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Hybrid refrigeration machines utilizing ionic liquids -- Optimize overall refrigeration costs with the first truly hybrid system. The technology enables concurrent or alternating use of absorption and vapor compression cycles in a system for cooling or heating.
Balance King: Active chairs strengthen the muscles of the back and waist -- The Active chair emulates the back and waist motions required by the popular fitness ball, but without its drawbacks in an office setting.
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Seeking: Novel, broad-spectrum anti-microbial preservatives for use in personal care (soap, lotions, etc.) products -- Soaps, lotions, and similar products require a preservative strategy to enhance shelf-life. We are seeking a preservative for foams, gels, and wipes.
Seeking: Methods to metabolically transform chemicals for cell-based or biochemical high-throughput toxicology screening assays -- Many assays only evaluate the biological activity of the parent chemical, and not of the metabolites. This could lead to false negatives in the screening. Or chemicals may be metabolized rapidly, and this metabolic activity would not show up on the tests.
Seeking: Non-invasive glucose and HbA1c sensing technologies -- Optical sensing (such as NIR) or vapor (breath) are of particular interest, but all non-invasive technologies are also of interest.
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Sterilizing vials, manufacturing oxalic acid, and introductions (Oct 01 2014)
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Origin of sulfate in fermentation broth
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