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Continuous chitosan films make possible lightweight protective laminated garments that are substantially impermeable to hazardous chemical and biological agents.
See also: chitosan, layer, films, protective, laminated
Kimberly-Clark offers a suite of technologies and associated know-how for comfortable, easy-to-use hearing protection.
See also: protection, ear, hearing, kimberly, clark
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DuPonts refined, hydrogenated catmint oil is the first proven-safe, proven-effective, natural replacement for DEET and other insect repellents.
See also: oil, nepetalactone, dihydronepetalactone, radical, composition
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This technology combines extruded pesticide granules into a blend that remains homogeneous when stored, handled, and dispensed.
See also: granules, pesticide, sizes, product, blend
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This green technology transforms the biomass sourced levulinic acid into numerous high-value lactams, including the commercially significant subfamily of pyrrolidones, These compounds have a wide array of uses --- as solvents, industrial cleaners, surfactants, pharmaceutical and crop protection intermediates, and fiber monomers.
See also: processes, carbon, substituted, unsubstituted, catalyst
Exosex SPTab is a patented product that is a highly effective, proven system for directly targeting stored product moths in food factories and storage facilities.
See also: product, moths, food, pheromone, entostat
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Our partner, a Hungarian University has developed a new wireless mesh networking technology that is suitable for an array of applications from smart metering purposes to environmental monitoring, medical sensors, or automatization.
See also: technology, wireless, zigbee, battery, smart
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The TherMIS device (Thermal Magnetic Ion Separator) uses the heat from a solar collector to dissociate water molecules and then uses a magnetic field to separate the streams of positively charged ionic hydrogen from negatively charged ionic oxygen without the assistance of catalysts in order to collect the constituent gases.
See also: ions, hydrogen, magnetic, separate, charged
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The Bottom Line 104 million fence posts will be needed for plastic and composite fences in the United States alone in 2014, according to Freedonia Group research on fence demand and 10 foot spacing between posts.
See also: fence, posts, sleeve, barrier, temporary
Our partner, a Hungarian SME has been a trader of outdoor furniture and decking for more than 10 years.
See also: technology, , wood, treatment, chemicals
Airqube is an acoustic technology that lets in fresh air but blocks out 85% of incoming noise.
See also: noise, technology, tubes, device, array
Melt Film Fibrillation (MFF) technology produces a material that may deliver improved filter performance over traditional glass media in vacuum cleaner bag applications.
See also: fibers, mff, microns, melt, technology
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