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Metal corrosion accounts for shorter product lifetime and poorer performance of metal components. Many anti-corrosive coating options are solvent-based. This organization would like to find water-based anti-corrosive coatings or systems.
Consumers may have a more pleasurable experience taking a gummy or confectionery antihistamine. Can you produce one?
Autonomous vehicles require sophisticated steering mechanisms. They must be able to operate under failing conditions, including loss of power. An actuator for hydraulically assisted steering must be able to generate enough torque.
This organization is seeking local or regional products already commercialized and on the market, but that may not be available world-wide.
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior, but it is not easy to monitor non-invasively. We would like to monitor the reward system of the brain in other, non-invasive ways.
The reactions of untrained consumer testers to taste and other food and drink characteristics are notably difficult to objectify. This organization seeks new ways to do exactly that.
The application uses a device that removes water, oil, and contaminants in order to provide clean compressed air downstream. We are interested in seeing technologies at all stages of development.
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