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Remote cloud-height and visibility sensing for weather and aviation
This organization is seeking a method to determine the cloud ceiling height up to at least 3000 feet (ideally up to 20,000 ft), cloud coverage, and visibility up to at least 5 miles using a small, low power automatic sensor. This device would operate periodically to provide cloud and visibility measurements for these assessments. The device must provide these measurements in day and night conditions. These devices need to be small to allow easy placement at remote sites, not necessarily near cities or existing airports, and to operate autonomously. Novel methods and techniques to provide the cloud ceiling height, coverage, and visibility are also sought. Possible solution areas include laser and lidar, CCD and semiconductors, satellite remote sensing. An extensively described TechNeed.

Orthobiologics to treat spine-related diseases
New orthobiologic technologies are sought that stimulate bone growth in spinal fusion repairs. We are also seeking FDA-approved materials with strength and stiffness close to cortical bone. This material should also be elastic. The organization is looking for methods that stimulate bone growth, provide a growth scaffolding, and promote bone healing through osteoinduction (bone formation is actively induced) and osteoconduction (where a scaffold facilitates bone repair passively). These methods may incorporate: bone substitute materials such as allografts and synthetic bone scaffolds, bio-glass ceramics, or porous ceramics, bio-active cements, synthetic hydroxyapatite, resorbable bone void filler, or nano-HA; growth factors/peptides such as Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP) substitutes; other drugs or herbal extracts such as protein polymers, polysaccharides, or oligosaccharides. Possible solution areas include biomaterials, polymers, recombinant research, bacterial, or fungal research, the petroleum industry, the environmental industry, and aerospace materials.

Delivery system for controlled release of actives
This multinational company is looking for technology to enable delivery of active compositions/components triggered at a specific time and/or in a specific place. The delivery mechanism could be triggered by a large range of conditions and can comprise a new chemistry formulation, modification of an existing delivery format or possibly even a physical structural device or combination. In some cases, the most favorable condition is based on timing of release, for example enzymes before bleaches; some components work best at a certain point in the cycle (rinse vs. main wash). One key issue is that variability in different machine wash cycles and customer operating environments (particularly regarding temperature, humidity and pH) has made it difficult to set a particular trigger point that will work in all customer situations. The TechNeed provides a more complete explanation of the technology required and the triggering conditions it may respond to.

Novel topical gel or medical device for sexual health
We are looking for a science-based topical gel or medical device which falls into the area of sexual health / wellbeing, to be used at home by the consumer. Ideally the product should not be already on the market. The gel should be easy to apply, non-staining, and non-sticky or greasy, also it would be advantageous if the gel was odourless and colourless. The gel also needs to be relatively rapidly absorbed into the skin. The desired outcome would be to find a novel consumer product which improves sexual health or wellbeing, being either a medical device or a topical gel. Our client is looking to either purchase a technology outright or to license the technology and would be looking for EU or global rights.

Sustainable processes for green polymer production
Conventional, non-sustainable production processes for polymers are becoming increasingly difficult to justify on global markets as more of our sophisticated customers ask for green products. However, such production processes are often uneconomical on larger industrial scales. We are therefore seeking new technologies for the economical production of polymers that are based on today's generally accepted standards for "green chemistry." Generally, the technology should be sustainable, and it should adhere to the recognized twelve principles of green chemistry. We are particularly interested in chemistries that produce safe chemicals, and/or that use safer solvents and auxiliaries, and/or that produce chemicals designed for degradation. Byproducts of the process should either not be hazardous, or easy and economical to be rendered harmless for people and environment. We are not interested in technologies that do not represent a substantial improvement in sustainability of the production, including a reduction of non-renewable raw materials and reduction of non-hazardous byproducts, or if they cannot compete economically with conventional production technologies. Incremental improvements of conventional, non-green processes are not of interest to us.

New technologies and manufacturing techniques for thin-film solar cells
A major research institute in Asia is looking for innovative technologies for thin-film solar cells and their modules in the following sub-categories: Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) that is flexible and printable on a plastic substrate. Amorphous silicon/micro-crystalline silicon tandem solar cell and textured TCO glass. CIGS (copper-indium-gallium-selenide) solar cell that is flexible and printable on a plastic or stainless steel substrate. Within these three categories, the research institute's ultimate goal is to acquire potentially strong IP assets, find the right partners for joint development, and then help regional industries grow through licensing or technology transfer. Global patent coverage is strongly preferred. The Techneed includes a discussion of the physical properties required.

Soil removal
This need is for a technique or technology that can remove all soil particles out of the depressions and folds of biological surfaces; for example, from underneath the fingernails. The application is cosmetology. The removal must be quick and safe for a human. The method/means must be easily applicable by a common user.

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