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Precise mass spectrometric quantitation of proteins and other biopolymers -- This technology enables the direct, absolute quantitation of biopolymers, such as proteins or nucleotides, in crude solutions by incorporating unique tags using stable isotopes.
An ultra-compact flotation device based on the same technology as car airbags -- The device generates its own inflation gases and stays inflated to provide buoyancy.
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Seeking: Desiccant materials with improved efficiency at higher ambient temperatures -- Technologies at all stages of development are of interest. Pressure swings regenerate the desiccant during normal operations.
Seeking: Foods and functional ingredients that maintain healthy weight -- It is easy to consume too many unhealthy calories and difficult to lose the resulting weight. This need seeks foods that can act to suppress appetite, control metabolism, and help maintain a healthy weight.
Seeking: Non-traditional preservatives and chemical boosters to enhance shelf-life for home-care/personal-care products -- Your proposed solution should demonstrate a significant anti-microbial effect at least as good as materials in current use.
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Anti-corrosion, a contactless rotary joint, and succeeding as a lone inventor (Feb 23 2015)
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