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Use of holograms in security applications such as confidential documents, CDĂs, and credit cards is attractive since holographic imaging is not widely known nor easily practiced by would-be counterfeiters, and also because it can easily provide a pleasing, aesthetically interesting image.
See also: holograms, photosensitive, film, prism, security
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This micro-reinforcement technology enables new applications where existing thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, and reinforcing technologies have not had sufficient toughness or fracture strength, particularly at elevated temperatures, or the ability to endure flexure for perhaps millions of cycles without severe particulation.
See also: particulation, polymers, applications, technology, reinforcing
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The present invention relates to the field of acousto-optical scanners, especially those capable of generating fast non-linear scans, and/or fast longitudinal focus scanning.
See also: scans, linear, optical, acousto, frequency
Since the invention of mode-locked lasers, considerable effort has been directed towards the generation of ultrashort optical pulses.
See also: pulses, compression, spectral, compressors, techniques
The present invention relates to thin-film protection of visible light photocathodes and more particularly to photocathodes protected by thin films and photon sensors and fast electron sources incorporating such photocathodes.
See also: photocathodes, film, thin, protection, materials
The present invention relates to lasers and optical resonators.
See also: optical, resonators, output, modes, beam
The present invention is in the field of high resolution scanning techniques and relates to an apparatus for near-field optical inspection of articles, particularly useful for inspecting a substantially large surface area with very high spatial resolution.
See also: light, resolution, surface, articles, apparatus
The present invention relates to a multilevel diffractive optical element (DOE), in particular to a computer generated phase DOE, comprising a substrate with a substantially periodic transmissive or reflective relief pattern of phase retardation zones.
See also: phase, diffractive, zones, levels, local
The present invention relates to optical microscopy, more specifically to a method and an apparatus for determining the fine structure of materials with the aid of scanning laser microscopy.
See also: laser, scanning, microscope, specimens, materials
The present invention relates to the field of compression of ultrashort optical pulses.
See also: pulses, compression, compressor, spectral, uncharacterized
A new technology which applies a "grafting" technique to form strong adhesive bonds between mating material surfaces.
See also: films, conductive, surfaces, application, polymers
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Several laser applications require the laser beam to be accurately focused on a surface or detector.
See also: laser, light, beam, wedge, optics
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