering fabric and fiber technologies.
This 88-patent suite from DuPont is oriented around chemicals and materials, and includes polymers, inks, precursors, derivatives, and modifications of a wide range of chemicals and materials.
This 7-patent suite provides technologies that rival the legendary balata golf ball, but with modern durability.
This 18-patent collection represents a variety of patents, including conductor compositions, concrete form liners, recovery of organic compounds, pressure vessels, separation systems, fuel cell electrodes, and genetic modification of Stre...
This 17-patent suite from DuPont includes flexographic technologies, inkjet and inkjet head technologies, pigment, and oxide-inhibiting technologies.
This patent suite from DuPont includes lithographic, microlithographic, semiconductor manufacture, and surface preparation technologies.
A 22-patent suite from DuPont encompasses a number of manufacturing technologies for the photovoltaic semiconductor and other compositions useful in photovoltaic manufacture.
ZEON Corporation has developed a patented, single-layer cholesteric liquid crystal film that can dramatically enhance the brightness and vividness of liquid crystal displays, achieve a half-mirror for privacy "peep prevention" or heads-up...
New technology for treatment of bio-refractory, difficult wastewaters that we have developed and patented in collaboration with UPC.
Zeon's newly developed Cyclo-olefin polymers demonstrate excellent insulation performance (dielectric breakdown strength and tracking resistance).
Lipochitooligosaccharides are critical to the growth and productivity of legumes functioning as nodulation factors.
This technology offers two families of thermoelectric compositions having figures of merit (ZT) of 1 or greater and the processes for synthesizing these compounds.
A suite of patents and surrounding know-how from Kimberly-Clark for durable, non-leaching inks that change color in the presence of liquid moisture and high humidity offers unprecedented ability to print detailed color-changing patterns.
This technology comprises liquid crystal compositions and a process for creating them.
This technology offers a group of ionic liquids and a process for using one or more of these liquids in combination to absorb carbon dioxide from high pressure gas streams such as recovered natural gas or reaction off gases.
This technology offers a group of ionic liquids and a process for using one or more of these liquids in combination to absorb carbon dioxide from dilute gas streams such as power generating effluent.
Synthetic lube oil compositions of this technology comprise a mixture of the base stock --- Polytrimethylene Ether Glycol (PO3G) and esters --- and one or more additives, where each additive is employed for the purpose of improving the pe...
This technology produces branched poly(ethylene terephthalate) monofilaments having an inherent viscosity of at least 0.50 dL/g.
This technology enables true multicolor inkjet printing on colored fabrics such as cotton, cotton blends and polyesters.
This new cyclo-olefin polymer film from ZEON Corporation is like an "anti-hydrolysis PEN" (polyethylene naphthalate).
Dexerials has developed activated carbon (bio carbon) based on rice chaff, which is abundant as biomass.
A suite of new laundry technologies from Kimberly-Clark offers a route to a variety of rapidly developable convenience products that range from on-the-spot stain treatments to fun soap pads and a new dry medium for laundry detergent.
Like something from a James Bond movie, the gas generant flotation device reimagines the flotation device as a luxury good.
Prevent slip and fall accidents on your property!
Choline salts are very useful as ingredients in ionic liquids.
This technology encompasses the composition of and preparation method of lysinol-epoxy thermosets.
This technology discloses the compositions of and the synthesis methods of fluorinated ethers of aromatic acids and diesters.
This technology encompasses the composition of and preparation methods for new asymmetric triaminophenols such as substituted 2,4,5 thraminophenol.
This offering comprises a black inkjet ink with self dispersing carbon black pigment and one or more of the following bleed control agents --- catechol, substituted catechols, benzyl glycerol, 3-phenoxy-1,2-propanediol, or 3-butoxypropyla...
Poor firing from inkjet printheads frequently occurs due to printhead clogging, ink line clogging, or ink evaporation when printing is resumed after a long idle time.
This technology provides an aqueous ink jet ink composition and process for printing durable images on vinyl or other hydrophobic substrates without pre or post treatment of the surface.
Nonaqueous inkjet inks can be formulated with solvents having low volatility (i.e. slow drying or non-drying) and can employ colorants that provide highly rub- and smear-resist images.
