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A suite of patented technologies from Kimberly-Clark enables an inexpensive and highly sensitive one-step optical method for multiplexed assays that detect and quantify a wide range of analytes present in a medium.
See also: material, antigen, method, substrate, antibodies
The thin (<500 microns) multilayer (copper and polymer) flexible circuit board of this technology consists of a metal layer bonded to a polymer layer of epoxy or polyimide.
See also: films, flexible, circuit, polymer, board
By doping nano-scale fluoride crystals with rare earths and suspending them in a polymer matrix, this DuPont technology enables printable optical wave guides and light amplifiers that may be an order of magnitude less expensive to produce than wave guides and light amplifiers produced through conventional micromachining.
See also: fluoride, particles, doped, earths, metal
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Once cleaned, the copper traces on a semiconductor wafer immediately begin oxidizing.
See also: copper, oxidation, acid, surfaces, bifunctional
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ELLAROSE software analyzes the performance of Oracle database applications to speed overall execution, locates areas of code where applications spend their time so that these can be streamlined, and aids investigation into performance issues.
See also: performance, database, ellarose, oracle, analysis
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Our partner, a Hungarian University has developed a new method and software to recognize amblyopia in early childhood stage.
See also: ссссссссс, visus, amblyopia, method, age
A patent that describes the method of preparing dedicated clean room wipes and using them is being offered for sale.
See also: clean, wipes, contain, semiconductor, hydroxylamine
Parker-Hannifin is actively seeking alpha customers to evaulate and further the design of its high-precision, low-mass, and low-power piezoelectric robotic end-effectors.
See also: effectors, parker, worse, low, control
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ParkerЦs piezo-controlled pneumatic valve is ideal for process control applications in chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, water, mining, food & beverage, and power industries.
See also: valve, piezo, solenoid, power, actuators
Micron-sized conductive fibers within a thermoplastic matrix enable conductive polymeric antennas that can be molded in various shapes and sizes.
See also: conductive, antennas, body, coupling, pad
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This family of advanced technology piezoelectric actuators betters the performance envelope of conventional small step-motors, actuators, transducers, and solenoids by simultaneously providing greater force and deflection.
See also: actuators, solenoids, piezo, heat, power
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Parker-Hannifin is actively seeking Alpha customers to adapt its existing high-precision piezoelectric actuators for use in robotics, as robotic end-effectors, and in similar devices.
See also: actuators, parker, piezos, low, robotics
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