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Fluid management technology that measures and controls multi-channel flow
DEKA's fluid management technology operates much like a printed circuit board for fluid handling in that it allows overlapping flow paths to reduce the needed space and complexity of connections between pumps, valves, and access points. The technology uses pneumatics to control fluid flow through a replaceable cassette's inner chambers, pathways, and valves. The cassette is a self-contained device, and is sealed to keep fluid and the environment from contacting one another. The technology opens up an immense range of possible applications in medical preparation, analysis, and procedures; it is also applicable to biology, chemistry, environmental sampling, hazardous substance analysis, robotics, and fluid logic. The technology includes methods of precisely measuring the volumes of fluids handled. Full commercialized use in several medical applications.

Enterprise data integration web server software
InfoObject retrieves data "on the fly" from multiple sources that you specify - databases, spreadsheets, and XML documents or any digital source (ex video/audio) - and tightly integrates it for display as a web page or XML document in the language of choice (english, french,etc.). When combined with the appropriate mobile middleware, InfoObject can deliver information to any wired or wireless device, such as a cell phone or PDA. InfoObject actually harvests the relevant data from its variety of sources and intelligently generates its display depending on the requirements of the user. Organizations can draw on a multitude of sources, both internal and external, and can add new sources and formats as necessary. Underlying patents offer freedom to operate.

Modeling/simulation software easily handles mechanical and fluid systems, and more
Dynasty is a dynamic system simulation package from Caterpillar that can model mechanical, engine, fluid, control, and many more systems. Graphical animation makes it possible to detect potential problem areas, such as locations with high stress load. Seamless integration with MATLAB, NASTRAN, and Matrix X. Your proprietary software can be integrated with the package. More than 15 years in development; in use at 36 Caterpillar organizations.

Gypsum-composite structural member for walls
A novel composite structural member can replace the metal and wood studs that are currently in use for assembling walls. Gypsum is a suitable core material, and a durable composite beam can be fabricated by using face sheets of paper or a non-woven fabric. Metal strips can be included in the structure to facilitate attachment of fasteners. This type of framing member uses inexpensive raw materials, is easy to manufacture, maintains dimensional stability and strength, retards heat conduction, and is not flammable. It facilitates efficient construction of walls such as the interior gypsum-based walls in homes and office buildings. The technology has been shown to be effective at the pilot scale. Prototype walls have demonstrated superior resistance to fire, decay, moisture, and warping. Potential applications exist in a wide variety of construction situations. Advanced development, prototypes, structures, and testing.

Coating protects optical fibers from water
Conventional manufacturing processes produce optical fibers that are prone to stress corrosion fracture and are permeable to water vapor. This limits their effective lifetime. This innovative package of technologies offers the materials and the processes that enable the manufacture of high quality optical fibers exhibiting high resistance to water vapor and being less susceptible to stress corrosion fracture. As a result the working life of the optical fiber components is increased significantly. The innovative feature is the incorporation of a coating process that can be implemented at the point the optical fiber is produced and that does not restrict the speed of production of the fiber. Coating the fiber in this way is effective and incurs little additional cost. Prototype; demonstrated in the lab.

Electrical/mechanical braking system for electric vehicles
Electric vehicles have to respond to the same driving conditions that their cousins with conventional running gear meet: skids, locked-wheel conditions, and turns. This braking system uses both electrical and mechanical devices, such as asynchronous electric motors associated with each wheel, as well as conventional hydraulic brakes. The composite braking system also has an electronic measuring device connected to rotation frequency sensors disposed on each of the wheels that supplies a reference signal to the electric motor controller that regulates the stator frequency of these motors as a function of the value of the reference signal. The braking system of the invention is anti-locking and very effective in any driving situation. Functional prototypes have been tested.

Perfumed laundry detergent powders
This technology allows for the addition of perfume in particulate form into laundry detergent powder concentrates without any adverse affects such as particle cohesion and agglomeration and without negatively impacting the flow properties of the powder. Additionally, perfumes according to this technology retain their integrity in detergent powder and there is release of substantially all of the perfume into the wash liquor during laundering.

Flexible resin coating protects against corrosion and acids
The deformable thin-layer coatings of this resin formulation provide protection to metals and foils even in highly humid conditions and at elevated temperatures (over 150C). The coating is applied wet at room temperature, and dries and crosslinks at 200C. When dry, the thin layer coating is deformable but remains intact. The process offers low cost and good pigment wetting.

Recycling and stabilization of polyesters, polyamides, and polycarbonates
Recycling of polycondensates such as polyesters, polyamides, and polycarbonates creates significant damage to the polymers, lowering their molecular weights through thermal and hydrolytic processes. As mechanical and physical properties of polymers are crucially dependent on the molecular weight of the polymer, traditional recycled polycondensates have limited application possibilities, thus lowering their commercial value. Such recycled polycondensates can be dramatically improved in quality by heating the recyclate with a diepoxide-hindered amine compound preferably with a phosphonate additive which increases the molecular weight of the recyclate -- essentially without crosslinking -- and stabilizes the polymer against heat and light. For recycled polyamides in particular, this novel process extends the field of commercial use to exterior applications. Demonstrated at laboratory scale.

Software smoothes and enhances low-res digital images
Images taken with digital cameras often suffer from staircase effects because the CCD resolution was not high enough. As those images are also (JPEG)compressed with a high compression ratio , additional (JPEG)artifacts are visible. This algorithm tries to get rid of those effects, so that the image can be enlarged (upzoomed) and have an image quality as if it were captured at a higher resolution. This software has been commercialized in digital cameras. Compiled modules are available.

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