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Overview: We are seeking new materials and processes to improve the efficiency of aluminium heat exchangers (e.g. convectors, radiators) used in heating systems.
See also: materials, heat, increase, processes, aluminium
We are seeking tamper evident technologies solutions to preserve the integrity of a food product.
See also: food, technologies, tamper, solutions, packaging
See also: 12398, 12377, 12427, 12434, 12289
Overview: We are looking for solutions to the problem of trees (and other vegetation) growing too close to or touching overhead power lines.
See also: trees, solutions, power, lines, equipment
Overview: We are looking for a short-range distance measuring sensor that can operate stably and reliably under adverse conditions in an industrial application.
See also: distance, sensor, radar, short, range
Overview We are seeking new biocides to replace silver coating that is currently used on a filter system.
See also: filter, filtrate, biocides, approaches, efficacy
Overview We are seeking an integrator with experience and development capability in the area of preservative-free Cosmetics & Toiletries.áIdeally, a single partneráto develop and launch is preferred, but we are open to combined partners with experience in the areasá(e.g. development labs, contract manufacturers, etc.)
See also: preservative, free, development, products, cosmetics
Overview This organization is seeking the development of a fully functional industrial prototype of an automated blueberry harvester that can quickly pick mature blueberries without damaging the delicate fruit.
See also: blueberry, harvested, fruit, harvester, prototype
Overview In this industrial technology or device need that may involve a combination of robotics with haptic feedback and image recognition, numerous small organic objects (about 1cm and 1 gram per unit) and exceedingly delicate must be selected from among very many similar objects that do not meet criteria, then collected, and assembled into lots.
See also: operated, technology, objects, device, collected
Background: Precise dosing of actives in liquid or paste form onto substrates is well understood and often practiced in industry using various different contact and non-contact techniques.
See also: li, application, printing, contact, substrates
We require not only software to design white metal bearings but also some expertise in understanding the different parameters, that go into designing slide bearings based on DIN Standard.
See also: bearings, design, standard, slide, bearing
Overview:We want to mitigate (or eliminate) the noise from machinery that vibrates between 500Hz - 16000Hz.
See also: noise, vibrates, machinery, reduce, solution
Boston, MA, USA       Liverpool, United Kingdom       Tokyo, Japan                  
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