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Switched reluctance (SR) motor/generator with sliding mode control
Electric motors consume up to 65% of world's electric energy. Modern trends show a high demand for variable speed/torque drives combined with controllability over wide range of dynamic loads. Use of SR motors with digital sliding mode control gives significant advantages over all other types of motors, such as improved efficiency, lower costs, smaller sizes, lower inertia and possibility to work in wide range of nominal speeds (up to 30,000-100,000 rpm) and dynamic loads. SR motors have low inertia and do not have permanent magnets.

Optical pressure sensor
A novel pressure-sensitive assembly has been designed--being more reliable and repeatable than competing devices. The sensor utilizes the principle of controlled bending of an optical fiber--leading to changes in light intensity. The device incorporates an optical fiber, stress members, and sheath material working together to reduce friction and wear as well as to increase useful life. This technology may be incorporated into many applications including floor sensors for home, office, hospital, bank, military and/or industrial security applications requiring human presence detection. Elevators, automotive airbags (child and adult occupant), safety clothing, and weighing applications are but a few of many potential uses. In production and commercialized.

Control system for a split torque transmission
Use of this control system will allow for smooth and efficient operation of a split torque transmission having a hydrostatic transmission and a mechanical transmission. This control system implements the use of feedback input from transmission sensors to compensate for changes in operating conditions, thus allowing for a more precise control of the transmission system. Previous split torque transmission control systems have neglected to utilize feedback control as a means of system compensation. Currently produced in state-of-the-art Caterpillar equipment.

Text categorization by linguistic and statistical methods
TEKLIS is a generic training based categorization and summarization tool. It is best suited to categorize natural language texts like newspaper articles or other linguistic content. It can also be used to categorize any information type in which information units are composed of discrete items from a vocabulary - like for example sequences (=texts) of DNS patterns (=words), error code sequences in a factory system or product baskets in e-commerce. TEKLIS addresses providers of content based e-solutions like news services, e-commerce and e-business, corporate knowledge management and information providers, eCRM solution providers, providers of intelligence, health care and brokering systems and, in general, document process optimizers. Fully developed and near product stage.

Phase noise measurement using specific technique
This improved technology for measuring phase noise utilizes a frequency down conversion/multiplier and direct spectrum measurement technique that uses a combination of a phase detector method and a direct spectrum phase noise measurement approach. The technology is particularly useful for field test environments where laboratory instrumentation is normally not available and fast and accurate phase noise measurements are required.

MRI system
In this magnetic resonance imaging technology, the influence of a reverse magnetic field and vibration and noise can be reduced. The influence of the reverse magnetic field generated from the gradient field coil is reduced to thereby enlarge the linear gradient field and the image region thereof, and the gradient field coil can be attached stably to the magnetic pole, to thereby reduce oscillation noise.

Purifying exhaust gases that contain oxides of sulfur and nitrogen
The Desonox process is a flue gas purification process during which nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide are simultaneously extracted. The essential feature of this process is the combination of catalysts for the selective reduction of nitrogen oxide by ammonia with oxidizing catalysts for the conversion of sulfur dioxide to sulfur trioxide. The sulfur trioxide derived is extracted as usable, concentrated sulfuric acid. Proven and in-use.

Display device
A display device includes equipment for projecting light onto a surface. The equipment includes a beam-splitter for effecting partial reflection and partial transmittance of an incident beam. On one side of the beam-splitter are a light source for directing light onto the beam-splitter and a mirror for directing back towards the beam-splitter light reflected there from. On the other side of the beam-splitter is a louvre for permitting passage there through of light of incident angle relative to a normal to the beam-splitter with in a predetermined restricted range.

Calcium phosphate glass for biological use
This technology is a special composition for calcium phosphate glass that is suitable for biological uses. Applications include artificial teeth, crowns, or bone. This glass has very low shrinkage in annealing as well as good initial strength and chemical durability. The glass consequently can be molded into complicated shapes. The glass formula includes calcium, aluminum, and alkali metals. It is also possible to add other metallic elements for coloring.

Cylinder block and head cooling system
Hot points due to turbulence in the cooling circuit are eliminated thanks to having the same flow cross-section all around the cylinder head and the cylinder liners. As a consequence of this constant cross section, the thickness the cylinder, and respectively of the walls of the ducts in the cylinder head may be the same in every part, and the internal combustion engine is made lighter without loosing any efficiency. This internal combustion engine was developed in collaboration with a high-tech company in the field of race cars.

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