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Monitor water in fuel lines real-time
Low-cost real-time analysis and monitoring of water contamination in fuel lines is possible with this technology that uses a low-power infrared diode and receiver. Detects free water from 5ppm to a few percent. A prototype has been successfully tested.

Paper container replaces metal cans
This stackable corrugated paper container can take the place of a metal can for liquid and powder applications, and provides easy abandonment processing after use. Construction makes it easy to separate the inner bag from the box. Commercialized for past seven years.

Personal water disinfection
This personal water disinfection technology means that potable water (that is, water fit to drink) can be made available to anyone, anywhere in the world, without the need for a bulky or heavy purification system. In practice, the disinfection process can be very straightforward, so that a user merely puts a small pouch, like a tea bag, into a container of the water to be treated, agitates it gently, and waits a few minutes. Effectiveness has been demonstrated with many prototypes, but commercial product has not been brought to market.

Bind to polyacrylonitrile
Technology for inexpensively binding specific substrates to polyacrylonitrile (PAN) without altering the structural integrity of the polymeric backbone. Wide applications in chemistry, diagnostics, and biotechnology.

Marine oil dispersant
Environmental cleanup with this oil dispersant technology avoids toxicity and slick reformation problems by using water-insoluble emulsifying powders that foster natural biodegradation. Early development stage.

Dynamic system modeling
Simulate linkages, structures, controls, electronics, engine systems, power trains, and many other systems. Integrates subsystems into larger systems. Graphic animation. Integrates with other software such as MATLAB, NASTRAN, and Matrix X. Currently used by 36 Caterpillar organizations.

Software links R&D to business plans
The software creates a web application that assists the linking of strategic business plans into the R&D Product Development pipeline, the ranking of projects in the pipeline through portfolio analysis for optimum resource allocation, and the management of projects through the pipeline by a stage-gate process. The software is used in International Paper's R&D groups and in several of its business divisions.

One-way message authentication
This message authentication protocol allows the sender to ensure that only the intended recipient can verify the sender's signature on a secure electronic document. The protocol prevents the arbitrary dissemination and verification of the signature to a third party. Further, it does so without the need for any interaction or sharing of a common key between the sender and recipient. This protocol has been used as a first-evidence/proof of concept.

Hardware Internet header translation
This design performs very fast pattern matching, editing and counting on incoming IP headers and other datagrams with different layers and protocols, it produces headers for further selection, routing and forwarding functions. A firewall has been built using the technology.

Super oil-absorbent polymer
Super oil absorbent polymer technology provides structures and compositions that have a wide variety of uses in absorbency for industrial or commercial use, pollution control and consumer products for controlled release devices. Provides a broad range of absorbency for hydrophobic substances including aliphatic, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons; and many oils such as petroleum's, cooking oils, waste oils, effluent oils, etc. Extensively developed, and tested in a commercial plant, but not currently in production.

Indoor air sanitation
This need focuses on finding technologies that will allow development of ready-to-use consumer products or devices that reduce or eliminate airborne pathogens and allergens. A basic criterion is that it provide for a > 99.9% reduction in airborne bacteria.

Measure entrained gasses
Need an in-line tool for real-time measurement of liquid entrained gases in engine oil. Such oil experiences increasing conductivity over time, wear particles, and operates at 200 degr F up to 100 psig.

Flexible pressure sensor
Looking for a low-profile, flexible pressure sensor in the range of 0-200mm Hg (ideally with an accuracy of +/- 1mm Hg). The sensor is intended for use in contact with deformable surfaces.

Monument restoration via lasers
Laser technology for monument restoration is the requirement of this need. The technology should be capable of cleaning, artificially eroding coating caused by pollution, release of effluents and flourocrabons, dirt, silt etc, from heritage monuments in India.

Dye to shift blue light wavelength
Looking for a dye capable of shifting the wavelength of blue light to a longer wavelength: specifically, incoming light at 400nm or 430nm needs to be absorbed by the dye/pigment for more than 90%, and be converted to a wavelength 30-100nm (or 30-70nm) more bathochromic.

Fast, high-accuracy position detector
Looking for a low-cost device for use in manufacturing that can measure the wear and position changes of a small target moving very quickly—about 7.5 m/s. The blade may be only .05mm long and is likely to vary in height by only .025mm. The ability to measure ceramic blades would be a big plus. Lasers have been found to have the accuracy, but lack the response time; proximity sensors require larger targets. Electrical resistance is material-dependent and requires equipment isolation.

Opto-electronic components
Seeking compact, miniature, low-power, mass-producible opto-electronic components, including THz sources, THz mixers, and ultra-stable microwave sources, for measurement and test instruments.

Invention submission software
Organization is looking for intranet- based software capable of capturing a detailed document describing an invention. The software should alert a program administrator of the document submission and route the document to a committee for peer review. The software should allow peers to vote from a list of several preselected recommendations and post comments to a message board. Members of the intranet community should have full key-word search access to all previously submitted documents.

Extending lubrication periods
A lubrication additive that can be manufactured in concentrated form and will extend lubrication properties over long periods of time.

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