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Novel polyolefin film features anti-hydrolysis, low water absorption, low dielectric properties, and high heat resistance -- The film is suitable for flexible circuit board material, especially for high-frequency applications, and for packaging material with exceptional water-barrier properties.
Activated carbon from rice husks offers high adsorption and application to difficult filtration tasks -- By removing the silica from rice husks, Dexerials produces an activate carbon that is lighter per unit volume and offers better performance in filtration and adsorption than conventional activated carbon, especially with larger molecules.
Conductive thermoplastic polymers integrate antennas into the case of the electronic device -- These polymer antennas have a wider bandwidth than do wire or sheet antennas, an advantage for multi-band devices.
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Seeking: Foods and functional ingredients that maintain healthy weight or prevent diabetes through improving glucose metabolism and related processes -- Any unique ingredient or mechanism of action will be considered at this stage of the search, even those with unexpected or unusual mechanisms of action.
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Compressible material, herbal anti-cancer medicine, and OI portals (May 28 2015)
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