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This dual membrane technology provides apparel with a high degree of comfort, passing air and water vapor easily.
See also: membrane, adaptive, environmental, structure, protection
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A patent that describes the method of preparing dedicated clean room wipes and using them is being offered for sale.
See also: clean, wipes, contain, semiconductor, hydroxylamine
DuPont's process technology for the production of acrylonitrile (ACRN), based on over 40 years of refinement and optimization, has a demonstrated history of improved product quality, higher operating efficiency and reduced capital cost.
See also: production, acrylonitrile, technology, process, dupont
This technology provides a polyolefin lubricant or lubricant additive of very high viscosity index (150+) made by a process of catalytically converting ethylene to a mixture of linear alpha olefin oligomers, and copolymerizing these oligomers with ethylene using a transition metal catalyst.
See also: viscosity, index, branching, lubricant, catalyst
Micron-sized conductive fibers within a thermoplastic matrix enable conductive polymeric antennas that can be molded in various shapes and sizes.
See also: conductive, antennas, body, coupling, pad
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This bio-based polypropanediol (PPD) ester hydraulic fluid technology is part of a new DuPont functional fluids technology based on bio-based 1,3 propanediol currently sourced from DuPont Tate and Lyle Bioproducts, Ltd. Low molecular weight PPD di-esters exhibited strong performance in hydraulic fluid screening and ASTM qualification tests against existing bio-based and MIL-PRF hydraulic fluids.
See also: based, fluid, bio, hydraulic, ester
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Developed at a Fortune 500 company, this innovation is a patented one piece fiber reinforced plastic composite chassis produced by sheet molding compression (SMC) production method of manufacturing.
See also: composite, chassis, molding, structural, vehicle
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A new process can produce micro spheres of an extremely narrow size distribution and high homogeneity, measuring between 2 ű 10 ~m.
See also: particles, material, spheres, size, technology
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PHS and copolymers have wide ranging applications including, for example, photoresists, varnishes, and printing inks.
See also: hsm, solvent, acid, hydroxystyrene, phenolic
Vorbeckás unique graphene-based Vor-ink? portfolio of conductive inks and coatings enable new applications in printed electronics that could not be accomplished previously.
See also: inks, vor, ink, printed, conductivity
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Design and automated production of plastic polymer materials or final products using web extrusion, casting, thermoforming, or vacuforming.
See also: production, materials, performance, packaging, achieve
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This technology provides microwave pizza that is evenly browned or microwaved french fries that are crispy.
See also: microwave, vanes, patents, field, technology
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