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A novel technology for exploring, investigating oil, gas, fresh- and thermal-water deposits on the depth up to 7000 meters with credibility of 95% -- The technology is based on soundings and the use of background radiation.
Dense phase and ultrasonic cleaning of semiconductor substrates -- Two patents are offered for mid-pressure cleaning. Dense phase fluids retain the properties of liquids but diffuse like a gas, and they act like a solvent to remove contaminants and clean the substrate.
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Seeking: Fabrics with an inherent thickness derived from their structure -- We suspect that new knitting geometries, new weaving techniques, new non-woven manufacturing techniques, advanced fiber technology, or even new materials at the fiber level can create this built-in structural loft.
Seeking: System for continuous microbiological verification of sterility and contamination for a manufacturing line that fills medical vials -- Current testing requires 3-5 days on random lot samples.
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Sterility, Dispersions, and one more question (Apr 03 2014)
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