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Germicidal skin composition does not irritate
This low-irritation compound disinfects and sterilizes the skin and hair as you wash. All materials are natural or synthesized from products already commercially available. The compound chiefly comprises quaternary ammonium, its salts, and surfactants. Quaternary ammonium salts are used in surgical scrubbing, but have a tendency to be highly irritable to the skin, and cause hand chapping. This compound, however, uses a counter anion of a quaternary ammonium salt that is variably charged, and which reduces such irriation.

Hyperstrength steel with extensive compressive ductility
A new steel has been developed which can be strengthened by a previously unknown mechanism called isothermal hardening. This low-cost hyper-strength (HYS) steel is extremely hard (650HV), has a compressive yield strength of 2500 MPa and exhibits extensive compressive ductility. It is also capable of compressively work hardening to strengths approaching 4000 MPa. These properties, which can be maintained up to at least 400°C, make this steel suitable for aggressive applications where components are required to exhibit high strength, high hardness and outstanding wear/abrasion resistance, e.g. heavy duty bearings, wear plates, cold forming tools, etc. 50Kg ingots have been manufactured and fully characterized.

Environmentally safe low/zero solvent aqueous emulsions
This Health & Safety compliant multi-color emulsion product is low-cost, fast and easy to produce and is offered as a package which comprises of two novel technology elements: The first concerns particle shape and elasticity. Here the globules are regularized in size and uniform in shape therefore the need for solvents is removed. This is a physio-chemical based mechanism. The second technology primarily concerns the pH of the formulation and the production control mechanism during manufacture. The aqueous "multi-color" emulsion process has been commercialized. The new 'fleck' technology is at an advanced stage of development with early production batches now confirming the process.

Urea-based surfactants for agricultural and institutional cleaning
Air Products' urea-based surfactant technology represents a new class of compounds and new uses of urea chemistry in surfactants. These surfactants offer high solvency, tailored foam control, enhanced efficiency, and a safe environmental profile. Their good equilibrium and dynamic surface tension properties make them useful in a wide variety of applications, but they are particularly suited for agrichemical and institutional cleaning applications. For agchemical formulations, urea-based surfactants can deliver improved spreading, wetting, extender adjuvant performance and tailored foam control. For institutional cleaning applications, urea-based surfactants can deliver high solvency and compatibility with organic compounds for better degreasing, good wetting and tailored foam control. The urea functionality in these surfactants suggests biodegradable properties for agchemical uses. Additionally, they have a low VOC content. In prototype.

Surfactant with high detergency, penetrating power, and rapid defoaming
This technology provides a surfactant composition, useful as household and industrial detergents which comprises a specific nonionic surfactant exhibiting a high penetrating power, and is excellent in detergency. The surfactant composition may be handled at higher concentrations with a relatively low viscosity being advantageous from the standpoints of energy saving in the production or transportation, resource nursing, and diminution in the containers to be disposed of.

Internet web page presentation tool
Access, see, use web page information in combined fixed and scrollable format. Display, edit, reconfigure, store tabular data or information using a web browser. Multi-screen functionality with simple-to-use programming. Makes web page display of information easy to use. Can scroll part of information while seeing other information. Can use multi-windows without moving to new web page. Reduces amount of data flowing between servers. Allows real time information update to multiple presentation areas. Commercialized internally by inventors on company web site.

Potatoes stable in low-temp storage conditions
Processors of potato chips use tubers stored at a low temperature of around 8 degrees centigrade. When such tubers are directly used to make potato chips or French fries, browning of the products occurs during processing and product values can be greatly decreased. This is especially in the case of potato chips. A high correlation exists between the amount of glucose and fructose in the tubers and the degree of browning. A biogenetic engineering process using a cold-inducible promoter has been developed which reduces the sugar content in plant cells stored under low temperature to create a potato variety resistant to cold-induced sweetening.

Secure high-capacity smart card memory with mobile applications
Updateable, high capacity storage for personal use in mobile applications has been difficult to realize. High capacity optical cards have often been suggested for such applications but the cost, size and availability of writing stations has limited their use. This package of inventions, combines compact, low cost Smart Card chip technology with the massive storage capabilities of Optical Card memory. Smart Card chips store data updates made on the move while the Optical Card stores the core database. The package of inventions includes the security features necessary to store sensitive information such as medical records. It also includes the ability to deny and renew access to the card on a subscription basis. Developed and verified to an advanced stage.

Superior LC switching and display devices
These technologies provide improved liquid crystal (LC) displays for use in flat-panel visual devices such as in office automation equipment, consumer electronics and television sets; these MIM (metal-insulator-metal) switching devices, active matrix LC displays, and LC displays with light blocking elements use hard carbon film applied directly to the insulator and are suitable to mass production techniques, give superior performance, a great deal of freedom in device design, high mechanical strength, ease of manufacture for large viewing area, improved film properties, low cost, and high manufacturing reliability. And these technologies are supported by many US & Japanese patents. In advanced development stage.

