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Overview This organization seeks non-invasive glucose and HbA1c sensing technologies.
See also: technologies, invasive, sensing, miniaturization, sensors
OverviewWe're looking for ways to obtain more light, over a wider area, more efficiently from LED lighting.
See also: light, led, driver, efficiency, innovations
Overview:This organization is seeking a real-time, automated sterility test for equipment that fills medical vials.
See also: septum, needle, vials, fills, line
Overview:We are seeking a device capable of detecting contamination in a liquid flow.
See also: flow, liquid, system, detecting, testing
OverviewThis organization needs an image analysis service that can look at several thousand images and confirm the presence or absence of blood in each image.
See also: image, trials, false, additional, medical
Overview:This organization is conducting medical trials and needs to confirm the presence or absence of blood as documented by a photographic image of a stool sample.
See also: blood, water, additive, medical, stool
Overview:Medical trials require patients to take in situ photographs for later image analysis that looks for traces of blood, and possibly other details.
See also: image, camera, patients, phone, blood
Overview:This organization requires an automated system to scan cell phone images for traces of blood and confirm its presence or absence with redundant and exceptional accuracy.
See also: analysis, automated, images, phone, presence
Overview: We are seeking transformative technologies that will enable a variety of optical effects or hidden messaging to be created directly onto consumer products and its packaging.
See also: labeling, solutions, effects, novel, consumer
OVERVIEW This organization needs a sensor that is sensitive and quantitative for methane, ethylene, and acetylene from 5ppm to 5000ppm.
See also: sensor, concentrations, methane, oil, acetylene
We are looking for a film to protect high value detector sheets against mechanical damage and environmental influences.
See also: film, transmission, protect, scattering, detector
Overview: Our client, a multinational, is seeking to identify spectral filter technologies to operate within a demanding optical environment.
See also: filter, solution, technologies, wavelengths, spectral
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