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Conventional i-Line 365nm UV makes this flexible hydrophobic coating wettable in patterns for use in electronics and biochip applications -- Much less expensive than other methods of wettability patterning, which requires special equipment.
Economical, fully synthetic, HEPA-level filter eliminates problem of boron contamination from glass fibers -- The borosilicate glass found in conventional HEPA filters can contaminate sensitive electronic assemblies in clean rooms, as well as being brittle and difficult to pleat during manufacturing. The DuPont technology eliminates these problems.
Cost-effective production techniques for improved sensitivity and portability of diffraction-based point-of-care biosensors -- Highly reliable, highly accurate biosensing at a much lower cost than conventional methods. The test strips are prepared by a photolithographic printing method on metallized plastic films.
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Seeking: Non-invasive response monitoring for brain reward systems -- Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior, but it is not easy to monitor non-invasively. We would like to monitor the reward system of the brain in other, non-invasive ways.
Seeking: Corrosion-resistant systems for use with metals -- Metal corrosion accounts for shorter product lifetime and poorer performance of metal components. Many anti-corrosive coating options are solvent-based. This organization would like to find water-based anti-corrosive coatings or systems.
Seeking: GMP manufacturers for gummy or confectionery formats that can deliver non-sedating antihistamine -- Consumers may have a more pleasurable experience taking a gummy or confectionery antihistamine. Can you produce one?
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