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Use of holograms in security applications such as confidential documents, CDs, and credit cards is attractive since holographic imaging is not widely known nor easily practiced by would-be counterfeiters, and also because it can easily provide a pleasing, aesthetically interesting image.
See also: holograms, photosensitive, film, prism, security
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Our partner, a Hungarian University has developed a new method and software to recognize amblyopia in early childhood stage.
See also: , visus, amblyopia, method, age
The TherMIS device (Thermal Magnetic Ion Separator) uses the heat from a solar collector to dissociate water molecules and then uses a magnetic field to separate the streams of positively charged ionic hydrogen from negatively charged ionic oxygen without the assistance of catalysts in order to collect the constituent gases.
See also: ions, hydrogen, magnetic, separate, charged
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MoBeam Inc. applies its patented mobile phone-based technology to transform consumer-retail interaction and create multiple layers of value across the entire consumer products and retail industry, with clear benefits to phone manufacturers, consumer packaged goods companies, content providers, consumers and retailers.
See also: phone, coupons, mobile, smart, consumer
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Code 3's TriCore is an LED-based optical lighting technology that is 2X brighter than other technology currently on the market using only 1/3 the power of conventional lighting systems, yielding higher watt-for-watt efficiency.
See also: lighting, led, technology, tricore, design
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The device measures the characteristics of a line of laser illumination, as is used in applications such as laser imaging.
See also: illumination, field, laser, unit, systems
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DuPont has excellent capability in resin chemistry and has developed proprietary resins suitable for photochromic coatings that can be applied and cured on optical lenses and other surfaces.
See also: resin, complete, application, proprietary, coatings
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The PicoEndo endoscope is the smallest tethered endoscope in the world (4.5mm x 12.0mm).
See also: camera, images, picoendo, pill, endoscope
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This micro-reinforcement technology enables new applications where existing thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, and reinforcing technologies have not had sufficient toughness or fracture strength, particularly at elevated temperatures, or the ability to endure flexure for perhaps millions of cycles without severe particulation.
See also: particulation, polymers, applications, technology, reinforcing
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This technology encompasses light emitting diodes that have silyl-substituted pyrenes (an example compound is shown in the figure).
See also: layer, substituted, r.sup.5, device, silyl
The present invention relates to the field of acousto-optical scanners, especially those capable of generating fast non-linear scans, and/or fast longitudinal focus scanning.
See also: scans, linear, optical, acousto, frequency
Since the invention of mode-locked lasers, considerable effort has been directed towards the generation of ultrashort optical pulses.
See also: pulses, compression, spectral, compressors, techniques
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