This technology encompasses ink sets that contain at least one ink composition containing poly(meth)acrylate or fluorinated poly(meth)acrylate polymer particles providing an opaque ink with improved color brilliancy.
This invention features an ink comprised of a continuous aqueous carrier, an anionic dye soluble in the aqueous phase, a microemulsified oil phase such as ethylene glycol phenyl ether, and a cationic emulsifying agent to stabilize the emu...
This invention comprises ink sets with one ink containing a species with two or more reactive corbonyl groups and a second ink containing a species with two or more reactive amine groups.
This technology is the formulation of a radiation-curable inkjet white ink containing alumina treated titanium dioxide and two dispersants.
This formulation of an inkjet black ink contains these aqueous inks that provide excellent color neutrality and gray scale, important attributes for black and white printing.
This invention comprises an aqueous carrier pigmented blue ink with improved chroma, optical density and gloss.
Bleed is a particular problem in ink jet printing because the relatively low viscosity inks used tend to spread and because ink jet printers have the capability of printing three or four primary colors in simultaneous (or near simultaneou...
Latency (also known as decap) is the amount of time a printhead can be left uncapped and idle and still fire properly without the drying ink causing blocked nozzles, misdirected drops or some other print defect.
This offering is an aqueous vehicle, magenta dyes, and ink sets containing these magenta dyes that can be used reliability at high loadings and provides good hue, chroma, optical density and fade resistance.
The ink sets of this offering provide the appropriate color, lightfastness and reliability in an environment having a relatively high concentration of inorganic salt bleed control agents.
This offering comprises an aqueous vehicle, dyes, and surfactant that has superior bleed control.
This ink set contains a first colorless ink comprising an aqueous vehicle and a polyazetidinium groups-containing component with at least two azetidinium groups per molecule.
This technology offers ink sets for inkjet printers that include a binder within the inks.
Many companies desire to use authentication or sorting markings on the surface of articles that are invisible to the human eye, but readable by infrared cameras or sensors.
This technology comprises computerized models and methods for operating an inkjet printer to very closely simulate the wide format (such as textiles) image created by a rotary screen printer.
Desirable features of inkjet printed photographs are high gloss, distinctness of image (DOI), lightfastness, and water resistance.
This technology for extracting flavors and fragrances from plants offers methods that are simple and safe and eliminate the need for removal of high VOC petroleum based solvents.
Our partner, a Hungarian SME has developed a new kind of mattress which is able to replace the conventional seat- and bed mattresses and revolutionizes comfort foam-manufacturing.
Parahydroxybenzoic acid (pHBA) is a key intermediate in cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Imagine a fabric that creates a perfect balance between moisture, airflow and virus-scale filtration.
This offering provides a process for the preparation of 1,3-dihalo-4,6-dinitrobenzene by the nitration of 1,3-dihalobenzene.
This offering includes processes for the preparation of an ether of an aromatic acid, processes for the preparation of products into which such an ether can be converted, the use of such processes, and the products obtained and obtainable...
The polymers and copolymers of fluorinated vinyl monomers are typically produced by free radical polymerization at high pressure.
This technology provides liquid crystal compositions, processes for producing these compositions, and their polymerization into networks having desirable optical, strength, and stability properties.
This technology enables the concurrent or alternating use of absorption and vapor compression cycles in a system for cooling or heating.
DuPont is offering to license its extensive portfolio of patents covering in vitro methods and technologies for the characterization of immunogenic properties of proteins and peptides focused on assessing and ranking relative immunogenici...
AGFA has an extensive expertise in the development and production of colloidal systems which is rooted into AgfaĆs long history as a major producer of coated films and speciality chemicals.
Aveho odor control technology is an engineered material consisting of nanometer-sized particles that capture and physically bind odor-causing compounds.
DuPont is now offering for license proprietary technologies based on use of High-Oleic (HO) soybean oil or other natural vegetable oils as replacement for petroleum based non-renewable industrial fluids or other vegetable oil based fluids.
Deliverable on a wide variety of backings, this pressure sensitive strong adhesive is easily removed (as in peeling a wound dressing) when the temperature is raised above the switching temperature.
