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Hybrid refrigeration machines utilizing ionic liquids -- Optimize overall refrigeration costs with the first truly hybrid system. The technology enables concurrent or alternating use of absorption and vapor compression cycles in a system for cooling or heating.
Novel technology for the exploration and evaluation of groundwater (fresh/thermal) deposits at depths up to 7000 meters with credibility of 95% -- The company seeks partners interested in a joint venture with the aim of initial aquifer exploration.
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Seeking: Small, disposable electromechanically-driven pumps to deliver a range of light, viscous liquids with incrementally adjustable dosage -- Small piston pumps cannot deliver incremental dosing and are not electrically efficient.
Seeking: Dispersants, detergents, antioxidants, and surfactants for enhanced high-temperature cleaning and fouling prevention) -- Prevent and remove polymerized deposits and crusts that foul hot surfaces.)
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Sterilizing vials, manufacturing oxalic acid, and introductions (Jun 23 2014)
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