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Polymer/dye compositions for thermally imaged printed electronics offer 5-micron lines and multi-layer printing -- Conventional methods of creating electronics, such as photolithography, require chemical and etchants. Printing electronics using inkjets suffer from line width problems and the difficulty of multiple layers. This technology solves both problems.
Improved shackle-pin locking mechanism for rigging and lifting -- Quick-action shackle-pin safety fastener reduces injuries involving finger pinch and loss.
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Seeking: Metallurgical, material, or design solution to high-speed permanent magnet rotors -- Because of high centrifugal forces, fatigue can occur at slim material bridges found in the permanent magnetic (PM) rotors of electric motors.
Seeking: Radiation-hardened or -tolerant means of analyzing and outputting data in a high-resolution graphical format -- Looking for existing products or processes to implement as a subsystem in a larger data ecosystem. Licensing, purchasing, or partnerships will be considered as appropriate.
Seeking: Passive fire extinguishing equipment for power and communication cables in a cable tray -- It is necessary to extinguish a cable tray fire immediately. Cable trays may extend for as long as 2km (both horizontally and vertically).
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Torque transfer, Plastic production system, Three-step process (Jun 22 2016)
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