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Enzyme stabilization enhances skin permeability and minimizes irritation
SC-Glucan stabilizes fragile enzymes in common cosmetic formulations so that their active benefits are available over extended periods of time. In addition to its stabilizing function, SC-Glucan itself promotes skin cell proliferation and collagen biosynthesis; provides moisturizing efficacy; decreases irritation. In tests, cosmetics formulation with hydrophilic active ingredient such as ascorbic acid coupled with papain stablized by SC-Glucan demonstrated enhanced transdermal delivery of the ingredient than that without papain without any noticeable irritation on skin. Hydrophilic drugs (esp. with large molecular sizes) are difficult to deliver via skin absorption.

Multipurpose excavator and forestry tool
This multipurpose excavator/backhoe forestry tool mounts in place of a conventional bucket on heavy equipment. It uses the excavator bucket hydraulic cylinder for curl and splitting power. It is ideal for land and forestry clearing, to back fill and level, for demolition, and for clean-up and similar functions include splitting, mixing, loading, grading/leveling, and sifting, without the need for changing to other tools.

Knowledge system captures and leverages an organization's expertise
Knowledge Network is a web-delivered software system that provides on-line collaboration and access to expertise through "communities of practice" - groups of people associated by common interests that cross business unit, geographic, and even corporate boundaries. Users ask and answer questions, share information, research specs, and otherwise organize, preserve, and leverage an organization s collective expertise. People outside the organization can also participate under the control of Knowledge Network s security levels. ROI studies have shown a 200% 700% return. Operational at Caterpillar since 1999, and has undergone extensive testing and ROI studies.

Inorganic architectural sheets are formable, light, thin, non-flammable
Asahi Glass Corporation has developed a glass-reinforced inorganic polymer sheet that can easily be formed to take on any surface texture and color. The thin (2-3mm) sheets are light weight and fire-resistant, but mimic the appearance of stone or many other surfaces. Both the manufacturing technology for the sheets and the green (unfinished) sheets themselves are available. Prototyping and trial manufacturing have been completed.

Condition-based maintenance
Software that fuses the outputs of different diagnostic and prognostic reasoning mechanisms to yield the best possible analysis of a machine or system. The software must be tailored to specific applications through the construction of a knowledge base and application-specific interfaces. This service is part of the offering. The Machinery Prognostics and Diagnostics System (MPROS) is a distributed, open, extensible architecture for hosting multiple on-line diagnostic and prognostic algorithms. Proven and in-use.

Process removes nitrogen oxides from waste gas
A process is described for the removal of nitrogen oxides from waste gases with the recovery of nitric acid or a nitrate solution. The waste gas is reacted with hydrogen peroxide in an amount appropriate to the desired degree of removal of nitrogen oxides, on a catalyst, at a temperature of less than 800 DEG C., preferably in the range of 20 DEG to 100 DEG C., to give the valuable product, nitric acid or a nitrate solution. This may be done in accordance with the invention by bringing the hydrogen peroxide as a solution, i.e., in the liquid phase, into contact with the catalyst through which the waste gas is flowing.

Time-constrained inference strategy for real-time expert systems
The technology described in this listing relates generally to a control process for expert systems, and, more particularly, to an expert system control process for resolving problems in time-constrained situations. A "best-first" control process is provided which takes account of the actual processing cost of each node in the inference network to establishing which nodes are, in fact, "best" to evaluate first. The processing cost can reflect real-time, processor time or other resources of the computer system which will be consumed in processing respective nodes.

Apparatus for the detection of polarization mode dispersion (PMD) by at least two electrical filters
This apparatus for the detection of polarization mode dispersion (PMD) of an optical data signal exhibits at least two electrical filters, each of which is followed by a power detector. The combination of a large monotonicity range of low-frequency filters with the large PMD detection sensitivity of high-frequency filters results in an improved PMD compensation. Principle established in cooperation with a university. Hardware realized and successfully employed in a demonstrator at an exhibition. University is interested to cooperate.

New catalyst filters biomass gasification
The increasing need for cleaner energy production such as biomass gasification has led to the search of low-cost, simple, reliable and high performance gas cleaning systems. A newly developed catalytic filter shows a high potential for the cost-effective removal of tar and other particles from biomass gasification gas. The offer is close to exploitation, has a prototype developed, is ready for market.

Quantitative testing of sprayability of dispersions
This quantitative testing device measures the sprayability of a dispersion under conditions found in commercial practice. It is particularly useful for water dispersed crop protection products. Avoidance of clogged sprayers is highly valued by end-use customers of dispersed mixtures. This device has been used successfully to simulate a variety of field conditions. Quick, reliable, and reproducible tests.

Active solar heating system for homes and offices
Rayvin new-developed Solar Collector provides you with a sustainable solar thermal solution that can save household incomes up to 20-30% of their expenditures. The technology pertains an active solar system which uses pumps to circulate the heated water; conversely it does not need anti-freeze additives. The system uses a batch collection complying with the health and hygiene safety standards. Fully developed and commercialized in parts of Europe.

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