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Inkjet and ink technologies with particular application to printers -- This large collection of inkjet-related technologies spans colors, ink technologies, printer and nozzle technology, and specialty inkjet printing such as on various surfaces or with various effects. Links to all TechPaks inside.
Weapon mount system for hunting -- This weapon mount attaches to sturdy fixed points on any vehicle, which allows for both portability and significantly increased stability, without the need to waste time finding level ground.
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Seeking: New dosage form factor and platform for medicines and pharmaceuticals -- This organization is seeking a meaningful new platform to deliver medicine that is not simply something other than syrups, tablets, or soft gels, but provides advantages such as convenience or speed of delivery.
Seeking: Creep-resistant polymer materials -- We wish to explore materials and technology approaches that can limit tensile creep in polyethylene flexible film materials created through extrusion.
Seeking: Technology that deflects atomized paints to prevent deposition on nearby machinery -- Paints and stains fall on surfaces other than those intended for coating. If deposition could be prevented, area surfaces would be easier to clean.
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Non-invasive glucose monitoring, inkjet technologies, and serendipity in Open Innovation (Nov 20 2014)
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