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Technologies at all stages of development are of interest. Pressure swings regenerate the desiccant during normal operations.
This organization seeks a coating that can permanently bind the particles of a suspension on contact, while dissipating its water matrix.
About 60% of accidents involve some type of driver distraction, inattention, or impairment.
This organization is aware of methods where solvents are extracted later, but do not wish to use them. Your proposed solution must perform at industrial scale (about 500 gallons per day).
Active and passive devices may help decrease the noise from this vibrating machinery.
Your proposed solution should demonstrate a significant anti-microbial effect at least as good as materials in current use.
Inkjet inks consist of 90% or more water. Four-color coverage of 100% of a surface is usual. This puts a lot of water on the paper. It is necessary to catch and bind the ink, and absorb or dissipate the water.
Temperature resistance is the key to finding a replacement for this O-ring seal. Temperatures can reach 590 degrees C.
Solvent-free approaches to anti-corrosives, and polymers, resins, or additives that can lead to such a coating. Can you eliminate the need for surfactants, or incorporate the surfactants into the polymer matrix?
Can the packaging of personal care products offer anti-microbial protection to contents?
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