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Unprecedented moisture-sensitive, color-changing inks for wovens, non-wovens, packaging, and other surfaces -- If a company is using a hot-melt color-change indicator today, the Kimberly-Clark inks produce crisper, high-fidelity images with fewer steps, and using conventional printing equipment.
Oracle database performance analysis software replaces manual methods and streamlines execution -- Similar products primarily focus on database browsing and general administration; all of these products lack functionality when it comes to database performance analysis.
Simplified route to large volumes of linear alkyl benzenes as precursors to surfactants -- Enhanced safety is another benefit, because the reaction can take place in an open, atmospheric pressure system and uses no acid.
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Pulsed Delivery of Benefit Agents for Personal Care Products -- There is an opportunity to develop particle technologies that will be stable in aqueous product formulations and provide their benefit in a pulsed delivery during consumer product usage.
Seeking: Automated problem detection in the field and tree pruning equipment for power line -- Solutions may come from industries other than the power industry, but which face similar problems, such as bridge maintenance, communications equipment, and railways.
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Power lines, enhanced thermal conductivity, and finding your OI champion (Nov 12 2015)
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