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DuPontĂs refined, hydrogenated catmint oil is the first proven-safe, proven-effective, natural replacement for DEET and other insect repellents.
See also: oil, nepetalactone, dihydronepetalactone, radical, composition
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This ˘green÷ technology transforms the biomass sourced levulinic acid into numerous high-value lactams, including the commercially significant subfamily of pyrrolidones, These compounds have a wide array of uses --- as solvents, industrial cleaners, surfactants, pharmaceutical and crop protection intermediates, and fiber monomers.
See also: processes, carbon, substituted, unsubstituted, catalyst
This technology provides ultra low wear polymer blends and polymer-metal oxide composites for a wide array of sliding applications such as bearings, bushings, seals, and bridge and building column footing pads.
See also: polymer, metal, oxide, composites, particles
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A patent that describes the method of preparing dedicated clean room wipes and using them is being offered for sale.
See also: clean, wipes, contain, semiconductor, hydroxylamine
Exosex SPTab is a patented product that is a highly effective, proven system for directly targeting stored product moths in food factories and storage facilities.
See also: product, moths, food, pheromone, entostat
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This technology comprises a process for applying an antimicrobial/anti-odor coating to polyester, nylon, polyolefins, Sontaraź, stainless steel, and other materials.
See also: articles, steps, containing, antimicrobial, polyester
Selectively fluorinated aromatic compounds are often biologically active and can be used as active components of many drugs and agrochemicals.
See also: processes, compounds, aromatic, fluorinated, substitution
A Bulgarian SME that specializes in fire-retardant technologies and products has invented a method for plasma chemical surface modifying of materials and items, and specifically for plasma-aided impregnation with solutions containing fire retardants to make porous materials like textiles, leather, wood and foamed polymers and items made of them, resistant to fire and ignition.
See also: plasma, fire, technologies, materials, chemical
The invention relates to biodegradable halogen free flame retardants applied to flammable polymers with different physical and chemical properties and structure like textiles, wood, paper, cardboard, corrugated board, leather, polystyrene, penopolyurethane and items made of them to achieve fire safety in public and office buildings, theatres and TV studios, furniture of houses, hotels, restaurants and transport means like airplanes ships, motor vehicles, trains.
See also: materials, flame, fire, smoke, retardants
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Safe for repeated application even on children, this combination suntan lotion and insect repellent is shown in testing to be as effective as or superior to DEET in repelling insects.
See also: methods, oil, insect, dihydronepetalactone, composition
When released into the air by candles, plug-in atomizers, sprays, or other methods, this natural ingredient derived from the catmint plant clears a whole room or patio of flying, biting insects.
See also: methods, oil, dihydronepetalactone, composition, insects
Field-proven 8-hour protection from mosquitoes, ticks, and biting flies is provided from one application of our all natural, pleasing aroma insect repellant.
See also: method, oil, insect, dihydronepetalactone, composition
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