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The Italians have been doing concrete since Roman times and this new technique allows the rebar for a running or pier foundation to be fabricated in a factory, cast into a concrete shell to hold it together for shipping and then the bulk of the concrete is added on-site but without the need for errecting and tearing down forms.
See also: element, frame, walls, foundation, ground
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A simple, proven system keeps low-rise buildings and vehicles anchored in hurricane winds to reduce injuries, damages and insurance premiums Problem: More frequent and powerful wind storms are injuring people with flying debris and property damage disrupts their lives.
See also: straps, hurricane, storms, anchored, damages
The Bottom Line 104 million fence posts will be needed for plastic and composite fences in the United States alone in 2014, according to Freedonia Group research on fence demand and 10 foot spacing between posts.
See also: fence, posts, sleeve, barrier, temporary
Optimal decision-making is about empowering people to take the best possible decisions.
See also: package, decision, testing, mathematics, software
Unique genetic markers called oligonucleotides can provide swift identification of a known organism or rule out an organism from known genomes.
See also: methods, sequences, detection, nucleic, acids
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This unique extraction and purification technology offers a Green, nature-based solution to pesticides.
See also: insects, mycelium, ants, termites, preconidial
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The VORTEX roundabout is a brand new traffic distribution system, which can ensure a balanced speed and a non-stop traffic flow in an intersection even up to 36.000 vehicles/hour in total.
See also: traffic, low, medium, vortex, distribution
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CaseKeys is a complementary technology, it works with existing anti-spam technologies to improve their "false positive rate" - to ensure that legitimate messages are not mistaken for spam.
See also: email, address, messages, sender, spam
This technology relates to a remote controlled device for releasing a child(ren) from a car seat.
See also: releasing, child, seat, car, device
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"FingerNails" is a non-lethal glove-based self defense system designed for women to protect themselves in the event of a physical attack.
See also: blades, block, sear, trigger, housing
Functional and added value coatings and lacquers are big business in the current market, partly driven by todays consumers and professional users placing high demands on products, in areas such as home appliances, components, packaging, the automotive industry, optics and clothing and building materials.
See also: coating, materials, technologies, , lacquers
This technology has been designed to use a mobile phone, PDA, GPS system (or Tom Tom), MP3 player, IPod, Digital Camera and Digital Video Camera (any handheld device with a digital screen) as a ranger finder.
See also: range, device, laser, integrated, finder
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