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This alkoxide treatment process from DuPont strengthens mica paper and makes it suitable for use as a flexible, inexpensive roll-to-roll substrate able to withstand much higher temperatures than polymer substrates can reach -- 600¦C to 700¦C. Water-resistant mica papers containing vermiculite or muscovite can be laser-cut and scribed easily like a polymer.
See also: mica, paper, alkoxide, composition, value
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This technology is a method that produces well-dispersed nanoparticles encapsulated in a polymer matrix, operates at atmospheric temperature and pressure, and allows for independent control of the precipitation of the particle and of the polymer.
See also: polymer, nanoparticles, method, encapsulated, dispersed
This technology provides a process for creating organic semiconductors on a flexible donor substrate and transferring said semiconductor to a SI wafer or flexible polymer via lamination.
See also: substrate, semiconductors, donor, depositing, lamination
This technology provides processes for making multi-layer chip carriers made from an asymmetric cross-linked polymeric dielectric film.
See also: surface, dielectric, layer, film, filler
This technology provides articles that are substantially impermeable to hazardous chemical and biological agents, but sufficiently permeable to water vapor so that, if worn as protective apparel, it is both protective and comfortable to wear.
See also: protective, halochitosan, structures, articles, laminates
The sheets, formed articles, and laminates of this technology provide energy saving temperature mediation.
See also: pcm, paraffin, composition, temperature, polymers
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This technology features a long lived fuel cell electrode producing current density of 2.5 mA per square centimeter.
See also: fuel, cell, electrode, redox, catalyst
EPRIMA® AL-X6 is a thermally curable insulating coating that is based on a fluorinated polymer.
See also: al, x6, eprima, figure, uv
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This technology provides ultra low wear polymer blends and polymer-metal oxide composites for a wide array of sliding applications such as bearings, bushings, seals, and bridge and building column footing pads.
See also: polymer, metal, oxide, composites, particles
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Developed originally for O-rings, seals, and gaskets in high tech, high temperature, and high pressure applications, DuPontÖ Zalak« P700 fluoroelastomer is available for licensed manufacture for other industrial uses.
See also: perfluoroelastomer, article, weight, temperature, copolymer
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Created for high-efficiency vehicle cabin filters, engine air filters, and engine oil filters, this new filter medium from DuPont combines a nonwoven scrim bound to a nanofiber web able to filter particles down to 1 micron with minimal cross-filter pressure drops.
See also: media, filters, layers, web, micron
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Many filters depend on an electrostatic charge to enhance particulate pickup, but because of heat, humidity, oil, mist, dust, and assorted other contaminants, they lose their electrostatic charge over time, resulting in a decrease in filtration efficiency.
See also: filters, polymer, nanofiber, fibers, layer
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