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Overview: This company is looking for foods/beverages, ingredients, supplements, and similar food products or additives that improve glucose metabolism and related processes, and that lead to anti-diabetes functions or to maintaining healthy weight by controlling glucose in a body.
See also: glucose, foods, ingredients, mechanism, company
Overview This company is looking for foods/beverages, ingredients, supplements, and similar food products or additives that can contribute to maintaining healthy weight.
See also: foods, ingredients, reduce, company, weight
Overview:This organization wants to bring new delivery form factors from adjacent industries (such as food preparation) to the pharmaceutical industry to improve delivery methods and compliance among consumers.
See also: processes, industries, compatible, pharmaceutical, products
Overview: Unilever is seeking solutions to several corporate needs.
See also: unilever, washing, solutions, water, seeking
Overview We are looking for a very small electromechanically-driven pump that is highly energy-efficient, inexpensive, and preferably plastic in construction.
See also: pump, constant, adjustable, efficient, driven
Overview: We would like to identify and evaluate raw materials and processes/reactions, that could generate polymerisation within fibres or cross-link with fibres.
See also: polymerisation, safe, materials, fibres, reactions
OVERVIEW On behalf of a global client, yet2 is seeking a dosing device and system to enable retail provisioning of small quantities of powders.
See also: dispensing, system, products, packages, unit
Client Need:We are seeking a system or materials that would allow active particles to adhere under aqueous conditions on the surface of a substrate.
See also: particles, adhesion, technology, materials, substrate
We are looking for a nutraceutical or functional food active ingredient that has unique properties and can be commercialized after suitable human studies.
See also: health, active, ingredient, nutraceutical, unique
Overview: We are seeking cost effective food actives that enhance positive moods in consumers.
See also: moods, food, technology, actives, amino
OVERVIEW Healthy people and pre-diabetic individuals may have a reduced sensitivity (or resistance) to insulin, a hormone critical to glucose metabolism.
See also: solution, ingredients, natural, insulin, enhance
OVERVIEWThis organization is looking for more effective ways to move non-systemic or non-translaminar pesticide molecules into a plant waxy cuticle layer and/or through guard cells (stomata).
See also: pesticide, plant, molecules, cells, solution
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