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We require not only software to design white metal bearings but also some expertise in understanding the different parameters, that go into designing slide bearings based on DIN Standard.
See also: bearings, design, standard, slide, bearing
Overview:We want to mitigate (or eliminate) the noise from machinery that vibrates between 500Hz - 16000Hz.
See also: noise, vibrates, machinery, reduce, solution
Overview This organization needs to adhere a patch to bare human skin for an extended period of time (from 1-10 hours).
See also: adhesives, skin, adhere, patch, active
We have been involved in manufacturing of white metal bearings for some time now.
See also: metal, manufacturing, babbitt, repair, white
Our client specialises in hand-crafted ceramic sanitary-ware and kitchen sinks/drainers.
See also: ceramic, process, product, innovative, technology
Overview: We are seeking cost effective material or process technologies that will effectively increase the number of times cellulose based fibres can be recycled.
See also: fibres, technologies, recycled, re, packaging
Our client specializes in hand-crafted ceramic sanitary-ware and kitchen sinks/drainers.
See also: ceramic, product, process, innovative, technology
Overview:This organization is seeking novel spray systems that can apply a spray coating to the entire surface area of a collection of fibers.
See also: fibers, spray, surface, systems, coating
Overview:This organization is seeking novel foams/coatings/gels to prevent the sticking of cellulose fibers to a steel surface.
See also: fibers, foams, steel, solution, coatings
OVERVIEW We are depositing substantial quantities of material using physical vapor deposition techniques on a large metal substrate.
See also: crucibles, depositing, substrate, methods, material
Microfiber cloth has revolutionized the cleaning industry.
See also: microfiber, technology, cloth, increase, product
Overview: Our client, a multinational, is seeking to identify liquid processing manufacturing solutions or methodologies which accelerate change-overs between product variants on a process line, with no added waste, and therefore deliver improved flexibility to "make to order" with reduced storage inventory.
See also: processing, solutions, manufacturing, change, liquid
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