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Big ideas work so much better when you have the information to back them up.
Tech of the Week Promising technologies available for sale/license.
Electroblowing technique leads to strong, high basis-weight nonwoven nanolayer that stands up to filter pleats -- The DuPont technique produces a high basis-weight nanofiber layer strongly bonded to its underlying substrate (scrim). The nanolayer and substrate can be pleated without damage to the nanolayer.
Electroactive polymer (EAP) for development of unique, flexible sensors -- Extremely thin and flexible, this EAP generates current even when bent weakly, for a small amount, very slowly, or at low frequencies.
TechNeed Challenge Can you solve these technology needs?
Seeking: Methods to prevent product stickiness caused by interaction of active ingredients and thickeners -- Positively charged actives and negatively charged thickeners can produce undesirable product feel. This organization seeks solutions or partner organizations who have already solved the problem.
Seeking: Functional materials and technologies to improve the positive stimulating feeling of carbonated beverages -- The mouth-feel of carbonated beverages is particularly appealing. Can you help us understand the mechanism for this stimulation, and find functional ingredients and technologies to enhance it?
Seeking: Methods and devices to detect and prevent electrical arcing in higher-voltage vehicles -- Conventional automotive voltage is based on 12VDC. The increasing use of electronics in vehicles is driving a move to 48VDC systems. The change poses a number of engineering challenges.
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