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Diffuse IR technology offers secure wireless with no outside leakage
Diffuse IR-based wireless LAN technology provides an untethered workforce with access to the network without the danger that the network may be accessed from outside the organization's physical structure. Several operational systems have been installed in high-profile locations such as the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange; other systems are being evaluated for use on the International Space Station and on Air Force One, among other locations. Diffuse IR is omnidirectional, as are WiFi and similar wireless radio technologies. However, the Diffuse IR signal does not extend beyond the four walls of a building or office, and does not interfere with (or receive interference from) RF-generating equipment. Operational.

Optimizing cell phone battery life
Sharp's new technology saves battery power by having the device initialize requests for data transfer, such as a wireless packet switched connection network. The method is especially practical in the transfer of large amounts of data that need not be received in real-time. Since only the mobile unit user or mobile unit embedded applications program initiates requests for data transfer, the mobile station need not monitor the forward link signal. The mobile station Deep Dormant mode saves battery power by completely disabling the receiver circuit when no data is to be sent or received. As a result, the mobile station enjoys longer battery life. Technology has been tested and run in both lab and applications.

Catalytic converter and silencer (muffler) in one device
Silencer and Power Enhancer Environmental Device (S.P.E.E.D.) integrates the functions of the catalytic converter and the silencer into a single component without the need of catalytic activities or catalyst. S.P.E.E.D. contains a new noise reduction concept that greatly increases horsepower efficiency. S.P.E.E.D. is based on a new heat-energy generation concept that relies only on the speed of the molecules of the gas in motion. In other words, the exhaust from the internal combustion engines. This technology is ready for commercialization. It has been tested for its heat generation ability, power enhancing, noise reduction and strong evidence of its gas purification capability.

Cleaning contaminated containers/apparatuses/utensils for the food industry
A semi-permanent protective coating adheres to containers, apparatuses, and utensils so that bacteria and undesired micro-organisms no longer adhere to the surfaces. The coating remains on the containers (and so forth) after cleaning with a specified natural liquid aqueous soap solution. The method has been successfully tested.

Mechatronic screw drive system
This Mechatronic Screw Drive System utilizes the well-known principles of the screw, the planetary gear and the roller bearing leading to a surprisingly simple solution for a low-part-count rotation-to-translation converter. The system was originally developed to meet the needs for compact, highly efficient and reliable actuators and the latest systems offer conversions free from pitch errors. There is also an inherent safety feature to the design whereby the translation stops and can even reverse if patent load is exceeded. Fully developed; design can be scaled to suit the application.

Piezoelectric ceramic actuator
A technically and commercially proven circuit breaker module that uses a piezoelectric ceramic device rather than a solenoid as its core actuator. Piezoelectric ceramics provide significant cost, performance and size advantages and the inventors have sucessfully created a breakthrough technology ideal for use in a range of industrial, commercial and domestic electrical protection devices. The technology, IP and know-how is now being offered under license to manufacturers world-wide.

Additive improves flow for fuel oil
This additive improves the flow of fuel oil by making it flow better at low temperatures, improving the hue of the oil, and lowers the formation of sludge. The better flow and lower sludge formation prevents clogging of feed pipes to supplying fuel oil to an internal combustion engine at low temperatures. The additive is especially useful for fuel oil used in boats on cold seas, particularly in cold weather. Currently sold to refiners and distributors.

Measure air pressure
This technology is an easy way to measure air pressure and different ways are provideded to handle the measurement information. The measured air pressure may be processed by an internal algorithm or can be transmitted to an another computer without any pre-processing. The internal algorithm is flexible and may be easily modified to support various functions.

Polymer package offers conductivity, polyaniline, and antistatic agent
The ingenious polymers of this technology package can save both time and money as they are easy to use and can reduce down time; with excellent electrical conductivity and water solubility, these novel polymers can be blended with binders to create antistatic agents in thin films that are readily applied for many commercial uses.

Novel Cell Culture Carrier and Artificial Skin Technology
This technology is a two-fold invention can save money and increase profit margin through reduced cost and increased efficiency and sales; when used as a carrier for cell culture, the novel membrane adds value by allowing long term cell culture with recombinant protein producing capabilities at high stability and compatibility for mammalian cell lines.

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