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Quantitative testing of sprayability of dispersions
This quantitative testing device measures the sprayability of a dispersion under conditions found in commercial practice. It is particularly useful for water dispersed crop protection products. Avoidance of clogged sprayers is highly valued by end-use customers of dispersed mixtures. This device has been used successfully to simulate a variety of field conditions. Quick, reliable, and reproducible tests.

High-durability electrochromic windows using carbon-based counter electrodes
A carbon-based counter electrode enhances the operation and durability of electrochromic windows (ECWs), especially against UV radiation that would be encountered in automobile or architectural applications. The electrode is substantially transparent. While experiments were carried out with tungsten oxide as the electrochromic material, the technology achieves high electrochromic efficiency without limitation as to the type of electrochromic material used. Carbon-based electrodes can store charges in an electric double layer irrespective of their charge polarities, and do not experience intercalation. ECWs fabricated with the carbon electrode technology have proven exceptionally durable. Sample trial production and field examination.

Non-mechanical dispenser/actuator
Create motion or dispense product in controlled manner using moisture and an absorbent material. "Driven Dispenser" technology uses no mechanical parts to create motion and force to do tasks. Use as an actuator, dispenser, motor, pressure creator, vacuum creator or other motion creator using a fluid or moisture and an absorbent material. Technology allows for unique use of creating displacement of a thing using non-mechanical process that is controllable and inexpensive. Can be tailored to the need using various absorbent media and moisture agents. Potential good force or pressure multiplier effect from the system. Quiet, simple, low cost, east to manufacture, variable in design/shape/size etc. Can be made in miniature form. This is concept technology with patents applied for based on related developed technology for using absorbent materials to contain harmful materials and accidental breakage of hazardous material containers.

Battery having water-proof case and portable electronic apparatus
This technology is a water-proof, gas-pervious casing for a battery capable of containing a plurality of battery cells. The casing is made of a gas impervious, water-proof material that completely encapsulates the battery cells. A recessed region in the casing contains perforations, allowing gases to escape. This perforated recessed region is covered and filled with a plurality of layers of gas pervious sheets, one of which is water-proof. In addition to the recessed region, the exterior of the casing of the battery contains an electrical connector terminal which is surrounded with a water-proof seal. When the battery is installed in an electrical appliance, a cavity wall forms a water-proof seal with the battery to prevent moisture from entering the terminal region of the battery.

External lubricant compositions for rigid vinyl polymers (PTEX)
The present invention provides an external lubricant composition for lead stabilized vinyl polymer. The external lubricant functions as both an external lubricant and a processing aid by speeding fusion and thus, obviates the need for a separate processing aid. The external lubricant comprises an effective amount for lubricating vinyl polymer of polyethylene having a Brookfield viscosity at a temperature of 150 degrees C. of between about 1000 and about 100000 centipoises and an acid number as determined by standardized titration of KOH of between about 1 and about 40.

Time-release laminar pharmaceutical formulation
A time-release laminar pharmaceutical composition, comprised of rolled or folded layers of a polymer film, that contain a pharmaceutically active substance and which is accessible to the digestive fluids. The rolled or folder layers adhere to one another in such a way that the laminar form maintains its form after ingestion and provides a sustained drug release. New types of solid oral dosage forms are described, which are made from drug containing films by rolling or folding. The laminated structure controlls delayed drug release very precisely by diffusion through constant areas and shapes. Manufacturing is more easy and economical because expensive batch processes like mixing, compression and coating are avoided. Laboratory trials have been conducted.

Multi-model database system for dynamic creation and maintenance of complex objects in a realtime environment
The technology described in this listing relates to the field of databases, and more particularly, to a database administration system for an enterprise wide database system. The database administration system that provides data independency, vendor independency, and location transparency, is easy to use and maintain, and allows for a complex relationship among the data to satisfy the needs of complex applications.

Interference detection of crosstalk as a polarization control error signal
An extremely cheap, sensitive and fast method for the generation of polarization control error signals in optical polarization division multiplex receivers. Derivation of polarization control error signals in receiver(s) for polarization division multiplex signals. No extra optics needed. Only low-frequency electronics needed. Very sensitive. Very fast. Very cheap. Very easy to implement. Principle established in cooperation with a university. Hardware prototypes successfully employed in demonstration experiments. University is interested to cooperate.

Advances in green technology
There is still hope for the development of cost-effective green power. Within the scope of the EU research project BIO-STIRLING, a Stirling engine has been developed which uses environmentally friendly biomass for energy generation more effectively than ever before. The offer is close to exploitation, has a prototype developed, is ready for market.

Silicon-on-insulator substrate fabrication
A back-etch silicon-on-insulator SOI process that has a silicon handle wafer with an oxide layer bonded at room temperature to a silicon device wafer with an etch stop and silicon device layer. The surfaces that are bonded at room temperature are first conditioned to be hydrophilic. After bonding, the edges of the layers are sealed. Because the bonding, grinding and selective etching are performed at room temperature, inter-diffusion of the boron between the various layers is prevented and thus permits the selective etching process to result in a nearly perfect silicon device layer in terms of an even-surfaced, defect-free and thin layer on the buried oxide layer of silicon handle wafer.

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