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The device generates its own inflation gases and stays inflated to provide buoyancy.
These compounds are useful in the manufacture of high-performance polymers. They enable easier polymer processing with no loss of important physical properties.
This dispersing agent comprises one or more active cosmetic materials, a water or oil/water emulsion carrier fluid, and nano-sized polyurethane ionomers dispersed within the carrier phase.
These compositions are useful in fibers, yarns, carpets, garments, films, molded parts, paper and cardboard, stone and tile, imparting long lasting-soil, water, and oil resistance along with improved flame retardance.
Three technologies offer dry transportation, portion and application control, time-release, and branding options separately or together.
By controlling the branching and the length of the branching, you can control the desired viscosity index of this process.
The lysinol-derived polymers provide an advantage in that the amine monomer is not derived from petroleum. Cost-effective raw materials for these thermosets are readily available.
This technology enables the direct, absolute quantitation of biopolymers, such as proteins or nucleotides, in crude solutions by incorporating unique tags using stable isotopes.
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