The technology comprises unique compositions for a hydrophilic coating that optionally offers prevention from microbial growth on surfaces, including heat exchangers with tendency to have condensed moisture on external surfaces.
Textile industry is among the most essential consumer goods industry.
The acrylic fiber wastes are generated in different stages of fiber production line in the form of acrylic soft waste, acrylic tangled tow waste, acrylic off grade soft and hard waste etc.
These palladium membranes offer twice the flow of high-purity hydrogen from a gaseous stream than conventional palladium membranes for any given membrane thickness.
The beta peptide compositions of this technology have high antimicrobial activity, low hemolytic activity, and resist enzymatic hydrolysis.
This technology comprises compositions of novel antimicrobial peptides.
This technology relates to deodorant compositions containing polytrimethylene ether glycol homo- and copolymers and/or polytrimethylene glycol ester(s) in a variety of physical forms.
The copolymers of this technology --- block copolymers that can be decarboxylated --- are useful as binders or dispersants in inks.
This technology comprises a straightforward, industrially-viable catalytic process to prepare caprolactam and cyclic poly(diethyleneglycol terephthalate) block copolymers with blocks of nominally 100 (+/- 20) units of each of the comonome...
This technology provides a full surface bonded nonwoven fabric with superior tensile and tear strength suitable for packaging, bubble packs, and other applications requiring tear resistance.
This technology provides a process for creating a high oxygen content fuel additive for gasoline, diesel, or biofuels.
This technology provides a better golf ball made of thermoplastic or thermoset compositions that is tougher, stronger, and more scuff and abrasion resistant than typical thermoplastic compositions by the incorporation of organic fiber mic...
This technology comprises a family of polyurethanes and polyurethane-ureas prepared from: polytrimethylene ether glycol, diisocyantes, and diol or diamine chain extenders, and their manufacture, intermediates and use.
This process produces a polyester in cylindrical particulate form having an inherent viscosity within the range of about 0.20 dL/g to about 0.45 dL/g.
Dental composite materials offer a distinct cosmetic advantage over traditional metal amalgam.
Edible Beads or Granules either with sugar or sugar-free as per customer requirements.
Inert, Harmless Raw Material along with colour/ flavour/active as per customer requirements.
This technology comprises an improved waterless printing plate consisting of a sturdy substrate (usually aluminum), and a thin radiation-absorbing layer sandwiched between the substrate plate and a thin hydrophobic layer that (essentially...
This technology includes the polymer composition and operating conditions for a highly effective oxygen barrier resin that withstands steaming conditions for sterilization of packaged foods, but remains cost effective and suitable for use...
This technology consists of a plastic material made of several components and of its production process.
A three layer semi-permeable membrane structure for use in textile applications, consisting of a hydrophilic inner layer and hydrophobic exterior layers of copolyetherester elastomer films, leads to an enhanced lifetime breathable waterpr...
The Need - In PVC wire insulation it is often necessary to apply an outer jacket of polyamide in order to provide chemical resistance, toughness and abrasion resistance.
A most efficient amine synergist for fast photo-curing of coatings and composites, with the added benefit of very low extractables and yellowing.
A small scale injection moulding machine which fits easily on your laboratory bench or in a fume cupboard!
Overview: We're seeking technologies that can effectively clean contaminants from the surface of a camera lens.
Overview: We're seeking high-speed and high-accuracy 3D printing technologies that can be used in the manufacture of a vehicle camera housing.
Overview: This organization is seeking statements of current or future capability and interest in the development of next-generation on-demand manufacturing techniques.
Overview: We are looking for a highly reliable electrically conductive plug-in connection for a copper wire that positions the wire accurately during manufacture (to avoid high contact current when in eventual operation) and that in the f...
Overview: We want to replace aluminum as the material for a centrifugal compressor housing with plastic for a weight and cost reduction.
Overview: We are seeking a non-contact, in-line, automated procedure to test the surface energy on thermoplastic substrates such as TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and LGFPP (long-glass fiber polypropylene) and other similar substrates pri...
Overview: We would like to add inserts such as steel or aluminum plates or brackets to compression-molded parts through overmolding, and also mold inserts into the part out-of-draw.
