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This technology is selectively permeable laminates and the process for making them.
See also: protective, laminates, structure, substrate, halochitosan
This technology comprises transparent multilayer laminates with 50% solar radiation reflection and 70% visible light transmittance for use in safety glass for vehicles.
See also: laminates, layer, multilayer, article, nonmicellar
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This technology combines extruded pesticide granules into a blend that remains homogeneous when stored, handled, and dispensed.
See also: granules, pesticide, sizes, product, blend
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A new process can produce micro spheres of an extremely narrow size distribution and high homogeneity, measuring between 2 10 ~m.
See also: particles, material, spheres, size, technology
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Vorbecks unique graphene-based Vor-ink? portfolio of conductive inks and coatings enable new applications in printed electronics that could not be accomplished previously.
See also: inks, vor, ink, printed, conductivity
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Design and automated production of plastic polymer materials or final products using web extrusion, casting, thermoforming, or vacuforming.
See also: production, materials, performance, packaging, achieve
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Surnetics has developed technology to move very tiny volumes of liquids without the need for electricity or other external energy source.
See also: gradient, surfaces, technology, patent, channels
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This technology comprises wellbore fluids comprising (a) a base fluid; usually an oil/water mixture; (b) one or more renewably sourced polymers selected from the group consisting of poly (trimethylene ether) glycol homopolymer, poly(trimethylene ether) glycol copolymers and poly(trimethylene ether)glycol esters; and (c) at least one additive selected from the group consisting of surfactants, fluid loss control additives, salts, and acid gas scavengers.
See also: fluids, wellbore, trimethylene, technology,
This technology comprises a process for applying an antimicrobial/anti-odor coating to polyester, nylon, polyolefins, Sontara, stainless steel, and other materials.
See also: articles, steps, containing, antimicrobial, polyester
This technology is flame resistant, selectively permeable laminates in various embodiments.
See also: flame, resistant, protective, comfortable, apparel
A Bulgarian SME that specializes in fire-retardant technologies and products has invented a method for plasma chemical surface modifying of materials and items, and specifically for plasma-aided impregnation with solutions containing fire retardants to make porous materials like textiles, leather, wood and foamed polymers and items made of them, resistant to fire and ignition.
See also: plasma, fire, technologies, materials, chemical
The invention relates to biodegradable halogen free flame retardants applied to flammable polymers with different physical and chemical properties and structure like textiles, wood, paper, cardboard, corrugated board, leather, polystyrene, penopolyurethane and items made of them to achieve fire safety in public and office buildings, theatres and TV studios, furniture of houses, hotels, restaurants and transport means like airplanes ships, motor vehicles, trains.
See also: materials, flame, fire, smoke, retardants
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