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Herbal extract for local treatment of malignant melanoma and breast cancer with superficial lesion -- Specific medicinal plants or their mixtures possess surprising anti-cancer activities. This extract is derived from various Chinese medicinal plants that have a long history of human consumption.
Recovery of solute from ionic liquid absorbent using electric field -- This facile method of separating absorbed gas from ionic liquid avoids heating the liquid for desorption and subsequent cooling.
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Seeking: Novel methods of delivering an active to the skin -- Technologies that trigger an active on demand or that delay activation of an active, such as microencapsulation, are of particular interest.
Seeking: Very thin, flexible, compressible material for gasketing and shock protection -- Color and transparency are not issues. There are no humidity, water-resistance, or absorbency concerns.
Seeking: Application and precise dosing of liquids and pastes onto substrates -- This organization is looking for a partner with proven solutions to complete the scale-up of developmental equipment. There are specific requirements.
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Compressible material, herbal anti-cancer medicine, and OI portals (May 28 2015)
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