Overview: Polyurethane foam and e-coated metal squeak when the two materials are in contact.
Overview: We would like to mold a single foam pad in a single process so that the pad has horizontal sections with different stiffness -- for example, the upper layer would have less stiffness than would a lower layer.
Overview: Leather and vinyl automotive seating trim covers can be stained by contact with denim.
Overview: This organization is seeking a method for preventing the interaction of positively-charged active ingredients with negatively charged thickening agents.
Overview: We would like to find a way to retain and store heat from the engine and coolant for a period of up to 16 hours, in order to use that heat to warm up the engine coolant during a cold start.
Overview: We are seeking new and innovative electric-driven lightweight actuators for multiple applications.
Overview: We are looking for a simple solution that can use a passive sensing method to automatically detect and extinguish a fire in power/communication cables arrayed in a cable tray.
Overview: We are seeking to completely encapsulate an open-work skeleton structure used in vehicle applications in order to protect it from common insults such as road salt, fuel, or minor impacts from stones.
Overview: The welding process creates silicate deposits on weld seams and forms an oxide layer in the Heat-Affected-Zone (HAZ) of a weld.
Overview: We are seeking technology to prevent galvanic corrosion between aluminum components in contact with other metals.
Overview This company is looking for new materials and solutions (including multilayer film with sheet glass or organic-inorganic glass composite materials) that can substitute for existing sheet glass in applications such as construction.
Overview:This organization is seeking functionalized nanomaterials that can be incorporated into sizing to improve interfacial adhesion and surface chemistry of fiber reinforced polymers.
Overview:This organization is seeking new sizing chemistries to improve the mechanical and chemical resistance characteristics of nylon fiber composites.
yet2 are seeking new materials that can be used in high-temperature and high-pressure environments.
We are seeking companies that can provide novel, high-strength materials that can be pelletized into various sizes between 8 and 140 mesh.
Overview: Find a way to capture effluent from a compressed air system operating in a range of ambient temperatures (-40°F/-40°C to 200°F/93°C). The effluent consists of water, oil, and oil in water emulsion, which is expelled.
Overview We are seeking new biocides to replace silver coating that is currently used on a filter system.
Overview:We are looking for coatings / surface finishes that prevent minerals, fingerprints and organic contaminants from adhering to the surface when regularly exposed to water, abrasion, and organic oil-based contamination.
Overview: We are looking for a food-safe, recyclable packagingámaterial that can be used as a wrap for food products and that can be recycled completely using household recycling streams.
Overview: We are seeking organic molecules that can thermally decomposeábetween 60¦C and 300¦C, and subsequently allow the production of gas,ásuch as N2, CO, and CO2. Such molecules will be used as enhancing additive "ingredients" in spec...
Overview: We are seeking organic molecules that can decompose by photo-radiation.áUV photons will be absorbed by the molecules and result in chemical modifications of the organic compound (eg. scission of chemical bonds), which can be man...
Creep is the deformation of a polymer material over time when that polymer is under load.
Overview: This organization seeks a new way to join like materials.
Overview This organization is looking for new methods to deliver an active to the skin to help restore the skin's natural pH balance and minimize the effects of dermatitis.
Overview This organization seeks methods to mitigate and relieve potential contact dermatitis caused by extended use of low-pH materials in contact with the skin.
Overview:This organization is seeking an electrically or electronically actuated in-line valve that is open in its non-activated state.
OverviewThis organization is seeking anti-corrosive technology platforms for direct-to-metal application on bare steel that is equivalent in protection to solvent-based anti-corrosives, but in a completely solvent-free, water-borne system.
OverviewTraditional chemical preservatives are coming under regulatory safety and negative PR pressures, which limit the options for manufacturers of personal care products that require preservatives for shelf-life.
OverviewThis organization seeks solutions that provide enhanced shelf- life for household and personal-care product formulations, but in ways that don't rely on preservative chemicals mixed into the formulations themselves.
Overview:This organization is seeking an inkjet-ink-receptive coating for use on paper in high-speed commercial printing and converting.
Overview:We are looking for a high-speed water-absorbent or dissipative coating to be applied to a flexible substrate that can quickly absorb (or dissipate) about 10 to 24gsm of water in 0.25 seconds, leaving the surface dry to the touch.
