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High-temp ceramic test
Thermal shock and fatigue test assesses ceramics intended for severe thermal loads. Collects expressive data in contrast to water-quench method. Delivers material-specific parameters. Fully developed.

Infiltrate ceramic to carbon/carbon preforms
Disk brake performance such as friction coefficient, coefficient stability, and wear, significantly improved with method of dispersing ceramic additives to carbon/carbon materials. Proven and commercialized.

Environmentally friendly stabilized lubricants
Environmentally friendly, stabilized lubricants offer a range of unique properties in high temperature applications, where conventional lubricants are susceptible to degradation and loss of key properties. The triglyceride oil-based lubricant compositions have been optimised for use in various heavy-duty industrial and related equipment.

Vibration Knowledge-Based Advisor
P&G's novel knowledge-based advisor helps combat industrial vibration problems before they start and where they already exist.

Rubbery Composite Material And Useful Products
Rubbery composite especially useful for high-pressure hoses, tires, and pneumatic springs bonds well at normal vulcanization temperatures with plastics, inorganics, or metallic substrates. Cost effective. Technology is at the advanced development stage.

New Surge Protection Technology for the Industrial Controls Market
ABB's versatile polymer composite provides inexpensive, versatile, surge protection for both high- and low-power applications.

Novel Thermoplastic Elastomer Composition and Production for Automotive and Related Applications
Thermoplastic elastomer and its process provide excellent heat-bondability, strength, and durability for vehicle interior parts and household or industrial applications such as weather-stripping and airlock sealing. Parts retain their physical properties for extended periods. Lab-tested and in pilot plant stage.

Fire out-gas detection
A portable monitoring unit has been developed to remotely sample the atmosphere inside any fire-affected closed compartment (such as a cargo ship hold). The monitor indicates if the fire is suppressed enough to allow safe entry for personnel into the compartment. Fully developed to a working prototype.

Bulk Shipment Liner
Thin, flexible, plastic liner, intended for use with a bulk shipment "tote" container, avoids folds and crevices that trap and waste product, makes cleaning easier & light weight.

Quality measurement of two-phase
Need an in-line tool for real-time measurement of liquid entrained gases in engine oil. Such oil experiences increasing conductivity over time, wear particles, and operates at 200 degr F up to 100 psig.

Pressure sensor - flexible and low profile
Looking for a low-profile, flexible pressure sensor in the range of 0-200mm Hg (ideally with an accuracy of +/- 1mm Hg). The sensor is intended for use in contact with deformable surfaces.

Chemistry for removal of thiophene derivatives from petroleum
Remove thiophene derivitives -- Solid or liquid chemistry that has the ability to remove thiophene derivatives from petroleum oil at ambient temperature and pressure. Currently done with catalytic process at high temperature.

Switch-on active packaging materials
This organization wants to enable active packaging materials after they've arrived in the field.

Oil-soluble dye which confers a metallic appearance
Looking for a dye to add to a lubricating oil without detriment to its properties, but which will produce a metallic or pearlescent lustre/appearance.

Linear servo motion devices of varying forces
Looking for linear servo motion devices of varying forces. Direct drive, motion converters, or gearboxes acceptable -- but with low or no mechanical backlash, and designed to withstand harsh environments.

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