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Portfolio of technologies for comfortable, easy-to-use hearing protection that can increase compliance -- Comfort is a big factor in compliance. These commercial and concept hearing protection products fit in the market between disposable foam ear plugs and durable bands. IP coverage extends into the late 2020s.
Herbicide discovery and design by utilizing the nucleic acid fragments encoding a glycolysis or respiration protein -- By limiting respiration and catabolism in specific plants, thus inhibiting growth, this method using nucleic acid fragments may lead to new herbicides.
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Challenge: Automated blueberry harvester able to optimize quality of harvested berries -- Currently, mechanical harvesting methods are inefficient and used primarily for blueberries that will be frozen, juiced, or dried. Your proposed method should optimize the quality of harvested berries.
Seeking: Smooth and durable joining of hollow thermoplastic or thermoplastic-composite materials -- Current process produces a flash that must be removed during post-processing.
Seeking: Super non-volatile memory -- denser, faster than EEPROM, able to withstand 225-degree C temps, reliable, and inexpensive -- This call for a limited set of electronics to form a smart node that works at high temperatures requires high-temperature non-volatile memory as a critical technology.
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Compressible material, herbal anti-cancer medicine, and OI portals (May 28 2015)
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