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Resealable packaging for standard 12-oz. can applications
This packaging innovation is designed to offer a resealable option for typical 12-ounce can applications. It's highly customizable, can be manufactured from various materials such as plastic or aluminum, provides a tamper-evident label, provides a protected "clean" surface from which to consume the contents, and is compatible with current 12-ounce can vending options such as as machines. The cap can be used as a coaster. One US patent.

Inherently ink-receptive film substrates
A film substrate can be made receptive to inks without having to topcoat or microvoid the surface to obtain adhesion. Topcoats may adversely affect other substrate properties. Other ink-receptive surfaces without using topcoats need a multi-step manufacturing process. However, this technology creates a substrate that both avoids the need for topcoating, and that avoids reliance on a voided microstructure, i.e., that is "inherently" ink receptive. The ink-receptive substrate can receive ink as deposited by inkjets as well as by other techniques. The ink receptive layer is formed from a melt processable blend of a water-soluble polymer and a substantially water-insoluble polymer, and provides an inherently ink receptive surface without further surface treatment. A tie layer can optionally be interposed between base and ink receptive layer.

Molecular vaccination for prophylaxis and treatment of Listeriosis
Biomedical Center in Moscow, Russia has developed a peptide formulation that induces activation and proliferation of the cytotoxic lymphocyte's (CTL) clones and enables them to recognize and selectively kill Listeria infected cells. As the life time of CTL clones is very long (3-7 years and more) the formulation could be used for both prophylaxis and treatment. Single/double injections (application) are needed for Listeriosis' prophylaxis. Developed preparation may be used for Listeriosis treatment in combination with antibiotics and without (currently under development). The developer is looking for support/collaboration to implement following three stages: (I) promoting of the peptide preparation as a veterinarian vaccine (with therapeutic effect); (II) promoting of the peptide preparation as human vaccine (with therapeutic effect); (III) promoting of the peptide preparation in Europe and other markets.

Selective elimination of nitrogen oxides from exhaust gases
The Environment Purification Materials team of AIST's Synergy Materials Research Center (Japan) has successfully developed and tested significantly improved electrochemical reactors for the selective elimination of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in exhaust gases. Providing unparalleled performance, the new family of cells capitalizes on AIST's expertise in porous ceramic composite materials. Specifically, the inventors have engineered and refined the electrochemical cell anode, cathode, and solid oxide electrolyte to possess excellent nano- and microstructure control. This fundamental improvement enables very highly efficient operation at low levels of electrical power and current required for NOx decomposition in the presence of excess oxygen.

Seeking: Solar-based hydrogen generation technology
We are seeking to increase the efficiency of solar-based hydrogen generation systems by forming a joint research and development effort with innovative research institutes, venture organizations or large corporations around the world. Particularly, we are seeking any other organizations or device technologies that can help us develop a new module with at least 16% solar to hydrogen (STH) efficiency. Any unique device technologies with high potential to achieve 16% STH efficiency would be good candidates. Examples include the Z-scheme method and tandem type, which has achieved an STH efficiency of 4.5% and 12.4%, respectively by now.

Seeking: Rapid DC magnetron sputtering
This organization wants to reduce magnetron sputtering deposition times from (for example) 17 hours to 2-3 hours. That is a 5x to 8x reduction. DC magnetron sputtering provides a very durable and stable coating that has many high-energy laser (HEL) and industrial applications. However, the DC magnetron sputtering deposition process is extremely slow. This slow deposition results in long coating run times that translate into increased coating cost. This organization is seeking novel ways to reduce deposition and run times while meeting the same coating performance requirements as it currently does. An extensive list of constraints appears in the associated TechNeed.

Seeking: GPS-based digital rights management
Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects copyright by restricting the ability to use or distribute digital information such as music, video, and books. This organization seeks a DRM solution that operates based on using Global Positioning Services. A solution technology should be able to limit the use of digital assets based on location around the globe. Patents or patent applications are sought; the organization will also consider ideas that may have been disclosed in the past year.

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