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Big ideas work so much better when you have the information to back them up.
Tech of the Week Promising technologies available for sale/license.
Process for the synthesis of dihalonitrobenzenes -- Avoiding the quench step is a dramatic process improvement since managing the exotherm associated with this quench procedure and the difficulty of recycling the sulfuric acid.
Application Lambda Switching -- Networking systems that use ALS are capable of unlimited bandwidth per connection, analog and digital communication, real-time self-diagnosis, real-time self-mapping, and are compatible with all existing digital optical systems today.
TechNeed Challenge Can you solve these technology needs?
Seeking: Methods to organize and arrange filler materials in a flexible matrix to maximize impermeability to water and oxygen molecules -- There are few constraints on this need other than meeting the molecular transmission goals without the use of vapor deposition or foils.
Seeking: Slide-bearing industry market leaders for JV/collaboration -- This organization in India wants to team up with a proven manufacturer of white metal bearings who can help streamline the existing manufacturing process, help with design, and allow the Indian team to represent them.
Technology Marketplace Report
Sterilizing vials, manufacturing oxalic acid, and introductions (Jun 23 2014)
The Technology Marketplace Report is a list of selected technologies from our database targeted to users with customized interest areas.
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