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Silicon micro-needles for drug delivery, vaccines, and medical diagnostics
Based on micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, innovative micro-needles feature sharp tips, a side opening to prevent clogging and coring, and micro-meter length to avoid contact with nerve endings in the skin. Needles penetrate about 300 - 600 microns, depending on design. Each needle is about 100 microns in diameter. Typically, 25 micro-needles are assembled on one chip of 4x4mm. The production process is established; yield is being optimized. Pre-clinical and clinical studies are underway.

High-durability electrochromic windows using carbon-based counter electrodes
A carbon-based counter electrode enhances the operation and durability of electrochromic windows (ECWs), especially against UV radiation that would be encountered in automobile or architectural applications. The electrode is substantially transparent. While experiments were carried out with tungsten oxide as the electrochromic material, the technology achieves high electrochromic efficiency without limitation as to the type of electrochromic material used. Carbon-based electrodes can store charges in an electric double layer irrespective of their charge polarities, and do not experience intercalation. ECWs fabricated with the carbon electrode technology have proven exceptionally durable. Sample trial production and field examination.

Vitreous hollow microspheres with a photocatalytic activity
This technology relates to a method for the preparation of vitreous hollow microspheres with a photocatalytic activity from a vitreous volcanic deposit as the starting material. More particularly, this technology relates to an efficient method for the preparation of vitreous hollow microspheres coated with titanium dioxide having high mechanical strengths and excellent whiteness. Purification of environmental pollutant is possible by using this microsphere.

Topical compositions and glove for protection and shielding against radiation exposure
This technology is: 1 - A non-toxic radio-opaque topical preparation to be applied to skin or other surface for fast and effective protection from dangerous ionizing radiation. 2 - A glove with a radio-opaque filler sandwiched between two layers of glove. This technology may be applied to such fields as medical, nuclear energy, military, emergency preparedness (nuclear terrorism), etc. This technology has the benefit of blocking harmful radiation (over 76% of x-ray radiation - 80kVp) and because of it's cream form and ease of application, compliance to safety measures is increased by those exposed to radiation sources.

Color filter inspection aparatus
A Color filter inspection apparatus makes use of machine vision to rectify the position, shape, and size of the defects on the color filter of the Flat Panel Display (FPD). This invention uses the optical receiver (such as the CCD) and position detector (such as a position counter) as a combined unit. By integrating a multiple number of optical receivers on one direction (such as the Y axis), the relative displacement between the optical receiver and the testing object with using the position detector on the other direction (such as the X axis), any large-size flat testing object (such as a color filter) can be detected and the detected results can be fast and accurately acquired.

Fluoropolymer dispersions
A method to prepare dispersions of fluoropolymers directly from their polymerization in an aqueous medium. It's an emulsion polymerization in which a mixture of a fluoroolefin, water and a radical initiator are reacted, with the initiator comprising a reducing agent and an oxidizing agent. The initiator is added in at least two charges; an initial charge and a continuous charge. The method produces a homopolymer or copolymer with vinylidene fluoride.

Computer monitoring apparatus and a method of controlling the same
A computer monitoring apparatus for use with a computer system having a plurality of components interconnected by a system bus is provided to display system information related to the components and data information being transferred through the system bus, and comprises a controller for generating an operation inhibiting signal and a plurality of control signals in accordance with a function selection signal of a key input section, a buffer for temporally storing the system and data information, and a display section for displaying the system and data information on a screen thereof.

Magneto-optical recording materials system
A materials system in which exchange coupling is achievable has the potential for allowing direct overwriting of data and comprises at least two multilayer films of platinum and cobalt with independently controlled coercivity and Curie temperatures. The Applicants of the present invention have aimed to produce a system comprising multilayers of Pt and Co only, and have been able to maintain within a satisfactory range, the desired T.sub.c of each of two Pt/Co multilayers while adjusting as necessary their H.sub.c 's, in order to provide a simple Pt/Co multilayer MO system having two layers with properties required for direct overwriting of data with laser power modulation. Despite much interest and research effort in the MO industry in recent years, this is the first time a simple Pt/Co stacked multilayer system with independently controlled H.sub.c and T.sub.c has been achieved.

Ramp control circuit
An apparatus for providing an EEPROM programming signal, comprises a charge pump circuit for receiving a programming input signal on a programming input line and for charging up a gate drive voltage signal in response to a rising edge of the programming input signal. A transistor that includes a gate coupled to the gate drive signal couples the programming input line to a programming output line, which is coupled to an EEPROM. A ramp control circuit including (i) a capacitor and (ii) a transistor controlling the flow of current through the capacitor, is coupled to the programming output line for regulating a ramp-up rate of a programming output signal on the programming output line. A ramp-down circuit is coupled to the programming input line and to the programming output line and is responsive thereto for providing a ramp-down of the programming output signal after the programming input signal goes low.

Cable recycling techniques
Cables are widely used around the world, and as a result it could be vital for the environment to completely recycle cables. A European consortium developed an innovative recycling process that allows the reuse of the PVC content in cables. The "Tribo-electric cable plastics recycling" TRICARE project developed a recycling process that allows the reuse of PVC in cables. TRICARE recycled PVC by developing a dry method that separates PVC, rubber and PE from cable scrap using tribo-electric charging. TRICARE's unique dry separation tribo-electric charging recycling technique allows 90% PVC recovery and 85-89% PVC grade. A prototype has been developed.

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