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Big ideas work so much better when you have the information to back them up.
Tech of the Week Promising technologies available for sale/license.
Inkjet technologies for printing on special surfaces or with special effects -- This large collection of inkjet-related technologies spans colors, ink technologies, printer and nozzle technology, and specialty inkjet printing such as on various surfaces or with various effects. Links to all TechPaks inside.
Weapon mount system for hunting -- This weapon mount attaches to sturdy fixed points on any vehicle, which allows for both portability and significantly increased stability, without the need to waste time finding level ground.
TechNeed Challenge Can you solve these technology needs?
Seeking: New processing methods from adjacent industries that could be used in the pharmaceutical industry -- This organization is seeking to deliver medicines to consumers in new ways that increase convenience, portability, and compliance. Adjacent industries may offer new processes and form factors.
Seeking: Creep-resistant polymer materials -- We wish to explore materials and technology approaches that can limit tensile creep in polyethylene flexible film materials created through extrusion.
Seeking: A treatment or coating applied to complex internal flow paths that prevents wet paints and stains from adhering -- Some of the fluids that pass through these paths are water-borne, some use solvents, and some use alcohol. One issue is the abrasiveness of the paint.
Technology Marketplace Report
Non-invasive glucose monitoring, inkjet technologies, and serendipity in Open Innovation (Nov 20 2014)
The Technology Marketplace Report is a list of selected technologies from our database targeted to users with customized interest areas.
See other Technology Marketplace Reports.
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