OverviewThis organization is seeking a high-temperature (290°C and higher) seal against air- and oil-leakage around a reciprocating metal shaft.
Overview:This organization is looking for a method or technology that would deflect or prevent excess overspray deposition from ending up on nearby machinery.
Overview:This organization is seeking an inherently easy-to-clean surface.
Overview:This organization wants to treat complex internal flow paths with a non-stick, slippery surface to make those surfaces easier to clean.
Overview:Seeking alternative routes to manufacturing emulsions and dispersions of high molecular weight (>50 kilo-Daltons) thermoplastic polymers, of low melt index and high viscosity (<30 MI at 190°C/2.16Kg).
Overview:Seeking alternative routes to manufacturing emulsions and dispersions of high molecular weight (>50 kilo-Daltons) thermoplastic polymers, of low melt index and high viscosity (<30 MI at 190°C/2.16Kg).
Overview We are seeking technology solutions that will enable further understanding and evaluation of packaging sealing processes, and therefore achieve a better seal.
Overview: This organization seeks a wide range of new additives and components that can help clean existing dirt and fouling from relatively high-temperature environments and can help prevent deposits, crusts, polymerization, and addition...
Overview We are seeking a new and novel anti-microbial preservative for a wide variety of soap, lotion, and hand wash products, including foams, gels, and wipes.
Overview We're looking for new ways of delivering hydration and actives topically to localized areas of skin over an extended period of time.
Overview This organization needs to adhere a patch to bare human skin for an extended period of time (from 1-10 hours).
Overview We are currently using soft, molded polyurethane foams for a padding and shock-absorbing application.
Overview We're seeking new binders to be used with polyester fibers.
Overview We're seeking new additives for polyurethane foams that can help prevent yellowing and provide a softer, resilient touch.
Overview We'd like to replace a foam shape with a knitted, woven, or non-woven fabric that derives its thickness from the geometric structure of its components.
Overview:This organization is seeking a real-time, automated sterility test for equipment that fills medical vials.
Overview:We are seeking a device capable of detecting contamination in a liquid flow.
Overview: We would like to find a deterrent to prevent dogs and cats from re-spotting and marking indoors, particularly on carpet.
Overview: We are seeking methods to organize and arrange filler materials in a flexible matrix in order to maximize impermeability to water and oxygen molecules.
Overview:We are seeking a liquid chemical system which will remove dirt particles, surfactant and alkalinity from wash water.
Overview- We would like to identify an adhesive technology that would allow the bonding of two very flat parts of a device.
OverviewWe wish to identify a seed and plantlet-compatible, biodegradable coating to bind organic seed treatment chemicals and other active ingredients to the seed during seed preparation and prior to and during planting.
Client Need:We are seeking a system or materials that would allow active particles to adhere under aqueous conditions on the surface of a substrate.
Overview We would like to find a way to flexibly adhere food-facing polyethylene to a substrate such as HDPE, polypropylene, PET, nylon, or foils.
OVERVIEW This organization is looking to build paper coatings that offer a barrier to moisture vapor, water, oil, and/or gases such as oxygen, sulfur dioxide, and ethylene (a sterilization gas).
OVERVIEW Can you adhere low-reactivity eglass reinforcing fibers (and low-reactivity natural fibers, including paper) to a short list of materials including polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, nylon, and polyester?
OverviewWe are seeking functional polymeric and non-polymeric additives for our stains, architectural coatings, and paints that can minimize dirt accumulation on walls and decks, and that make it easier to clean dirt from those surfaces o...
OverviewThis organization is seeking a coating to be used in the manufacture of equipment (primarily made of aluminum) used outdoors that when power-washed will quickly and easily release a variety of materials that cling to it.
Overview:This organization is seeking new moisture vapor barrier technologies for packaging films that can equal or better the transmission rates achieved through vacuum metallizing and offer transmission rates of between 1~0.1g/m2/day.
OVERVIEW We are seeking small-scale gas separation technology for the separation of nitrogen from natural gas at the wellhead to produce: (1) a natural gas product stream with nitrogen content that is sufficiently low to meet pipeline spe...
