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Removes completely at 90 degrees C and a mild vacuum, without residue or contamination.
The DuPont technology interleaves hexagonal boron nitride with a ferromagnetic material. A small magnetic field aligns the hBN in the desired direction for heat transfer.
Additional applications include refrigeration cycles, purifying liquids such as water, and separating components from liquids, such as removing proteins from fermentation broths.
May offer a less-costly and less equipment-intensive alternative to photoresist for creating conductive lines for displays and circuit boards, in both cases leading to potentially less-expensive production suitable for shorter runs.
Layer allows moisture from sweat and breath to escape via molecular diffusion. There are no micropores in the chitosan layer.
Biomass-derived materials, such as aldaric acid and derivatives, provide for inexpensive sugar-based feedstocks.
Other technologies achieve only larger pore sizes, or their pore sizes are not as consistently controllable. Source materials and equipment to manufacture the DuPont filters are common and inexpensive.
Similar products primarily focus on database browsing and general administration; all of these products lack functionality when it comes to database performance analysis.
Cherry pickers may not be able to reach all parts of the structure. Workers have been known to create makeshift working platforms from plywood, planks, and ladders, but all these approaches present hazards.
Particle size is less than half that attainable by current methods of preparation.
Enhanced safety is another benefit, because the reaction can take place in an open, atmospheric pressure system and uses no acid.
If a company is using a hot-melt color-change indicator today, the Kimberly-Clark inks produce crisper, high-fidelity images with fewer steps, and using conventional printing equipment.
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