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Single-use cartridge toothbrush system
The Periodose (tm) toothbrush system allows you to increase the effectiveness of current periodontal treatments with single-use aseptic cartridges, enhance tooth cleaning with the unique and clinically proven three-sided cartridge, and develop a proprietary system for delivery of actives to the mouth. The Periodose system uses inexpensively manufactured, single-use bristle cartridges that may be pre-loaded with paste, or with desensitizing or medical ingredients that it can dispense. The single-use nature of the cartridges means that the bristles remain sealed and aseptic until used. The bristles avoid re-infecting treated tissues. Round-tip bristle design is clinically proven to provide greater protection to soft gum tissues than conventional bristles, which break and often cut gums. Multiple oral care applications are possible. The system is compatible with both a manual and a battery-powered handle. Prototypes and packaging have been designed.

Photoacid generators for deep-UV photolithography
Recent developments in photolithography have enabled the continued miniaturization of semiconductor technology, especially in the area of integrated circuits. The ability to expose photoresists to light of shorter wavelengths has greatly improved image resolution. Polymeric photoacid generators (PAGs) based on alkylsulfonium salts have been designed specifically for use in photoresists employing Eximer ArF lasers as the light source that exhibit high transparency of the photoresist to wavelengths between 220 and 180nm and have high photosensitivity enabling low exposure doses from the laser. Fully developed and ready.

Web geographic info system
HHI Web GIS is specialized software that serves as a digital map and database of enterprise resources on the internet. The system provides location and management information of all enterprise resources such as employee, department, phone, transporter, buildings, ground/underground facilities, ship blocks, storage lot, name of a place (geographical designation), road, traffic, etc. Applied to telephone information services, SMS, shuttle bus, and similar applications.

Recovery of paint overspray reduces environmental problems, re-uses paint
This technology comprises a process for recovering paint overspray particles or droplets. It includes bringing the paint particles into contact with hydrophobic fumed silica particles, encapsulating these paint particles within a thin sheath of these silica particles, and then collecting the encapsulated, detackified paint particles and processing them for reuse. Within a spray booth there is a layer of hydrophobic fumed silica particles on the surface of water in a sump region below the spray region. The air is cleaned and returned to the environment. Paint overspray is reclaimed and can be reused in formulating high quality paint. The technology eliminates the waste disposal problem and reduces overall painting costs. The high quality paint that is reconstituted from the collected overspray material exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, very good hardness, and good adhesion characteristics. Designed, built, and tested.

Question-answering system in natural language for intranets and the Internet
This question-answering system outperforms conventional search engines on the Internet. It allows the user who wants to get particular information to ask a question in natural language and to obtain a concise up-to-date answer. The system analyses the enquirer's question and the Web pages identified by standard search engines to find the actual answer, for instance, the question "Who is the president of the USA ?" will receive in return the precise answer : "George W. Bush". The system is designed to work in most languages and is currently customized for English, French, Polish, Spanish, German and Arabic. This system is particularly suitable for users seeking precise answers to factual questions. The user does not have to read all the documents provided by a search engine in order to find the particular answer requested. Ready to be integrated.

Autonomous early warning system for forest fires
Recent devastating forest fires in Australia, Sumatra, Borneo and North America have demonstrated the need for real time monitoring of forests to detect smoke before the fire becomes a major environmental and human hazard. This technology provider has adapted an optical recognition system developed for space applications to provide a land-based real-time imaging system identifying atmospheric changes on the actual horizon. This system is designed to operate remotely during daylight hours providing essential information, improved security and relieving human observers from a mundane and possibly unrewarding task. The optical recognition capabilities of this system can be adapted to a number of new possible applications. Specifically developed for the detection of forest fires, and has undergone extensive trials in Germany.

Optical range finder
The optical range finder measures distance by determining the frequencies at which the phase lock loop of the system produces integral number of wavelengths over the round trip distance traveled by the light energy, i.e. from the optical range finder to the target location and back. Any two adjacent frequencies will have only a one wavelength difference. The optical range finder measures the difference between adjacent frequencies, thus eliminating the need to know the absolute number of wavelengths between the optical range finder and the target.

Unique mixing chamber technique
A unique mixing chamber for mixing water and air releases miniscule water droplets for ultimate cleaning performance. No high pressure water flow without air leaves the chamber nozzle. All standard high pressure devices have a flow speed of around 120kph, whereas this mixing chamber produces a flow speed of about 9000kph. The mixing chamber technique requires lower pressure: water from 20-25 bar and air up to 12 bar. Finished product available in many different specifications depending on the application.

Litter box liners for the top of the cat pan
Spray-Guard Covered Litter Box and Liner System is a Novelty Litter Box. Novelty Litter Boxes are a hot seller. This product is the only patented covered litter box that is designed to accommodate a protective liner for the top of the litter box. Millions of cats spray this top area. This invention eliminates odor and bacteria; it eliminates the need to ever wash a disgusting litter box cover again! The liners will be used for that. This box and liner can be used in conjunction with the Litterbagz absorbent liner (Pat # 5850798) to create a "cocoon of freshness." Prototypes are available

Noise abatement/separation aid for fluid flow system
A new concept on how to control the stress in open flow systems. Using the technology, one can substantially eliminate the noise caused by the stress in such a flow and create a more efficient fluid separation system that allows for better handling of liquid and gases. This concept offers a cost-effective, extremely efficient, and flexible way to control noise pollution, without the need of muffling material. It offers many options that are not available in today's technology. It is very environmentally friendly because it does not allow for accumulation of residues of product or chemicals and it offers a way to clean the system, which is a technology that did not exist in the past. It allows for more efficient control of fluids that are destined for waste treatment or disposal. Seven working prototypes exist.

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