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Overview: We want new ways to kill, trap, or repel flying and crawling insects within the home (and patio), and around the person.
See also: insects, person, trap, control, chemical
Seeking solutions that significantly reduce the wet friction of blades and razor products.
See also: solutions, peo, lubricant, friction, skin
Overview: This company is looking for foods/beverages, ingredients, supplements, and similar food products or additives that improve glucose metabolism and related processes, and that lead to anti-diabetes functions or to maintaining healthy weight by controlling glucose in a body.
See also: glucose, foods, ingredients, mechanism, company
Overview This organization is looking for new methods to deliver an active to the skin to help restore the skin's natural pH balance and minimize the effects of dermatitis.
See also: skin, active, ph, low, materials
Overview This organization seeks methods to mitigate and relieve potential contact dermatitis caused by extended use of low-pH materials in contact with the skin.
See also: skin, ph, materials, low, contact
Overview:This organization wants to bring new delivery form factors from adjacent industries (such as food preparation) to the pharmaceutical industry to improve delivery methods and compliance among consumers.
See also: processes, industries, compatible, pharmaceutical, products
Overview This organization seeks non-invasive glucose and HbA1c sensing technologies.
See also: technologies, invasive, sensing, miniaturization, sensors
Overview: Unilever is seeking solutions to several corporate needs.
See also: unilever, washing, solutions, water, seeking
Overview We are seeking a new and novel anti-microbial preservative for a wide variety of soap, lotion, and hand wash products, including foams, gels, and wipes.
See also: preservative, products, novel, soap, criteria
Overview We are looking for a very small electromechanically-driven pump that is highly energy-efficient, inexpensive, and preferably plastic in construction.
See also: pump, constant, adjustable, efficient, driven
Overview We are seeking new methods of attaching a 2.8 Kg (6 lb.) dispenser to a variety of wall surfaces, including mirror/glass, and painted drywall, and remove cleanly.
See also: dispenser, remove, wall, surfaces, adhesive
Overview We're looking for exciting new products that eliminate the odor in toilet bowls and enclosed toilet areas during and after bathroom visits.
See also: products, odor, seeks, toilet, eliminate
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