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Displaying (1-12) of 84 listings found.
Overview: This organization is seeking new at-home energy-based devices that provide tangible health benefits to users.
See also: health, technology, devices, home, benefits
Overview: This organization is seeking novel energy-based devices that provide skin care/hair/beauty benefits for at home users.
See also: technology, home, beauty, devices, skin
Overview The mouth-feel of carbonated beverages is particularly appealing.
See also: beverages, carbonated, sensations, stimulation, drinks
Overview: We are looking for technology to detect objects at a long distance in poor conditions such as night, rain, snow, and fog.
See also: technology, detect, objects, distance, conditions
Overview: We are seeking sensor technology capable of sensing and discriminating or classifying between objects of differing heights at a distance up to 10m.
See also: sensor, heights, objects, technology, distance
Overview: We're seeking new imager technologies that will yield significantly better low-light sensitivity and dynamic range than the state-of-art smaller pixel size.
See also: imager, low, increasing, light, technologies
Overview: This organization is seeking software/algorithms for identifying people and gestures.
See also: cameras, gestures, algorithms, software, hardware
Overview: This company is looking for foods/beverages, ingredients, supplements, and similar food products or additives that can help prevent sleepiness from occurring after lunch.
See also: foods, ingredients, glucose, help, level
Overview: We are looking for a collection of non-invasive and non-contact sensors, along with appropriate hardware or harness to power and network them, and software to analyze the collected information.
See also: sensors, vehicle, able, software, li
Overview This company is looking for foods/beverages, ingredients, supplements, and similar food products or additives that can contribute to providing a better sleep experience.
See also: foods, ingredients, sleep, providing, nerves
Overview: This organization conducts consumer preference testing on food products that are under development.
See also: testing, consumer, taste, reaction, preference
Overview: This organization is seeking local/regional products with dry cough claims that are currently commercially available in markets around the world.
See also: products, local, markets, available, countries
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