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This suite of microbe-enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) technologies from DuPont releases oil from the surface of the rock, and also blocks high-porosity areas of the reservoir so that smaller, oil-rich pores can be flooded and swept.
See also: oil, method, recovery, acids, water
Secondary oil recovery techniques often uses biocides and other toxic chemicals to loosen oil from porous strata.
See also: method, oil, reservoir, water, injected
DuPont has spent almost a full decade developing and thoroughly testing technologies for microbe-enhanced oil recovery (MEOR).
See also: oil, composition, sites, recovery, injected
EPRIMA® AL-X6 is a thermally curable insulating coating that is based on a fluorinated polymer.
See also: al, x6, eprima, figure, uv
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Bio cleanrooms, hospitals, and semiconductor manufacturing require high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.
See also: filter, hepa, layers, fibers, u.s
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A suite of patented technologies from Kimberly-Clark enables an inexpensive and highly sensitive one-step optical method for multiplexed assays that detect and quantify a wide range of analytes present in a medium.
See also: material, antigen, method, substrate, antibodies
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This technology from DuPont creates hydrogels with antimicrobial properties useful in gels, shampoos, skin creams, sanitizers, surface cleaners, and other personal care products.
See also: crosslinking, polymers, substituted, thereof, acid
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Nanometer scale filters with highly controllable, well distributed, and consistent pore sizes between 10-50nm are easily achievable from common and inexpensive materials by using this technology from DuPont.
See also: filters, pore, sizes, silica, porous
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Continuous chitosan films make possible lightweight protective laminated garments that are substantially impermeable to hazardous chemical and biological agents.
See also: chitosan, layer, films, protective, laminated
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This ôgreenِ technology transforms the biomass sourced levulinic acid into numerous high-value lactams, including the commercially significant subfamily of pyrrolidones, These compounds have a wide array of uses --- as solvents, industrial cleaners, surfactants, pharmaceutical and crop protection intermediates, and fiber monomers.
See also: processes, carbon, substituted, unsubstituted, catalyst
Our partner, a Hungarian University has developed a new method and software to recognize amblyopia in early childhood stage.
See also: للللللللل, visus, amblyopia, method, age
The present invention (priority date 25 August 2000) makes use of unique isotopic tags (for example: 18O, 15N, 13C or 2H) of a specific biopolymer that can be exploited for determining the absolute concentration of the biopolymer in crude solutions.
See also: crude, biopolymer, target, protein, analog
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