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RADAR: Mobile user/asset location finding using WiFi
This suite of software, network drivers, and algorithms allows determining a transponder's location within a multi-access point 802.11-based wireless environment, without using special hardware. The suite is designed for a "hardware-agnostic" implementation; that is, it is not tethered to any specific brand of system hardware. Given a WiFi field of three or more access points, the technology can locate a WiFi-enabled tag, phone, PDA, or computer with an accuracy of about 1.5 meters indoors. The technology complements GPS and RFID technologies, and can operate in environments where neither GPS nor RFID may be appropriate -- within a warehouse or office that is not open to the sky, and at distances between reader and transponder (WiFi tag or NIC, for example) that RFID cannot reach.

Prevent accidental or malicious activation of automatic fire sprinklers
Our technology lets sprinkler manufacturers provide their customers with new user benefits that they want and desire -- and provides them with major competitive advantages. Now, for the first time since the advent of the automatic fire sprinkler -- there is no need to worry about: Accidental and malicious activation of automatic fire sprinklers The water and other damage caused by such activation Our patented technology is inexpensive, safe and reliable and its does not compromise the reaction time in extinguishing genuine fire hazards.

Low-emission diesel combustion system
This invention offers low charge-air oxygen concentration levels and high fuel injection pressures. It provides a commercially acceptable diesel combustion system that meets environmental standards for NOx and PM emissions (0.2 g/bhp-hr and smoke levels less than or equal to 3 BSN, respectively) without the need for expensive "aftertreatment" devices, while maintaining diesel-like fuel efficiency.

Detecting antimicrobial compounds
A rapid method based on the electrical properties of culture media was developed for the determination of possible presence of an antimicrobial compound in a sample. This lab-scale technology monitors the changes of electrical parameters to determine the presence of an antimicrobial compound in a sample. Highly sensitive, can be fully automatic, and multiple samples can be analyzed simultaneously.

3D SiC filter
The manufacturing process for this silicon carbide filter is simple and unique. By using a carbon-made porous structural body having a bone structure, such as a plastic sponge, as a mold, an SiC fine ceramics filter having the same porous structure as the mold can be produced. Large and complex shaped filters can also be produced very easily. The filter is lightweight and has excellent heat and thermal shock resistance, since it is made of SiC. Therefore, the filter is expected to be suitable for application to high-temperature catalyst carriers, high-temperature filters, high-temperature humidifying filters, filters for molten metal, sound absorbers, and so forth.

Travel scales
Unique lightweight scales which fold up to the size of a small paperback book. With the stringent regime of the airline check-in (not even permitting two people to aggregate their luggage allowance) this handy little travel accessory pays for itself in no time by ensuring that hand luggage/suitcases can be filled to the legal limit without having to pay any baggage excess. If that isn't handy enough - it also allows you to keep to that diet when away from home on business or a holiday by monitoring your personal weight.

Absorbent article for protection against posterior leakage
With the increasing age of the population, there is a significant increase in the number of adults with soiling problems that is not full-blown incontinence. Accordingly, there is increasing need for a way of controlling such a condition. The present device is effective in protecting against these milder forms of leakage, including soiling from medical or anatomical disorders. This device can be manufactured using machinery and facilities currently in use for the manufacture of conventional catamenial devices. It is inexpensive and can be distributed through existing distribution channels to a potentially huge consumer base. Because it also fits the male anatomy it can be readily marketed to men.

Surge arrestor for a power distribution network
This surge arrester construction allows a simplified handling of the surge arrester current. The surge arrester comprises two or more columns of metal oxide resistors inside an insulating housing. The over voltage suppressor has an insulating housing and 2 or more parallel columns of metal oxide resistors. The resistors within each column are clamped between plates with rods between them for sideward retention of the resistors. Separate compression springs allow individual assembly of each column. The individual columns, called "modules," are arranged to be individually centered on a plate fitted at the lower end of the insulating housing.

Internal, active, and compensatory method and device for the rotational main-shaft of a cutting tool with axial bias-and-swing
The invention relates to an internal, active, and compensatory method and device for the rotational main-shaft of a cutting tool with axial bias-and-swing, particularly to a kind of method and device, which is adapted to a gas-floating main-shaft device, and in which a sensor directly measures the axial bias-and-swing of a cutting tool as a feedback signal, by which the cutting tool is driven to compensate its displacement at the axis from the interior of the gas-floating main-shaft device, such that the cutting point of the cutting tool is further controlled to an appropriate accuracy of axial position.

High flex-strength carbon-reinforced silicon carboxide composite
An improved fiber reinforced glass composite includes a carbon fiber in a matrix of a black glass ceramic having the empirical formula SiCxOy where x ranges from about 0.5 to about 2.0, preferably 0.9 to 1.6 and y ranges from about 0.5 to 3.0, preferably 0.7 to 1.8. Preferably the black glass ceramic is derived from cyclosiloxane monomers containing a vinyl group attached to silicon and/or a hydride-silicon group. Graceful failure can be obtained when the carbon fibers are highly graphitized.

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