Overview What practices, products, and approaches does the world use for personal cleansing after bathroom visits, both at home and when away from home?
Overview Personal cleansing after using the bathroom is a worldwide need.
Overview Personal cleansing after using the bathroom is a worldwide need, and various cultures around the world solve that need differently.
OVERVIEW We are seeking a way to break the transmission of bacteria and viruses from surfaces to hands and eyes.
OVERVIEW We're looking for an insulating coating for a ceramic substrate - and a method of applying it - to prevent the high voltage from leaking from one surface of the substrate to the other.
OVERVIEW We want to separate methane from lighter or heavier molecules by adsorption to achieve a high degree of purity in our process output stream.
OVERVIEW Our primary process stream of interest includes large quantities of hydrogen and methane.
OVERVIEW We have a process stream made up of a variety of gases and molecules that runs about 100,000 tons annually.
Overview:We'd like to find new sensations for saline sprays and washes that are used to relieve stuffy nose and to moisturize dry nasal passages.
Overview: We're seeking methods of adding a non-slip feature to areas of the home likely to produce falls.
We are looking for technologies and methods, e.g. a mixing device, to disperse a (very) high viscous (> 4000 mPa.s) hydrophobic polyisocyanate crosslinker into a water-based polyol binder-resin, without the need of pre-diluting the polyis...
Overview:We are seeking chemical and/or process technologies that will significantly reduce the amount of water required to clean stainless steel based manufacturing plant equipment, such as vessels, mixers, pipework etc.
Overview:We are seeking a neat, consistent, smooth, and non-messy way to dispense a professional adhesive without pouring or dropping "clumps" of adhesive.
Overview:Our current adhesive polymer dispersion (polyvinyl pyrrolidine) has a compression/shear strength of 400-600 lbs.
Overview:We currently use sodium and potassium stearates (fatty acids/soaps) to build body and viscosity in a polymer dispersion intended as an adhesive, but the stearates adversely affect shear strength after the dispersion cures.
Overview:Sheet goods are produced and stacked that have a naturally viscous and sticky surface material.
Overview:We are seeking material and process technologies that will insulate against heat gain or actively reduce temperature of liquids contained in glass bottles or metal cans.
Overview: We are seeking technology, ingredients or processes that preserve the natural characteristic of fruit or vegetables throughout processing to ensure a fresh like taste and texture in a frozen end product.
Overview: This organization is seeking new catalysts for acylation of carboxylic acid or its anhydride to benzene with two functional groups.
Overview: We are seeking cost effective physical/mechanical technologies for enhanced foam generation and stability.
Overview: We are seeking cost effective chemical/material technologies for enhanced foam generation and stability.
We are working with a manufacturer of chemical products that is searching for innovative dispensing / applicator technology for their 2-component product.
Our client specializes in hand-crafted ceramic sanitary-ware and kitchen sinks/drainers.
OVERVIEW This organization seeks one or more bonding agents that can be dispersed into water and when coated onto a PET film and dried, will allow the coated film to adhere to, and seal items made from rigid PE (polyethylene), PP (polypro...
OVERVIEW We're looking for one or more new chemistries that can be formulated into a water-based matrix to seal transparent film onto plastic trays containing food or medical materials.
Overview: We seek novel technologies that will enhance and provide prolonged changes in shape of keratin fibres.
Overview:This organization is looking for ways to inhibit the migration of polysiloxane lubricants and coatings after application.
Overview:This organization is seeking novel foams/coatings/gels to prevent the sticking of cellulose fibers to a steel surface.
Overview: We are seeking transformative technologies that will enable a variety of optical effects or hidden messaging to be created directly onto consumer products and its packaging.
Overview: We are seeking small, easy to use, low cost flexible diagnostic indicators that can be incorporated onto consumer product packaging.
We are looking for barrier materials (preferably coatable from water) which could be applied to a polyester or PVC substrate.
Overview: We seek cost effective materials or process technologies that will form mesh based sheets/films/fabrics exhibiting high optical clarity and low haze.
Overview: This organization would like to increase the oxygen barrier in thermoplastic elastomers and EVA by an order of magnitude or more to preserve the shelf life of food/beverages.
