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Micron-sized conductive fibers within a thermoplastic matrix enable conductive polymeric antennas that can be molded in various shapes and sizes.
See also: conductive, antennas, body, coupling, pad
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This family of advanced technology piezoelectric actuators betters the performance envelope of conventional small step-motors, actuators, transducers, and solenoids by simultaneously providing greater force and deflection.
See also: actuators, solenoids, piezo, heat, power
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Parker-Hannifin is actively seeking Alpha customers to integrate its piezoelectric-actuated valve assemblies into equipment to handle gas delivery for atomic layer deposition (ALD), vapor deposition, plasma etching, semiconductor, and mass-flow applications.
See also: valve, actuators, piezo, parker, solenoid
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Vorbeck s unique graphene-based Vor-ink? portfolio of conductive inks and coatings enable new applications in printed electronics that could not be accomplished previously.
See also: inks, vor, ink, printed, conductivity
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Surnetics has developed technology to move very tiny volumes of liquids without the need for electricity or other external energy source.
See also: gradient, surfaces, technology, patent, channels
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Utilization of Sensor Data Redundancy - advantageous overall solution through reasonable weighting of partial solutions from reduced systems of equations - formalized analytic solution
See also: systems, norm, solution, arbitrary, weighting
Developed at a Fortune 500 company this technology is a system and method for maintaining the health of an electrical storage device measures revolutions per unit time of an engine shaft of an internal combustion engine, such as those in hybrid vehicles.
See also: revolutions, engine, minimum, time, unit
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MoBeam Inc. applies its patented mobile phone-based technology to transform consumer-retail interaction and create multiple layers of value across the entire consumer products and retail industry, with clear benefits to phone manufacturers, consumer packaged goods companies, content providers, consumers and retailers.
See also: phone, coupons, mobile, smart, consumer
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This patent portfolio provides 17 issued US patents and associated foreign filings in MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems), with priority dates from 1997 to 2005.
See also: switches, layer, line, substrate, wafer
The increase in electric power consumption in developed countries is leading to increased exploitage and often overloading of power transmission and electric distribution lines.
See also: connector, joint, transmission, power, element
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This technology provides a method for transferring fragile or thermally sensitive materials using a thermal imaging process for the manufacture of thin film transistors and light emitting devices.
See also: layer, process, donor, element, materials
These low-cost thin film transistors have gate, source, and drain electrodes containing about 80% silver, copper, or silver/copper alloy nanoparticles dispersed within specially selected conductive and nonconductive polymers.
See also: layer, electrodes, acrylic, polymers, thin
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