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Low temperature, ambient pressure lamination of organic semiconductors onto flexible substrates -- Lamination resolves chemical compatibility issues between different layers of the transistor, enables a smaller sized donor sheet, and opens up lamination to higher-temperature annealing.
Electroactive polymer (EAP) for development of unique, flexible sensors -- Extremely thin and flexible, this EAP generates current even when bent weakly, for a small amount, very slowly, or at low frequencies.
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Seeking: Methods to prevent product stickiness caused by interaction of active ingredients and thickeners -- Positively charged actives and negatively charged thickeners can produce undesirable product feel. This organization seeks solutions or partner organizations who have already solved the problem.
Seeking: Functional materials and technologies to improve the positive stimulating feeling of carbonated beverages -- The mouth-feel of carbonated beverages is particularly appealing. Can you help us understand the mechanism for this stimulation, and find functional ingredients and technologies to enhance it?
Seeking: Uniform pre-heating of glass- and carbon-fiber reinforced sheets prior to co-molding -- Pre-heating takes place before putting the sheet into an injection mold. It is important to prevent the possibility of cold-welding the injection material to the sheet.
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