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Ideally, we could use a single molding cycle to produce a pad with regions or strata of varying stiffness.
Using lubrication means exposing this system to additional oil transportation losses or additional weight and complexity. We want your innovative solution to run without lubrication.
Conventional automotive voltage is based on 12VDC. The increasing use of electronics in vehicles is driving a move to 48VDC systems. The change poses a number of engineering challenges.
Positively charged actives and negatively charged thickeners can produce undesirable product feel. This organization seeks solutions or partner organizations who have already solved the problem.
The need to effectively shut-off on an inserted part and have a shear-edge to mold an opening within the parting line geometry does not allow for part integration at a high level.
This company wants a compressor housing made of engineered plastic for lighter weight, ease of manufacturing, and lower costs. Test data is important.
The goal is to create a method to simulate a complete vehicle crash.
This need seeks overhead person-recognition and interpretation of gestures (not simply recognition that gestures have taken place) for a known dataset of people.
Pre-heating takes place before putting the sheet into an injection mold. It is important to prevent the possibility of cold-welding the injection material to the sheet.
Conventional seat construction brings polyurethane foam in contact with metal seat frames that have been e-coated against corrosion. The contact produces a squeak.
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