Design technique improves power dissipation in ICs
This printed circuit board design technique improves the power dissipation of surface mounted integrated circuits. Typically, the high density of PC boards can result in "hot spots" caused by ICs that dissipate a lot of heat. This technique takes advantage of the multiple layers of the PC board to pull the heat from such components by transferring heat through vias to pads on various layers below the hot component. This minimizes the need for costly heat sinks or fans and spreads heat more evenly across the PC board. The inventor has a design guide available to determine the proper size pads for various size components. Proven and in production on several products.

Economical fiber-blending process
Weyerhaeuser has developed a way to blend fibers to emulate the properties of an expensive material, such as a fine cotton or high strength polyester, but which has the lower cost of common industrial fibers like wood pulp or polyethylene. This new and unique blending technology can be used in wipes, clothing, diapers, feminine care products, tissues and many other products. Weyerhaeuser's method allows mixing dis-similar fibers, such as cellulosics and synthetics, to make articles with new properties combining the best characteristics of the ingredients. Product has been tested in the lab, and batch samples have been run.

How to attach wiring harnesses to the back of automotive headliners?
Currently, wiring harnesses are glued to the backs of headliners. Hot glues burn operators, set up times are long, and many glue types are needed. This organization wants a different way to do the trick - and it must work quickly in a production environment. Hot-melt glue and hook-and-loop fasteners have already been tried.

Software application to enable robot to map and navigate floors
A small autonomous vehicle (.5m x .5m) needs to build a map of concrete, tile, wood, or textured paved surface at 1000 points per inch resolution from multiple photographs taken at 2"-3" intervals. From this mapping/learning phase, the robot would later be able to identify its position with sub-millimeter accuracy. Previously, the developers have tried terrain-following radar, buried wires, "pinball" random direction selection, gps, rotating beacons, and ultrasonic range finding.

How to produce a nano-scale wireless device with 500m range?
This organization seeks a processing technology solution that can produce a thin, flexible, wireless device with a communication range of 500 meters or more. The device would be .5mm thick, and should work with the power of a 1.5v thin battery. Any solution must comply with safety and quality standards and regulations for the telecommunications industry.

Contact heat-exchange oil-cooling system
Diesel engines generally have an oil cooling system where the oil transfers its heat to water, and the water is cooled by air via a radiator. Such a system almost invites leaks and often works less than efficiently. This organization seeks a solution where the oil passes through a "cold space" and would be cooled by contact with that cold space. This system would not use water. Perhaps materials science, electricity, or some other technique can create such a cold space. The diesel engine oil should be cooled by 15 degrees C -- that is, from 100 degrees to 85 degrees C.

PVC film that can stick two pieces of glass together
Can you supply a transparent PVC film less than .5mm and that contains compounds that promote char formation after thermal breakdown? This organization wants to use such a film to join two pieces of glass via a temperature/pressure autoclave process for architectural use in buildings. The film may contain adhesion-promoting agents so that it sticks well to glass.

Need global tracking with multiple sensing capabilities
Can you supply a bi-directional global tracking system with multiple sensing capabilities? For example, in addition to the ability to determine (and send) where the tracking unit is located, the additional abilities to sense temperature, speed, movement -- and accept a kill-switch signal. Additional signal sending and receiving capabilities should be able to be tied in as needed (an open system). The application is for air, land, and sea transportation of sensitive materials where heat, cold, and time can impact the materials. Such a module would provide the means to know where an object is, anywhere.

Non-destructive testing of a coating
How can you test the adhesion and quality of a coating on aluminum without destroying the coating? The application is for inspecting the coating on engine parts. Ideally, it would take less than five minutes to fully inspect each part. Increased productivity, lower costs should result from the right technology.

How to apply nano-diamonds in nickel or chrome plating baths
North American company seeks a way of applying nano-sized diamonds to machine parts for oil, gas, textile, wood, and other industries. Applying diamonds as part of the plating process is expected to increase the wear and corrosion protection for the parts.

Need software for IT network client monitoring
This organization needs software that can monitor the activities of network users so that those activities can be measured against the network owner's acceptable use policy. The monitoring software must cover all activity both online (using the Internet) and offline (working locally on the computer) in all applications including chat rooms and instant messaging. Such a software solution might be even more valuable if it included anti-virus functions, email virus scanning, spam and popup filters, and so forth. The software must report examples of non-acceptable user activity, including logon time, URL, and a recording of screen content, if possible. The objective is to reduce bandwidth demand in a corporate network. Filtering and blocking products exist, but this organization is seeking an innovative solution.

Acquistion of advanced polymer technology
This organization is seeking polymer processing technology that imparts novel properties and can create high added value in proprietary products. The technology must be fully developed and have immediate sales potential, and will be applied to industrial products, composite products, and sporting goods.

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