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Overview We are seeking new biocides to replace silver coating that is currently used on a filter system.
See also: filter, filtrate, biocides, approaches, efficacy
Overview We are seeking an integrator with experience and development capability in the area of preservative-free Cosmetics & Toiletries.áIdeally, a single partneráto develop and launch is preferred, but we are open to combined partners with experience in the areasá(e.g. development labs, contract manufacturers, etc.)
See also: preservative, free, development, products, cosmetics
Overview This organization seeks to mask or block the bitter taste associated with acetaminophen in liquid or orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) formulations.
See also: technologies, bitter, formulations, acetaminophen, taste
Overview: We are seeking organic molecules that can thermally decomposeábetween 60¦C and 300¦C, and subsequently allow the production of gas,ásuch as N2, CO, and CO2. Such molecules will be used as enhancing additive "ingredients" in specific formulations.
See also: co, molecules, gas, decomposition, thermally
Overview This organization is looking for new methods to deliver an active to the skin to help restore the skin's natural pH balance and minimize the effects of dermatitis.
See also: skin, active, ph, low, materials
Overview This organization seeks methods to mitigate and relieve potential contact dermatitis caused by extended use of low-pH materials in contact with the skin.
See also: skin, ph, materials, low, contact
Overview:This organization is seeking an inkjet-ink-receptive coating for use on paper in high-speed commercial printing and converting.
See also: paper, printing, coating, ink, water
Overview:We are looking for a high-speed water-absorbent or dissipative coating to be applied to a flexible substrate that can quickly absorb (or dissipate) about 10 to 24gsm of water in 0.25 seconds, leaving the surface dry to the touch.
See also: coating, water, suspension, substrate, absorbent
Overview We are seeking a new and novel anti-microbial preservative for a wide variety of soap, lotion, and hand wash products, including foams, gels, and wipes.
See also: preservative, products, novel, soap, criteria
Overview We're looking for new ways of delivering hydration and actives topically to localized areas of skin over an extended period of time.
See also: skin, hydration, actives, ingredients, delivery
Overview This organization needs to adhere a patch to bare human skin for an extended period of time (from 1-10 hours).
See also: adhesives, skin, adhere, patch, active
Overview:This organization is seeking a real-time, automated sterility test for equipment that fills medical vials.
See also: septum, needle, vials, fills, line
Boston, MA, USA       Liverpool, United Kingdom       Tokyo, Japan                  
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