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Overview: We would like to manufacture -- in a cost-effective way -- a heat-treated metal toothed ring that is both flexible and thin-walled.
See also: toothed, manufacture, walled, methods, metal
Overview: We are seeking a metallurgical, material, or design solution to a problem that affects the permanent magnetic rotors of high-speed electric motors.
See also: rotors, magnetic, material, electric, bridge
Overview: We seek post-stamping and post-dimensional-milling processes for stamped gears to improve their surface roughness and to allow the ring-and-pinion gears of a hypoid drive to operate well at lighter power levels and lower speeds.
See also: gears, processes, surface, improve, errors
Overview: This organization conducts consumer preference testing on food products that are under development.
See also: testing, consumer, taste, reaction, preference
Overview: This organization is seeking local/regional products with dry cough claims that are currently commercially available in markets around the world.
See also: products, local, markets, available, countries
Overview: This organization is seeking GMP manufacturers that are certified to deliver an OTC non-sedating antihistamine product in a gummy/confectionary format.
See also: confectionary, gummy, gmp, antihistamine, manufacturers
We are seeking particle technologies capable of protecting their benefit agents and delivering the agent in a staged (i.e. pulsed) release during product usage.
See also: product, technologies, particle, benefit, agents
Overview We are seeking new biocides to replace silver coating that is currently used on a filter system.
See also: filter, filtrate, biocides, approaches, efficacy
Our client is looking for state-of-the-art technologies that leverage data analytics, AI/machine learning and recommendation engine concepts to process an array of personal and external data (social, device, and information networks).
See also: data, product, recommendation, information, solution
We are attempting to understand what effect sampling efforts truly have on the business and need better methods to target sampling, track conversation and indicate when consumers buy based off of a sample.
See also: sampling, consumers, solution, programs, challenge
Looking for ways to re-invent how consultation services are delivered, wherein analysis, advice and feedback is integrated into all of the physical and digital touch points, across the consumer journey.
See also: consultation, services, store, digital, challenging
Our client has a global, market leading brand with a strong multi-tier portfolio to satisfy consumer needs from value to super premium proposition.
See also: solutions, online, consumer, internet, information
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