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This DuPont technology allows closely spaced conductive pathways with uniform (no pinholes) dielectric layers. It is particularly useful for multilayer chip carriers.
Lipochitooligosaccharides are critical to the growth and productivity of legumes, functioning as nodulation factors. This technique is economical for commercial-scale fields.
The DuPont technique produces a high basis-weight nanofiber layer strongly bonded to its underlying substrate (scrim). The nanolayer and substrate can be pleated without damage to the nanolayer.
This technology provides a novel treatment for hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) that enhances compatibility with thermoset polymers and provides increased thermal conductivity.
Use of enzymatic catalysts permits the incorporation of the redox catalyst into fluidic microdomains. Higher current-densities result because of locally high concentrations, high diffusion coefficients, and convective transport.
Bag house applications are the most challenging environment for filters. The DuPont method economically creates filter media that is strong and easily cleaned. The material can be pleated, sheeted, or formed into cartridges.
Lamination resolves chemical compatibility issues between different layers of the transistor, enables a smaller sized donor sheet, and opens up lamination to higher-temperature annealing.
This DuPont method is typified by mild operating conditions for temperature and pressure. It is suitable for nanocomposite polymeric materials, and for drug delivery systems.
Accurate compactness-rate measurement for half the price of other devices and their additional costs.
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