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Created for high-efficiency vehicle cabin filters, engine air filters, and engine oil filters, this new filter medium from DuPont combines a nonwoven scrim bound to a nanofiber web able to filter particles down to 1 micron with minimal cross-filter pressure drops.
See also: media, filters, layers, web, micron
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Developed at a Fortune 500 company, this innovation is a patented one piece fiber reinforced plastic composite chassis produced by sheet molding compression (SMC) production method of manufacturing.
See also: composite, chassis, molding, structural, vehicle
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Surnetics has developed technology to move very tiny volumes of liquids without the need for electricity or other external energy source.
See also: gradient, surfaces, technology, patent, channels
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100 miles per gallon, full size vehicles, zero toxic exhaust.
See also: engines, fuel, combustion, products, torque
Developed at a Fortune 500 company, this innovation is a method to control an electric drive transmission that includes an internal combustible engine, which simulates a mechanical clutch for the purpose of modulating torque in order to control the vehicle∆s interaction with its environment.
See also: control, limit, vehicle, rectifier, inverter
Airqube is an acoustic technology that lets in fresh air but blocks out 85% of incoming noise.
See also: noise, technology, tubes, device, array
Melt-Film Fibrillation (MFF) technology produces a facing for acoustic batts for vehicle sound insulation that offers equivalent or superior sound-deadening performance at reduced weight and cost.
See also: fibers, mff, micron, melt, technology
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Quick-action shackle-pin safety fastener reduces injuries involving finger pinch & loss.
See also: pin, shackle, lock, design, safety
This patent portfolio provides 17 issued US patents and associated foreign filings in MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems), with priority dates from 1997 to 2005.
See also: switches, layer, line, substrate, wafer
An unique technology for the damping of impacts that is able to completely control the damping process in a computerized way, reaching maximum efficiency and effectivity.
See also: technology, impacts, damping, process, devices
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This technology is about a system to screw and unscrew screws or nuts with special heads, with the following specificities: It allows a self centering operation, with high-speed mechanical screwing possible; a high torque transmission between the tool and the screw (the higher the torque, the better the grip); It involves two different tools for screwing and unscrewing, allowing a screw only (unscrewing forbidden) mode and a lot of different unscrewing possibilities for the same screwing tool...
See also: screw, tool, unscrew, system, security
This micro-reinforcement technology enables new applications where existing thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, and reinforcing technologies have not had sufficient toughness or fracture strength, particularly at elevated temperatures, or the ability to endure flexure for perhaps millions of cycles without severe particulation.
See also: particulation, polymers, applications, technology, reinforcing
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