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Design and automated production of plastic polymer materials or final products using web extrusion, casting, thermoforming, or vacuforming.
See also: production, materials, performance, packaging, achieve
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This technology comprises a process for applying an antimicrobial/anti-odor coating to polyester, nylon, polyolefins, Sontara«, stainless steel, and other materials.
See also: articles, steps, containing, antimicrobial, polyester
The Italians have been doing concrete since Roman times and this new technique allows the rebar for a running or pier foundation to be fabricated in a factory, cast into a concrete shell to hold it together for shipping and then the bulk of the concrete is added on-site but without the need for errecting and tearing down forms.
See also: element, frame, walls, foundation, ground
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A Bulgarian SME that specializes in fire-retardant technologies and products has invented a method for plasma chemical surface modifying of materials and items, and specifically for plasma-aided impregnation with solutions containing fire retardants to make porous materials like textiles, leather, wood and foamed polymers and items made of them, resistant to fire and ignition.
See also: plasma, fire, technologies, materials, chemical
The invention relates to biodegradable halogen free flame retardants applied to flammable polymers with different physical and chemical properties and structure like textiles, wood, paper, cardboard, corrugated board, leather, polystyrene, penopolyurethane and items made of them to achieve fire safety in public and office buildings, theatres and TV studios, furniture of houses, hotels, restaurants and transport means like airplanes ships, motor vehicles, trains.
See also: materials, flame, fire, smoke, retardants
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This product is the most effective and efficient concrete waterproofing solution available today.
See also: material, waterproofing, molecular, product, water
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The IP offers a new "technology platform" that can be utilised to manufacture a wide range of products from very high strength solids (up to 9,500 psi - 65 MPa) to lighter weight "mineral foam composite" products that are structural, insulating and highly fire resistant.
See also: fire, structural, materials, water, products
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Technology offers a new lightweight Thermal Barrier Mineral Foam Composite that is economical and includes low flame spread and smoke developed rating.
See also: fire, foam, thermal, barrier, resistant
This micro-reinforcement technology enables new applications where existing thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, and reinforcing technologies have not had sufficient toughness or fracture strength, particularly at elevated temperatures, or the ability to endure flexure for perhaps millions of cycles without severe particulation.
See also: particulation, polymers, applications, technology, reinforcing
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The innovation provider suggests transporting by pipeline a unique proprietary emulsified oil mixture originating from high viscosity oil fields such as some oil sands and heavy crude oil fields.
See also: oil, water, emulsified, process, transporting
The present invention relates to thin-film protection of visible light photocathodes and more particularly to photocathodes protected by thin films and photon sensors and fast electron sources incorporating such photocathodes.
See also: photocathodes, film, thin, protection, materials
Epoxidation of alkenes is an important chemical transformation whereby an oxygen atom is added to a carbon-carbon double bond to form an epoxide.
See also: metal, epoxidation, alkenes, transition, process
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