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Improved manufacture of oxalic acid -- This process puts out benign NaCl brine waste rather than onerous calcium sulfate waste as do other processes.
Application Lambda Switching -- Networking systems that use ALS are capable of unlimited bandwidth per connection, analog and digital communication, real-time self-diagnosis, real-time self-mapping, and are compatible with all existing digital optical systems today.
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Seeking: Slide-bearing industry market leaders for JV/collaboration -- This organization in India wants to team up with a proven manufacturer of white metal bearings who can help streamline the existing manufacturing process, help with design, and allow the Indian team to represent them.
Seeking: A process for purifying diamine chemicals that offers lower cost, fewer (or more valuable) by-products, and high yield -- The market value of any by-product for a proposed process is the key. It also must be economical in itself when compared to the present process.
Seeking: Methods to organize and arrange filler materials in a flexible matrix to maximize impermeability to water and oxygen molecules -- There are few constraints on this need other than meeting the molecular transmission goals without the use of vapor deposition or foils.
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Sterilizing vials, manufacturing oxalic acid, and introductions (Jun 23 2014)
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Microfibrillated cellulose
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