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Overview:We want to mitigate (or eliminate) the noise from machinery that vibrates between 500Hz - 16000Hz.
See also: noise, vibrates, machinery, reduce, solution
Overview:This organization wants to treat complex internal flow paths with a non-stick, slippery surface to make those surfaces easier to clean.
See also: paths, internal, flow, clean, surface
Overview We are seeking technology solutions that will enable further understanding and evaluation of packaging sealing processes, and therefore achieve a better seal.
See also: sealing, packaging, flexible, able, processes
Textile Processing is an important function in the value chain of any product based on Textiles.
See also: processing, treatment, water, effluent, product
Overview This organization needs to adhere a patch to bare human skin for an extended period of time (from 1-10 hours).
See also: adhesives, skin, adhere, patch, active
We have been involved in manufacturing of white metal bearings for some time now.
See also: metal, manufacturing, babbitt, repair, white
OverviewThis organization is seeking a coating to be used in the manufacture of equipment (primarily made of aluminum) used outdoors that when power-washed will quickly and easily release a variety of materials that cling to it.
See also: coating, cleaned, materials, release, power
OVERVIEW We are seeking small-scale gas separation technology for the separation of nitrogen from natural gas at the wellhead to produce: (1) a natural gas product stream with nitrogen content that is sufficiently low to meet pipeline specifications, and (2) a nitrogen reject stream that meets emissions standards so that it can be vented to the atmosphere.
See also: gas, nitrogen, natural, scale, methane
The growing scarcity of resources to produce increasingly demanded ingredients such as soybean meal and animal protein meals has doubled the feed cost in the recent years.
See also: insects, feed, cost, processing, animal
OVERVIEW Our primary process stream of interest includes large quantities of hydrogen and methane.
See also: separate, hydrogen, methane, technology, process
We are looking for technologies and methods, e.g. a mixing device, to disperse a (very) high viscous (> 4000 mPa.s) hydrophobic polyisocyanate crosslinker into a water-based polyol binder-resin, without the need of pre-diluting the polyisocyanate in a water-miscible solvent.
See also: disperse, min, coating, crosslinker, binder
We are searching for innovative technologies, techniques, systems, products and/or materials to control the kinetic energy of moving products through high-speed manufacturing and filling processes.
See also: products, energy, manufacturing, materials, technologies
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