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Energy-saving temperature control using phase-change material (PCM) -- Applications include building, food storage, garments, footwear, medicinal storage, vehicles, and others. The materials are simple to manufacture and raw materials are readily available in commercial quantities.
Contactless rotary joint/Contactless sealing system -- The biggest drawback of commonly used rotary joints originates from their feature of having frictional sliding faces that decrease energy efficiency, decrease part life, and increase labor costs for replacement. This invention eliminates these problems.
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Seeking: Material and manufacturing process to encapsulate a skeleton structure -- An open-work skeleton structure can be very strong and light weight, but it needs protection against common environmental insults and for internal components.
Seeking: Passive fire extinguishing equipment for power and communication cables in a cable tray -- It is necessary to extinguish a cable tray fire immediately. Cable trays may extend for as long as 2km (both horizontally and vertically).
Seeking: Mediation of mass transfer to maintain constant delivery rate in the presence of declining material concentration -- Interest is in passive, constant-rate delivery mechanisms (diffusion, evaporation, etc.) under ambient conditions of lactic acid over a two-to-four-week period, without requiring any replenishment, such as adding water.
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Stop fires in the cable tray; Nanofiber filters; and A Wide Variety of Needs (May 25 2016)
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