OVERVIEW We are interested in coatings for steel and aluminum with the following key properties: 1) Should be compliant with USFDA and other regional requirements for direct food contact.
Overview: This organization is seeking a flame-retardant add-in for a glass reinforced nylon 6 or nylon 6-6 base polymer that will allow the material to pass the UL94 V0 test at 0.8mm thickness.
OVERVIEW This organization wants to find a material that will make cabling fire-retardant.
We are seeking partnering and investment opportunities in the tire recycling sector.
Microfiber cloth has revolutionized the cleaning industry.
Overview: This global organization is seeking alternative materials to steel in a friction-dominated environment.
Overview: This global organization is seeking new or innovative technologies, methods, processes or coatings for steel which will decrease the coefficient of friction.
Overview: This global organization is seeking new or innovative technologies, methods, processes or coatings for steel which will increase the coefficient of friction.
OVERVIEW Seeking a surface treatment for stainless steel that will impart high-release properties on a par with non-stick coatings, but which explicitly is not a coating.
Overview: Our client is seeking to identify film forming formulation technologies that would enhance the short-term appearance of skin after a given skin care product is applied and dries.
OVERVIEW This organization seeks a non-smoke-producing, non-halogenated fire retardant additive or coating for its polymeric injection-molded electrical connectors in the electrical and electronics industries.
OVERVIEW We're looking for non-halogenated polymeric mix additives for wiring jackets and cables that provide non-smoke fire retardance.
We are looking for a film to protect high value detector sheets against mechanical damage and environmental influences.
OVERVIEW We are developing new composite materials using core-shell particles - a ceramic, metal, or polymer particle coated with a ceramic oxide shell.
We have an urgent requirement for a ceramic slurry coating / impregnation technology, used to produce ceramic filtration media from a reticulated polymer foam substrate.
OVERVIEW Our biological-source processes produce a broth/mixture of amino acids and ions, including valine, leucine, isoleucine, and alanine, among other substances.
OVERVIEW Looking for a comfortable grip material that can be used on a pen/pencil.
OVERVIEW A consumer goods company is seeking new & innovative materials to create next generation products.
OVERVIEWThis organization is looking for herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides with new mode of action.
OVERVIEWThis organization is looking for more effective methods to move insecticide molecules across the biological barriers of the insect cuticle and/or gut to increase insecticide uptake.
OVERVIEWThis organization is looking for more effective ways to move non-systemic or non-translaminar pesticide molecules into a plant waxy cuticle layer and/or through guard cells (stomata).
OVERVIEW This organization seeks expertise or technology to modify the viscosity of a miniemulsion during storage to prevent leakage of the liquid from its container at 35C and above.
OVERVIEWThis organization is seeking insulation for an internally cooled cylindrical component of a gaseous reactor.
OVERVIEW Seeking a material that is low viscosity when concentrated or anhydrous, however, builds viscosity when diluted with water.
Overview: We are seeking new technologies, methods or processes to enable the removal of heavy metals and toxins from waste streams in steel making.
OVERVIEW In order to meet corporate goals for product nutrition and health, this organization must reduce the overall fat content of its commercial pastry offerings from ~27% to 17% and reduce the saturated fat content from 13-15% to 6%, ...
Overview This global organization is seeking a low weight material that can replace the heavy weight of steel but withstand the physical and chemical demands of automotive applications.
OVERVIEW Interested in licensing or supply of materials that can be printed, sprayed, or transferred onto an anodized aluminum surface as a film, such that the applied layer prevents oxygen from reaching and reacting with copper or other ...
We are seeking technologies to neutralize, block or inhibit the reaction between polyquaternium compounds (PQs) and color 'bodies' in aqueous environments.
OVERVIEWA few common additives and fillers are used in thermoplastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene to add or modify properties such as stiffness, heat resistance, tensile strength, and weight.
We are looking for a rigid plastic or composite substrate available as sheet or on a roll, with the following specifications: Tensile Modulus (E-modulus, Modulus of elasticity): At least >10,000 MPa (>10 GPa).
We are looking for a (polymeric) binder to be formulated into a UV polymerizable composition and stable at high temperatures.
