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Needle-free injection system using pyrotechnical propulsion
PYROFAST is an innovative needle-free injection system with novel pyrotechnical gas propulsion that provides accurate and comfortable drug delivery through the skin for intra-dermal, subcutaneous, and intra-muscular injections of liquid and solid (lyophilized) drugs. The needle-free injection occurs within 40 msec; a very fine, high-pressure jet stream of liquid medication painlessly penetrates the skin, depositing medication in the tissue beneath. The skin orifice caused by the jet stream is 4 times smaller than the orifice caused by a conventional needle injection. Therefore, needle-free injection reduces skin trauma and pain and leads to better patient compliance by eliminating patient's needle-phobia. PYROFAST allows patients to self-administer their injectable medication easily. The PYROFAST needle-free injection systems can virtually eliminate the risk of accidental needlestick injuries for healthcare workers administering injections as there are no sharps to handle or dispose of after use. PYROFAST technology does not cause bleeding which is often experienced with a needle injection, thus eliminating the risk of transmission of blood borne diseases. PYROFAST allows the injection of liquid and solid formulations, opening up a wide range of therapeutic options for new and existing treatments.

Immunomodulating drug Iodantipyrin for treatment and prevention of viral diseases
Iodantipirin is a compound of antipyrin and iodchlorine. The drug has antiviral activity to enterovirus group (Koksaki A13, Koksaki A12, ESNO), vesicular stomatitis, and herpes simplex type I virus. The compound is active beta-interferon inducer "late" type (interferon titer in mice blood serum grows during 24 hours from 8 to 256 IEbo/ml reflecting the Iodantipirin injection). Iodantipirin also has a stabilizing effect on biological membranes that stop breaking virus in cell. Simultaneously it stimulates antibody production and suppresses reproduction of RNA and DNA-containing viruses in cell culture. Iodantipirin has both antiviral (suppress virus reproduction) and immune modulating effect (improve immune functioning). Iodantipyrin is a synthetic drug which was developed by scientists of the Siberian State Medical University and synthesized by scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. The drug has both antiviral and immunomodulating effect. It is possible to use Iodantipyrin both for treatment and prevention of viral diseases.

A method for determining importance of fractions of biological mixtures separated by a chromatographic method for discrimination of cell or tissue in physiological conditions
Our computational methodology applies to measurements derived from chromatographic separations of biomolecular mixtures, for instance capillary or gel electrophoresis, affinity chromatography, or gel filtration of proteins or nucleic acids. Biomolecular mixtures normally originate from cell cultures or tissue extracts, which may undergo prior purification to enrich a mixture with a single component (such as phosphorylated or glycosylated proteins, nucleic acids containing certain sequences or bound to certain proteins) or prior digestion of mixture components e.g. treatment with proteolytic enzymes or restriction nucleases.

Accurate Laser Micro-etching Proves Versatile and Cost-Effective
This one-step laser etching process proves advantageous for the micro-fabrication of optics, electromechanical systems, and fluidics. Utilizing a laser-absorbing fluid against the "back" side of virtually any solid, transparent material, any of a number of lasers can perform micro-etching of 1-millimicron to 10-millimicrons. Etching can employ two or more lasers on transparent plates, cylinders, rods, films, vessels, or blocks. This technique performs at room temperature and ambient pressure to accommodate mass-production. The resulting etched design may resemble hatching, a grid array, a bubble array, or any special design. Variations to laser intensity, pulse-rate, and the absorbing liquid, result in predictable depths of etched channels. The use of masks or stencils further enhances control of replicable patterns. This is an exciting advancement in the field of laser micro-etching.

Volatile-Liquid-Loadable, Porous Metal or Ceramic Container and Manufacturing Method Thereof
Ornaments or ceramics are poplular in certain populations that want to express personality or personal style. The uniqueness is key. At the same time, sensational function is getting more recognition. The sensational function works both psychologically and physiologically. Flavor can be a good way to express personal style. This technology makes it possible. The present invention relates to a liquid-loadable porous metal or ceramic container and manufacturing method thereof, in which metal or ceramic powder is mulled with a pore-forming agent and packed to cover a volatile core, and high temperature combustion is used to transform the core into a gaseous state, thereby producing a structural body having breathable pores.

Efficient Refrigeration
Ceramic materials have been developed with superior, perfectly reversible electrocaloric cooling properties over a wide temperature range near room temperature. Electrocaloric heating and cooling occur when an electric field (voltage) is applied to a material (causing heating), and then removed (causing cooling). If this cycle is used with an appropriate heat switch, the cycle can be used for refrigeration. This process can be very efficient, resulting in significantly lower refrigeration operating costs. Previous materials show, at best, temperature swings on the order of 0.01 C with voltage cycling at room temperature. The new materials have shown temperature swings up to 4 C with the possibility of increasing these swings to 10 C or more. In practice, the materials are made into multilayer capacitors with thin layers. Repeat cycling of a bank of these capacitors could drop the temperature of a heat load (e.g. a freezer compartment in a refrigerator) from well above room temperature to well below freezing. Another possible use for the materials is as active regenerators for Stirling cycle coolers. Here the electrocaloric materials would replace the large heat capacity regenerators commonly used. The charge/discharge cycles would be timed with the compression/decompression cycles to enhance the cooling. A comprehensive White Paper is available upon request.

Acousto-Optic Scanner with Fast Non-Linear Scan
The present invention relates to the field of acousto-optical scanners, especially those capable of generating fast non-linear scans, and/or fast longitudinal focus scanning. This new scheme, which provides a new acousto-optic scanner capable of high scanning speed, by the use of two acoustic waves with the same frequency modulation, propagating in opposite directions through one or more acousto-optical media. This scheme completely suppresses the linear frequency chirp, and thus enables the generation of fast non-linear scans and non-constant linear scans, with a much smaller reduction of the NRP as compared to the linear scan case. In addition, by changing the phase between the modulating signals, such a scanning system also provides fast longitudinal scans of the focal point of the beam along the optical axis. The method can be readily generalized to two-dimensional scans by cascading two of such one-dimensional scanners orthogonally. The applications of this technology include high-end microscopy and optical inspection.

PHONE JAM - a new innovative social networking and audio communication tool
PHONE JAM is a new, innovative and exciting social networking tool. Our technology provides high-fidelity stereo music and voice communications using conventional telephone transmission in real time. The PHONE JAM offers a brand new form of communication to contact one another by interfacing musical equipment and a monitor/stereo system with a standard telephone network. This entitles the users to either perform live audio or send pre-recorded materials via our new communication device to one another without being in the same location, yet interacting together simultaneously in real time.

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