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We must test 100% of the parts on a production line to make sure that the pretreating processes were properly applied, and that they meet the target specifications for surface energy requirements.
Your proposed solution will have been tested on food and be safe for consumption. Ideally it will be ready to be added and tested within a wide range of recipes.
An open-work skeleton structure can be very strong and light weight, but it needs protection against common environmental insults and for internal components.
Because of high centrifugal forces, fatigue can occur at slim material bridges found in the permanent magnetic (PM) rotors of electric motors.
Heating the engine coolant prior to startup can reduce emissions and make the start much easier.
Most multiplate clutches are cooled with fluids (most often oil from the sump), but this can cause drag torque when the clutch is disengaged.
We want to monitor the general condition of a driver and detect any developing problems.
Many available technologies print in a single material (plastic or metal) and require significant human input. Advances in printing multiple materials or incorporating pre- and post-processing on a single system will soon be available.
We would like to identify a two-stage process to apply after the face hob or face milling step, and after the gears have reached their finished dimensions.
Looking for existing products or processes to implement as a subsystem in a larger data ecosystem. Licensing, purchasing, or partnerships will be considered as appropriate.
Mechanical connectors suffer from vibrational load and additionally generate punctiform or line-shaped contacts resulting in high contact current.
Even well-washed denim transfers dye molecules to both leather and vinyl seating materials. We want to prevent this.
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