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Overview: We are looking for MICRO brewers used in coffee vending machines to extract good quality coffee Decoction from Coffee powder.
See also: coffee, quality, machines, decoction, micro
Overview: We're seeking a lightweight, innovative torque-transfer device for use between two rotating shafts.
See also: lubricated, transfer, technologies, solution, torque
Overview: This organization is seeking new heating methods for glass- and carbon-fiber-reinforced sheets and tapes used in parts manufacturing.
See also: heating, sheets, methods, fiber, reinforced
Overview: We are looking for a technology to detect and prevent electrical arcs in a vehicle?
See also: electrical, detect, vehicle, system, solution
Overview: We want to replace aluminum as the material for a centrifugal compressor housing with plastic for a weight and cost reduction.
See also: compressor, aluminum, material, housing, plastic
Overview: We are seeking a non-contact, in-line, automated procedure to test the surface energy on thermoplastic substrates such as TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and LGFPP (long-glass fiber polypropylene) and other similar substrates prior to adhesive bonding.
See also: surface, test, energy, dynes, automated
Overview: We are looking for alternative manufacturing methods to fine-blanking.
See also: fine, blanking, lower, costs, manufacturing
Overview: We would like to mold a single foam pad in a single process so that the pad has horizontal sections with different stiffness -- for example, the upper layer would have less stiffness than would a lower layer.
See also: stiffness, foam, pad, layer, single
Overview: Leather and vinyl automotive seating trim covers can be stained by contact with denim.
See also: material, technology, leather, crocking, denim
Overview: We seek post-stamping and post-dimensional-milling processes for stamped gears to improve their surface roughness and to allow the ring-and-pinion gears of a hypoid drive to operate well at lighter power levels and lower speeds.
See also: gears, processes, surface, improve, errors
Overview: We are seeking electric motor technology that is ultra-highly efficient, lightweight, and compact.
See also: electric, motor, weight, vehicles, efficiency
Overview: The welding process creates silicate deposits on weld seams and forms an oxide layer in the Heat-Affected-Zone (HAZ) of a weld.
See also: coat, welding, process, silicate, oxide
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