OVERVIEW We're looking for sanitizing solutions for when a member of the household falls ill. BACKGROUND When a family member becomes ill, the household goes into overdrive to minimize the chance that the rest of the family will also beco...
OVERVIEW We need to print thin conductive traces on touch-screen substrates, while maintaining good visibility through the screen, and achieving high adherence.
OVERVIEW We are seeking a solder mask that we can print using ink-jet technology.
OVERVIEW This organization seeks printing technology to produce higher-current miniature circuitry.
OVERVIEWWe are seeking advanced surfactant and surface-tension modification technologies that can enhance the speed and volume of water-based foam formation -- without increasing costs.
OVERVIEW People clean, but despite the assurances of cleaning product manufacturers, how do they know that the surfaces and other objects they have cleaned are in fact clean, or that they remain so?
We are looking for a film to be used for vacuum packaging of substrates coated with a chemical formulation.
OVERVIEW Our client needs to functionalize polymers by grafting a linear aliphatic olefin to the polymer backbone.
OVERVIEW This organization needs a weight-saving alternative to sheets, and wires of copper and aluminum that can operate at specific frequencies.
OVERVIEW This organization seeks new topical ways of eliminating/minimizing the appearance of dark spots and areas of uneven skin color using chemical or biological approaches.
Overview: We are seeking a pressure sensitive, non-permanent, non-toxic adhesive platform (or its components).
OVERVIEW We're looking for new-to-the-world, alternative methods for sawing, drilling, boring, cutting, or otherwise separating materials such as wood, metal, and composite.
OVERVIEW We want to identify fast-acting, topical anti-acne treatments that we can combine with our current active ingredients to boost their performance in cosmetics and acne products.
OVERVIEW Rich, creamy foam with excellent height and long, stable persistence is a consumer indicator of quality cleansing products.
OVERVIEW A kiss may be just a kiss, but we're looking for unique materials to add to lip products for new lip sensations and experiences (such as cooling, warming, numbing, tingling and flavors), solutions that can impart prolonged sensat...
OVERVIEW We wish to protect the surface of our aluminum product when exposed to the harsh alkaline environment inside a dishwasher.
OVERVIEW Our client seeks a cost-effective and suitable for large scale manufacturing, low-friction surface for instantly ready-to-use intermittent catheters for both men and women, with the goal of achieving insertion and retraction with...
OVERVIEW Our client is looking to improve the performance properties of polyolefins, polyethylenes, and thermoplastics generally.
OVERVIEW We wish to find a ready-to-use repellent solution for oil- and water-borne stains for application on flexible substrates to be applied at some stage during the manufacturing process between raw material and the finished article.
OVERVIEW A client is seeking innovative ways to join identical elastic materials.
OVERVIEW The Company supplies a variety of chemicals, including inverse emulsions that consist of a very high molecular weight, water-soluble polymer dispersed in a continuous oil phase.
We are looking for reflective polymer or plastic sheets, with the following specification :Bent Modulus (Stiffness): > 10,000 MPaThickness (mm) : =< 1.8Dimensions : maximum 24 x 30 cmThickness fluctuation (mu) : < 50Planarity (bending lon...
The silicone foam must be very light - 0,15 Kilos/cubicmeterThe cells must have very similar sizeThe silicone foam must be very elastic (instant and total shape recovery after deformation)The foam must have a very good water absorption co...
OVERVIEW Technology is required to enable the reduction of VOC's in binder/resins while maintaining or enhancing existing product properties.
OVERVIEW We are seeking technologies leading to sustainable and green production of polymers.
This Fortune Global 500 consumer product company (with product volumes for this application of up to 700,000 tonnes per annum) are looking to change the way in which water vapor, moisture, and other liquids move through textiles.
We are looking for a coating to be put on top of an optical layer.
We are looking for rigid polymer or plastic sheets, with the following specification :Modulus : > 20,000 MPaThickness (mm) : =< 1.3Dimensions : maximum 43 x 35 cmThickness fluctuation (mu) : < 20Planarity (bending longest side) : <0.7 mmT...
We are looking for polymerisable surfactants, that can be copolymerised into small polymer particles (e.g. polystyrene particles smaller than 70 nm).
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