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Portfolio of technologies for comfortable, easy-to-use hearing protection that can increase compliance -- Comfort is a big factor in compliance. These commercial and concept hearing protection products fit in the market between disposable foam ear plugs and durable bands. IP coverage extends into the late 2020s.
Ultra-low-wear polymer composites for bearing surfaces reduces expense, avoids contamination, reduces weight -- Polymers such as PTFE are combined with particles of alumina, titania, or zirconia using patented methods and formulations. The resulting bearings can be formed into almost any shape for longer-life parts.
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Seeking: Durable hydrophobic and/or oleophobic coatings and finishes for metals and metal-plated-plastics -- Your proposed coating or finish will have repellency similar to Teflon, but with better abrasion resistance, and be able to withstand solvents, and alkaline materials such as typical household cleaners.
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Kill/trap/repel insect pests, Commercial quantities of refined catmint oil, and which is right? Challenge or Search? (Aug 31 2015)
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