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Inexpensive conductive paper, tissues, and nonwovens enable very low-cost RFID tags that can include both antenna and device in packaging, garments, and in other goods such as printed materials and labels.
See also: nonwovens, fiber, conductive, materials, antenna
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PMS ESCAPE is a clinically tested, dietary supplement for women with normal premenstrual syndrome-related disturbances in mood and appetite.
See also: pms, carbohydrates, composition, escape, starch
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Nature's Sleep is a dietary supplement that contains 0.3 milligrams of melatonin, a patented strength of melatonin, which helps promote and maintain normal, restful sleep.
See also: melatonin, sleep, dose, low, asleep
Tissues, paper towels, and wipes are used in a variety of cleaning environments where the user is exposed to various bacteria and viruses.
See also: tissues, dispensers, defined, microbial, agent
We offer a food supplement in the form of tablets that effectively relieves mild to moderate anxiety problems.
See also: product, effects, anxiolytics, preparations, market
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Traditional water filter carafes take out the minerals, leaving the water with a flat taste.
See also: water, reservoir, filter, vessel, filtration
A unique feed additive based on beneficial lactic acid-producing bacteria (LAB) makes it easier for animals to digest and use their feed, thus improving the feed conversion -- a critical factor for good weight gain in animals raised for dairy and meat production.
See also: compositions, bacillus, production, method, bacteria
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Delicious, ready-to-eat, heart healthy, bone healthy puddings made with organic whole soy, which come in three flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Banana.
See also: flavors, protein, fat, soy, fiber
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The present invention relates to development of Bifidobacteria strains with acid, bile salt and oxygen tolerance and their culture method.
See also: strains, bifidobacterium, atcc, acid, longum
The present invention relates to process development of L-phenylalanine fermentation by Coryneform bacterium.
See also: phenylalanine, process, fermentation, oxygen, increase
Deep Ocean water is getting popular since it was found that contains plenty of mineral compounds, which are identified as nutritional or functional ingredients.
See also: water, motors, ocean, design, deep
Extract of Peanut Stem originates from the Compendium of Materia Medica (a bible of Chinese herbal medicine) and is a highly potential functional ingredient now.
See also: peanut, blood, functional, extract, stem
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