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High-performance CIGS solar cell saves resources, increases conversion efficiency
AIST has developed a thin film technology that can reduce the consumption of raw selenium below one-tenth of the conventional standard when manufacturing non-silicon-based CIGS thin-film solar cells. The technology uses radio-frequency-cracked selenium radicals instead of conventional vaporized selenium. With this technology, the high-reactivity of radical selenium can be utilized, thus reducing the consumption of raw Se to one-tenth. The technology enhances the conversion efficiency of a solar cell without using an expensive metal such as platinum, palladium, or iridium, and results in cells of reproducible quality from run to run. Additionally, the technology uses a black metal electrode and a light-absorbing layer containing ZnO (zinc oxide). This result brings about a great advancement for mass production of high-performance CIGS modules.

Natural, green chemicals for managing harmful micro-organisms
A food-grade, organic-compliant, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-hazardous and completely biodegradable anti-microbial product has been developed that also acts as natural food-safe preservative. This offers a natural and safe solution for cleaning, sanitising, preserving food, personal care and healthcare products, agricultural growth stimulation, fresh produce treatment, hospital sanitation and new consumer product development. Scaled for commercial production this product offers a non toxic phyto-pharmaceutical of organic origin that acts mechanistically by destroying the cellular membrane of a micro-organism. Its efficacy is due to a synergistic reaction created between the non-toxic bioflavonoids, ascorbic acid and other fruit acids that are included in the formulation. The final product is carried in a food safe solvent, which makes the active ingredients infinitely soluble in water and alcohol. It is completely natural and is certified by SGS and other certifications are in renewal process. Supported by four EU patents.

Light sources that dispel humans and animals
Safety and security is not only about fencing and locking a site or building. It's also about measures to detect and ban unwanted individuals form certain areas. Philips is now offering an innovative technology to dispel humans (and also animals) from an area where they are unwanted. The new and patented dispelling light source (DLS) concept is based on disturbance of humans and/or animals using photosensitive stimuli. When switching a DLS system to the specifically programmed flickering mode, it directly induces negative psychological and/or physiological effects like e.g. aversion, discomfort, dazzling, disorientation, fear or malaise. As a direct result, humans and/or animals will be dispelled from the site. Proper selection of the flicker frequency avoids triggering of photosensitive epilepsy. Patent pending and several prototypes have been developed.

Superior flavored shelf-stable soy pudding
Delicious, ready-to-eat, heart healthy, bone healthy puddings made with organic whole soy, which come in three flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Banana. The proprietary formulations provide better flavor than competing soy puddings and most consumers cannot discern between these puddings and dairy puddings. These puddings have had repeat purchases in large grocery chains and from wholesale distributors. The trade secret is three fold: 1) Superior flavor profile 2) Elimination of bean taste 3) Superior texture and mouth feel. These soy puddings are low fat, have no saturated fat, are heart and bone healthy snacks that provide more protein and fiber than regular puddings. Flavoring is proprietary, achieves better flavor and texture than competing brands and needs no refrigeration and never spoils with a two year best buy shelf life.

Seeking: Substance with high affinity for large antigen molecules
A company seeks a process of making high-affinity antibodies (or other substances) that can bind rapidly to antigens of large molecular sizes, such as proteins. Their aim is to develop a high-speed immune detection apparatus. Antibodies are used extensively in diagnostics and as therapeutic agents. Achieving high-affinity binding is important for expanding detection limits and achieving diagnostics in short amounts of time. This need is for a highly sensitive, high-affinity antibody or process of designing and making a substance that works as well as antibodies in having a high affinity to a given analyte, and a high speed of binding. Antibody affinity to the immune body should be at least 1013M-1. It is important to clarify the methodology that maintains a certain probability of high-affinity antibody production. The methodology must be reliable and repeatable. This technology seeker is not interested in high-affinity antibody technologies for small molecules, but rather for large molecules such as proteins. Haptens are not in the scope of this need.

Seeking: Self-contained therapeutic wrap that provides temperature-controlled pain releif for 8-12 hours or more
Do you have a technology leading to a flexible, adhesive thermal patch or wrap that can provide lasting warmth for 8 to 12 hours (or more)? The technology should not involve a chemical active in contact with the skin. The heating effect should be activatable anywhere, without the use of plugs or wires. Thermal patches and wraps provide pain-relieving warmth and comfort to sore muscles and similar injuries. Many wraps place chemicals in contact with the skin to provide a sensation of warmth. Heating pads and similar devices provide thermal comfort. Ideally, your technology will offer a way to develop true thermal patches and wraps for sore muscles that do not use chemical rubefacients (capillary dilators), and yet will offer an accurate and lasting controlled temperature with no possibility of burn.

Seeking: Intelligent multi-sensor control system to manage lighting for ambience and functionality
Technology is needed to generate a change in the ambience of a given space. Is there technology that can interpret a number of sensory changes within a room in order to change other parameters. Imagine being able to change the lighting in a room because you know where someone is, or how warm they are, or what tasks they are about to perform or what experience they are about to have. There are many facets to how we use space and how we interact with it. Being able to understand the environment of that space and control the changes in lighting would be of interest to us. Specifically software that interprets multi-sensor data and the consequence hardware to control numerous devices to bring about a desired lighting change. The technology seeker is interested in novel and proven technology packages that deal with data from sensing an environment, interpretation of the sensory data and the consequent control of lighting such to create a desired change in that environment.

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